Monday, May 4, 2009


About 300 stray dogs were rounded up by Pulau Ketam residents and deported to an isolated island to fend for themselves. Over half of them are already dead and the remaining ones may not live long. A rescue mission is being mounted and your help is needed. Please read the full story here.

The residents of Pulau Ketam sent some 300 stray dogs to exile on a remote island where the harsh conditions almost certainly guarantee a horrible death. Of the 300 dogs sent there, more than three-quarters are presumed to be already dead. I traveled to the island with Sabrina Yeap of Furry Friends Farm and managed to save only one dog on this reconnaissance trip. We did see several other starving and dying dogs along the mangrove shore.

I am mounting an urgent rescue mission to capture and transport the remaining survivors back to Sabrina's Furry Friends Farm animal shelter. But time is running out and there might be only skeletons and carcasses left to collect on our next trip. Boat hire is expensive there. It is a tourist area and it has already cost me a few hundred ringgit for boat hire alone, so far. The rescued dogs cannot be transported on the regular ferries.

Almost nobody will lift a finger to help without a fee. This is understandable. The locals are already shaking their heads in disbelief that there are outsiders who want to save the animals they so casually discarded. Instead of pointing fingers and antagonising them, we need their co-operation to help save the unfortunate creatures. In the process, we also hope to educate the islanders on better treatment of animals. It would be an impossible mission if we didn't win their hearts.

If you are unable to help directly, please help by forwarding this appeal to other compassionate folks who you feel might be able to make some monetary contributions.

Apart from boat hire, we need money to buy cages, to pay people to help catch them, to hire land transport to send the rescued animals to veterinary clinics, pay for vet fees, send the recovered ones to the shelter and to feed and house them for life. I can go on!

Kind folks are asking how they can donate. Funds can be banked in or transferred to: Furry Friends Farm account CIMB 1457-000-1182-05-6. You can also transfer via PayPal to

Fellow bloggers, you can also help by publicizing the desperate plight of these hapless canines. Embed a poster from here and link to

We are aware it is a monumental task and appreciate all forms of support, assistance, suggestions, encouragement and your prayers.

Thank you and don't forget to view the pictures of the dogs in order to appreciate their plight.

Visit also Furry Friends Farm's Blog / Website

TV Smith
3 May 2009

NOTE: TV Smith is the owner of Malaysia Central (a pioneering local search directory and news portal), a well-known blogger, photographer, videographer and ubiquitous man-about-town. An old friend of mine, TV Smith is a one-in-a-million kind of guy and I salute his noble efforts on behalf of these unfortunate canines who have been left to die a slow and hellish death by people who have yet to understand the meaning of compassion - and yet claim to be worshipers of Kwan Yin, goddess of mercy.

The true measure of civilization is the way a community deals with social outcasts like immigrants (legal or otherwise), stray dogs, and the transgendered. So long as barbaric laws exist that allow our government to detain people without trial or imprison people for sexual acts "against the order of nature," Malaysia remains classified as an Uncivilized Feudal State of Well-Dressed Primates.


LChuah said...

It's like in the US, Zorro. People just loved these canines when they were cute furry puppies but neglected their welfare as the creatures grew up. The evil of the average Joe has to be seen to be believed. And they're evil - no need to mince words here.

Any quick way to donate some dough?

Starmandala said...

LChuah - Thanks for your concern. Please email TV Smith or Sabrina Yeap and they will provide banking particulars!

Anonymous said...

Antares, who r all these bastards ??? Wat is the MY SPCA doing about such acts ??? They should b doing the rescue works ...
poor dogs. Surely the various Govt; agencies are aware & take actions...Bastards alrite man

NEIL said...

Those who did this to man best friend will face hell.If they really don't want this dogs,they should be put to death in a humane way,not like this.

Anonymous said...

Pulau Ketam people... you reap what you sow. For your own and community sake, repent (help to save the dogs) so that punishment may not befall all of you.

Ho Chi Minh said...

i salute pulau ketam residents for doing the right thing. let these mongrels die. who are you to mount a "rescue" operation of these rabid dogs? they deserve to die the horrible death. fucking liberal hippies. go save the homeless humans. its amazing u lot would put so much effort to save some useless dogs than humans. shame on you.. i hope all these useless mongrels die btw you get the funds. i altready email this to some vietnamese. they could use some fresh doggies in their diet

Anonymous said...

What goes around, comes around, so please be kind to animals. They have every right to live in the earth. This is what god has created, human being has no right to end their life like this. Let us help up in this mission.

Starmandala said...

"Ho Chi Minh" - Rowrf! rowrf! yapyapyapyapyap! May dogs hound you wherever go & mistake you for a lamppost every time you stop running. So be it, you pathetic fearer of dogs, pigs & sultans, hater of hippies & treehuggers & upholder of filthy lies & criminal misrule.

Anonymous said...

From the article, these dogs are stray dogs. They are nuisance to the communities and pose a health risks to the people. Since the government does not do anything about this menace and the local SPCA/dog lovers did not remove these dogs from the streets, what do you expect the people of P.Ketam to do? Do not judge people actions as you are not the one living with the problem. How I wish I can own temporary firearm license and go around killing all these strays?

Anonymous said...

May some idiots here own arm one day and kill themselves!

Bastards, inhuman, you a waste of the divine universe

Ah Teng said...

it's a noble mission to save the stranded dogs. but need to solve the root cause 1st... need to prevent Pulau Ketam villagers to send the dogs to the island. if not, it will be an endless mission...

Kris said...

Ho Chi Minh, I'd love to have you for dinner someday...

tc80000 said...

Ho Chi Minh, you are the real dog!

Anonymous said...

Ho Chi Minh,if you die GOD will make you a dog!!You dog, won't die but only to suffer and be stray only!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Pulau Ketamese,
Thats not the way to demolish wild dogs! IF they need to be killed, so do it properly with consent of PBT..

Anonymous said...

Haih, you guys are funny. Please look in the mirror! After reading all your comments, you are cursing your fellow human beings over dogs. Such a joke!!

Anonymous said...

Well, Ho Chi Minh talks sense. Instead of going all out for stray, helpless dogs, what have you all done for stray, helpless, homeless, penniless humans? Wow, animals more important than humans - that's what we learn from here.

Anonymous said...

If only furry home would go all out to look for beggars and mental people on the streets to clean them up and care for them - we'd have a clean country and make useful people out of all these vagabonds.

MIGS-SABAH said...

JK's Digest No. 3 of May 2009 (71 of 2009) Caring item- our good (not best) friends as our best friend is God..

It is very sad to note that Pulau Ketam - a fishing village - had exported trapped dogs in the thousands to the nearby uninhabited Pulau Selangor. Why should there be an uninhabited island there? Why not start a dogs sanctuary to be turned into a tourists destination for self sustaining island?

This is an unending story of canine in the nation.

Nearer home in Sabah - which has the symbol of the dog’s head as its map of the land below the wind - we also have similar canine issues never resolved properly except to destroy them. We cannot live in a land without animals or canine as we can learn a lot from them for the utilities talents of the canine.

The canines household items or stray are not too much of a problem for the people if only we accept the responsibility of God who had also created the animals for man to be the masters. When we act of lesser mentality than the canines or dogs, we are worth less than those animals in the eyes of God.

We know there are plenty of complaints of all sorts giving the impression that dogs have no right to be roaming the land.

Amongst the major complaints are dogs make too much noises all the times, when the business of dogs is to bark. There are times that some dogs corporately make an ‘orchestra’ of howling especially in the wee hours to disturb some people in their sleep or some people do sleep throught such ‘orchestra’. Why do the dogs perform so well in such scenarios? What inspired them to do that? Do you think they see some spiritual beings passing the area? When such nightly incidents do happen too regularly, I believe the cause of that is that some evil people dabbling in sorcery would send the demonic despatch to the area with evil agenda.

It was in 1992 in Taman Jelitana near Bandusen Penampang, slightly past midnight, the group of dogs were howling and chasing some strange feature which was flying along the road in front of my house. I believe that is what some call Balan-balan a demon scenario of the flying head in search of human menstrual blood like a vampire. The age old practice in Kota Belud - much feared by the residents there was introduced by Chinese people coming to Borneo. Such demonic practitioners possible near extinction would have a red line around the neck always covered up by the high collar they wear.

So when the dogs were reacting as in ‘orchestra’, do you really blame the dogs or blame the evil people? Are we not appreciative of the impossible and infallible services of the dogs in driving away evil from our areas? I have often written in support of the canine to be given a sanctuary to be public funded with foreign tourist destination like the Sepilok Orang Utan Sanctuary in Sandakan.

So why are dogs sort of special? God speaks to all his creatures whether we want to believe that or not. Dogs without going to schools would understand the languages spoken to them. So I had been feeding the outside dogs with food leftover after feeding my own ones. I have just moved to new place for slightly over a month where I was told by my neighbour for the first time not to feed the stray or outside dogs. So I sought God for a message. Until my neighbour concerned told me not to feed, only one or two outside dogs would call at my house in feeding hour. There are several others visiting my house after dark looking for food. But the message of God came in the form the next day that seven outside dogs came to my house asking for food in the late afternoon even before I fed my own pets. Is that not God speaking to those dogs to confirm my effort to bring relief to desperate and hungry dogs? Can we in Sabah continue to neglect the homeless dogs?

Our economy as agricultural based is very dependent on how we treat our flora, fauna and the poor people in a corrupted environment. We need to campaign for the better livelihood for the canine.

Joshua Kong .... Renaissance (now blocked)



Https:// - General Election 2004.

Http:// MENACE

Http:// Lodgement to ICC.

Anonymous said...

Well Ho Chi Minh, I think u will only know what you are talking about one day when you are re-born as a dog!!!! You shameless people for saying such an irresponsible word!! Who do u think you are worth to live on earth just because you are a human being???

MIGS-SABAH said...

more to add that why should we take care of dogs..

I was in Tmn Iramanis for two years and feeding many dogs who come to my house.

I left Tmn Iramanis in March 25th 2009 and very sad to leave that place because some the clever dogs had chosen me as their good master.

These homeless dogs would wait for me to return home.

I have come across hundreds of dogs but none had said anything ( or try to make a conversation with me). My own pet dogs do not do t hat in sound.

There is one particular brown one since the beginning of this year, he would come to me trying to make words or noises like speaking to me but not understood by me.

When such animals start trying to talk in a special tongue, it can signify the end of the times is very near...

so what is you choice?

Joshua Kong

Anonymous said...

to ho chin minh,

if i feel like helping these stray dogs and not human, it's not of your fucking business.

Muslim Dog Lovers said...

Ho chi Minh - do you really think you are better than these dogs? To be honest, in many ways, I'd rather help the dogs than people. I am a muslim most of whom think that dogs are "haram". It's like you can go to hell if you touch a dog - to some fucking hypocrate muslims. I have cat food and dog food in my car, at all time, just incase we see a hungry dog or cat. And mind you, ho chi minh, I have very often tried to help people but people are not as grateful as the animals. How many human lives have you saved. How many poor people are you feeding? You can fucking rot in hell. Don't think any hungry dogs would want to eat your dead flesh, it will just leave bad taste in their mouths.

And to those who care, lets do our bit to help these poor dogs or any animals that's been mistreated by so called disgusted "human beings."

Starmandala said...

To All Those Who Have Been Saying: "Why bother rescuing stray dogs when there are homeless & hungry humans?" - First of all there is absolutely no reason why there should be any homelessness, poverty or abject misery on this planet. There's more than enough for every single living thing. However, the Anunnaki introduced the concept of hierarchy (which forms the basis of feudalism) & this has resulted in the kind of stupid egocentricity best exemplified by the way Umno treats VIPs & VVIPs differently than "ordinary" people. Even a public servant with the title of "minister" is treated like pseudo-royalty. Indeed, any true king or queen would be ASHAMED to be ensconced in an ostentatious palace & would refuse to be served hand & foot like some kind of handicapped freak! Anyway, with such class stratification so well entrenched, the problem will only resolve itself when we earnestly begin to DECENTRALIZE on all levels. This will bring the concept of governance & rulership back down to earth. In turn, citizens will regain their self-esteem & reconnect with their own core selves or the Divinity Within. An integral part of that process is a dramatic increase of empathy, compassion & universal love across the board. In the very near future, humans will look back at centuries past & shake their heads in astonishment at how CRUEL the past has been. Only a spiritually retarded species would allocate more than 75% of its energy to warfaring instead of welfaring!

Infinite Improbability Drive said...

I may not have a lot to give but as a person, the least one could offer is feelings of compassion.

As a child who grew up with furry little feline friends, they teach you only one thing - unconditional love. That alone makes me want to cry out to see the state of abandoned dogs at Pulau Ketam. They're innocent animals!

It might be too early to point fingers who is at fault but hopefully, a proper investigation can be done after the dogs has been fully rescued.

However, concerning the effectiveness of our local enforcement I have severe doubts anyone will be fined or dragged to court.

To Magick River, is it possible for you to update from time to time with the rescue progress?

A very big thank you for bringing this to our attention.

supermutts said...

it is a noble effort to rescue the dogs, but no one has mentioned or come forward with some solutions to solve the stray dog issue.

take pulau ketam for example, why not embark on a campaign to sterilize all the existing dogs in pulau ketam and bar any residents from taking in puppies, this is a way to start...!!

while i've read about a few dog sanctuaries like FFF, but i've not read any campaigns to end stray dog issue.. all was stated is just to educate the public... is that enough?

A lot of these kampung folks just doesn't care about their dogs, offer to sterilise their dogs for them FOC, i'm sure most of them wouldn't mind, if the dog dies, just give them a neutered dog from the dog pound.

Anonymous said...

Let us not condemn the people of Pulau Ketam and people like 'Ho Chih Minh'. As we all can observe, these people can never prosper to something better. So let them sow what they reap.

So let us forgive them as they are lack education and awareness but instead use our energy, time and compassion try to do what we can to help these stranded dogs.

Most importantly now is trying to save the dogs and get them out of there. Help however we can. Be it money or prayer.

Zal said...

Supermutt - There are currently a couple of independent groups of like-minded people who take in strays off the street, clean them up, neuter them, and foster them..

Independent Pet Rescuersand, of course

Furry Friends FarmOf course, the financial burden they take on is staggering, but they keep pushing through the obstacles.

However, like all volunteer efforts, manpower and the finances to support something on the scale of what you suggest would require help from bigger quarters. In the meantime, if you are of a mind to assist in anyway, please get in touch with either of the Animal rescue groups above and offer aid in terms of sponsoring the neutering of a dog or cat.

If we all "adopted" an animal that way -- and 300 dogs to 300 humans? Pfft...the problem would be solved.

The cost of neutering an animal runs from RM50-RM100 depending on the size of the animal, and the vet you go to. There are quite a few vets in town who will do the job at a discounted rate for the IPR (that I know of)..

Pass the word :)

Kamal said...

to ho chi minh and the anonymous ho chi minh lover. I would love for you to answer this :

1) If you leave a homeless person on the street , can he/she find food to eat? Answer : YES

2) If you leave a dog on the street, can he/she find food to eat ? Answer : YES

Why? Because there are still decent human beings around, and the reason for this ? Proper education and good up bringing. Good parents will teach their kids to be kind to ALL living things. Im afraid you two don't fall into this category.

Now, just as a parting shot, answer the following HONESTLY :

Can you leave homeless human beings in a deserted island and expect him/her to survive?

PS : I have donated, and i am passing the message around!

Anonymous said...

Much said. At least be thankful Pulau Ketam folks didn't just take a piece of wood and whack DEAD each stray dog they found! If Pulau Ketam folks are BAD, they would have KILLED ALL THOSE DOGS instead of WASTE TIME finding and gathering them and sending them to an island!

They probably feel the most decent thing to do (since no govt nor animal groups) wanted to take any action AT THAT TIME, was to put them at that island, with the hope they will fend themselves on what's available naturally.

As for Kamal, its been known animals survive in the natural habitats. Yes, the human can still survive if they are not particular of living the caveman-style. There have been lots who are alive, if you must know.

Kamal said...

Hi Anonymous,

I think you are looking at this with a very simplistic mind. You are saying humans can survive if they live "cavemen-style"? Lets put this in a real scenario, what if we dump you on the island, with nothing more than your clothes on your back. Can you start a fire to keep yourself warm? Can you catch fishes with your bare hands? Can you make shelter when you have no tools? Can you eat the vegetation without knowing if it is poisonous or not? Can you find drinking water? This is all possible if were born in such environment or if you were properly trained. Its safe to say, 99% of us would perish in such conditions.

Same goes for dogs, if they were born in the wild, they will have their natural instinct to scavenge for food. But when you take them out of their natural environment, and dump them on an island, which is deserted, chance of survival is almost zero.

Whatever this Pulau Ketam people did may seem right to them, but in actual fact, its more inhumane compared to taking a stick and killing the dogs.

Tanya said...

Pulau Ketam folks are dumb. Why bother to gather the dogs and send them to a random island to die? Such a "not here then not my problem" attitude.

Did they think they were giving them a chance to live in the wild? Or because they're not killing them directly they have a clear conscience?

Ho Chi Minh is just an attention seeking idiot who delights everytime someone else is angry because of what he said. I'll bet he's balding and still lives at home with his mom. Let's ignore him, the bastard.

MEI LING said...

I just read the updated rescue mission. Sad to read that no vet volunteered to help the poor dogs. Just amazing ! Plain ignorance.

To TV Smith, Sabrina, all volunteers and rescuers and to all who donated and prayed, may God bless all of you and keep you safe while trying to save these poor dogs.

Dogman2 said...

It's bad enough when you read about dogs just being left on the road side or dropped off at a pound. Then you read an article like this it really upsetting to an animal lover. I read some of the post that were just plain bad... how do you just dump an animal that was your pet, friend and anything else you want to add. I will say if you read the update you will see that with a little press, I mean Blogging the town folks are now starting to worry....

MEI LING said...

Another thing has irked me.

Where was SPCA Selangor before this ? Now news throughout the world is quoting SPCA Selangor, this and that. Let me remind those who wish to help or donate, please donate to Furry Friends Farm, instead of SPCA Selangor. Because Sabrina and TV Smith and the other rescuers are the first ones who chose to rescue the dogs. And, most importantly, Furry Friends Farm is a NO-KILL animal sanctuary, unlike SPCA where they actually put dogs to sleep due to lack of space.

And after media frenzy, SPCA Selangor is trying to 'show' that they are doing something. Such irony.

Anonymous said...

absolutely agree with Ah Teng !..."it's a noble,very human like 2 save the stranded dogs. but need to solve the ROOT CAUSE 1st... need to prevent Pulau Ketam villagers to send the dogs to the island. if not, it will be an endless mission..."... sad...poor animals...i've got 3dogs @ home....just can't imagine some people can b such words... /...

Anonymous said...

...m continuing my previous comment : need to EDUCATE a lil Pulau Ketam villagers so that they c in animals a living creatures & treat them as a living creatures... ... though, another thing: it might b good to figure out also WHY villigers do it ???...& seek solution to this root problem as well... / Marina S. / Indonesia

Anonymous said...

I don't hate dogs, I see them equal for love like any other pets. I haven't touched them, but someday I hope I would.

This is not a case of just dogs or puppies, this is a case of pets abandonment, and I shed uncontrollable tears when I read this as NO animals for any kind should be abandoned. It's not the story of Lord of the Dogs(Flies), where we can see who can survive the most.

I done my part. It's not much, but I hope in any way, it's helping the cause.


Dr. Gorman said...

American here, and yes, an animal lover. I have donated to Furry Farms for this cause. Yes, they need to educate the officials on the fishing island about spay and neutering the strays, or having them humanely euthanized. It's better than starving to death.

Question please: Why are Muslims encouraged not to touch dogs? God made them one of our two domesticated animals (along with cats) specifically for the purpose of helping humanity and providing companionship.

Zalina said...

Dr. Gorman,

When the rule was written, rabies was wide-spread. However, in the book is also written that dogs have been companions to the Prophet and his followers.

Muslims overseas have no problems with dogs. I am a local muslim, and I have no problem with dogs.

However, there is a cleansing ritual involved after being licked by the dog. I think people are just too lazy to go wash with red clay earth.

Also, I'm a little more forward thinking and believe soap will do.

Don't blame the religion -- blame the (few) followers. Thanks for your donation. On behalf of of the Pulau Ketam Dog Rescue Secretariat. Thanks from us all.

Starmandala said...

Zalina, thanks for responding to Dr Gorman. I'd just like to add my two cents worth. I believe the hadith against touching dogs was inserted long after Muhammad's time during a severe outbreak of rabies in Arabia. Since infection is mainly via saliva, and water isn't easily available in Arabia, people were advised to wash their hands in mud if licked by a dog. Soon dog saliva became regarded as "dirty" and long after rabies ceased being a problem, dogs remained anathema. Only in Malaysia do you find such rabid dog-haters/fearers. Muslims everywhere else have long become sensible about most taboos. I believe Malaysia is the only country in the world where a Muslim can be arrested & prosecuted for eating during fasting hours in the month of Ramadhan! Well done, Malaysia, for making Islam look ridiculous.

Dr. Gorman said...

Thank you, Zalina and Antares, for the excellent answers. It helps to try to understand the actions of those you can't understand! Still praying for the volunteers, the relief effort and the change of heart of the villagers and officials who did this.

Kim Gorman, O.D.

TV Smith said...

I also like to add that many of the donors to this rescue mission are Malays/Muslims. Not only do they contribute money but offer prayers.

Also on he ground, several of the boat crew and the fishermen helping us, are Muslims.

TV Smith

Riez Forester said...

Hopefully my minor contributions can help save the dogs at Pulau Ketam. I am a muslim, and usually avoid touching dogs, but this dumping the dogs on an island and left them to dead is just damn cruel.

-=kt=- said...

Just to add on a lil bit about why save those so called useless dogs rather then help homeless people.

Most of the homeless people or beggars choose to live this way... they have hands and legs... there is so much things that they can do... if they have the thick face to beg on the streets, I guess it wouldn't be a problem to be a sweeper or even the garbage collector... I know a man that wakes up at 5am in the morning and go out with the Majlis Perbandaran dump truck to collect rubbish... and then work at a furniture shop in the afternoon... i really respect him...

Another case.... There is this one beggar at my hometown in TPG... although i was just studying at that time, i use to give him whatever coins that i had on my table... however, one fine day, i saw him coming down from a bus in Iph and started to beg for money there.... and from that day onwards, i swore i would never give money to beggars anymore.

However, as for dogs, why do we choose to save them? this is because they are also part of God's creation... and they too deserve to be treated equally... dogs have been with us since the dawn of time... and mankind has gained alot from them... therefore, it is only fitting that we help them as much as we can...

Anonymous said...

Someone once said that human beings are god's greatest mistake and I agree - just look at the mess we've made of the planet! Never known a dog to turn around and bite the hand that feeds it but never can tell....sad but true.
All those valiantly rooting for the dogs and the rescue mission, hat's off, you're the exception to the general rule and I'm behind you all the way!

DYRENfORx said...

was wondering how these pulau ketamese send the dogs to this island so easily and it's so difficult for us to save the poor dogs out from the island.

Adelene Wee said...

Dear Ho Chi Minh,

It is not wise to condemn the efforts of others who believe in a certain cause, even if that cause is non-human related. Besides, how do you know whether these so-called liberal hippies are not investing the same amount of time and effort to help humans?

The root of the problem is the lack of education and awareness about responsible pet ownership but we hope to change this. Slowly but surely we will get there one day that is why the work of such volunteers are so integral. We want to educate the young and also the old by showing them that dogs are God's creatures and like humans, they too have feelings.

It saddens me to know that many fellow Malaysians are so callous in their actions yet at the same time, I am thrilled that the rescue missions are initiated by caring ones and that gives me hope.

Since you’re quick to judge have you done your bit for charity? If you need to use profanities and wishing misfortunes on others to drive a point across then I reckon you are not very well articulated. Your vengeance and bitterness speak volumes about yourself and I truly feel sorry for you.

Jaui said...

Wow... very good discussion going on here about dogs (and other animals) in Malaysia and how it's a big problem here.

I think it's mainly education and a change of mindsets that will really set things in motion. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like the governments here will ever put funding into much apart from their own pockets.

Yes, the dogs might have been a problem in their community, but perhaps instead of sending them to a deserted island, call up people like Furry Friends Farm or SPCA and ask them how to deal with the problem. Band together and get funding to build a proper kennel. It's expensive, but the true worth of our country is represented in how we treat our animals.

But believe me, even animal lovers and educated people make stupid mistakes when it comes to their pets. They buy them from petstores and don't research about things like puppy farms. They don't spay their dogs and want to breed them. Many are obsessed with purebreeds and would never consider even getting a mongrel.

This problem isn't only a Malaysian problem, it's a global problem. It's just that we have limited resources and no support from governments. Believe me, they even dump dogs in the middle of the desert or dumpsters in the US. But the difference is that they have a good network of people and organisations who are all working towards to same goal.

This means that whoever says they're giving to FFF instead of SPCA because of this and that - stop it. Instead of pointing fingers and blaming people for differences in opinions, let's work together. I know lots of dog lovers and independent rescuers who don't agree with SPCA's way of doing things and refuses to work together.

After this rescue mission finishes, I think there should be a big meeting with all these interested parties and after differences are put aside, they can start working together.

Anonymous said...

Hi, i'm an another Muslim animal lover here. Like 'Muslim Dog Lovers', i always have cat & dog kibble foods in my car, in-case i need to feed the strays. I also have a bucket of red soil in my kitchen cabinet in-case i need to cleanse my hands and my clothes. It never burdens me at all. Islam have a guideline in handling dogs, but Islam never burdens any Muslims.

Some Muslims pout at me when they see me buy the dog foods from the local store, or see me feed the strays. My Malay friends condemn me everytime i upload the updated links It is so sad and i feel so sick and ashamed with some (mostly) narrow-minded Muslims who talked rubbish about HARAM (sinful). In Islam, all animal with fangs and canine-teeth, eating dead-meats, and poisonous are haram to be eaten. Touching dogs are not haram if u can make sure both hands and dogs' fur are dried. If they're wet, all u have to do is cleanse ur hands after touched the dogs. That's all. It is HARAM if you perform ibadat (praying) without cleansing yourself (after touched the wet dogs or touched with your wet hands) first. Don't make any statement about HARAM if you're not sure!! U only created more confusion about Islam and HARAM!!

Islam encouraged us be nice toward God's creatures. Humans (same or different religions), plants and animals are creatures too. I'm proud to know some Muslims who also helped in Pulau Ketam Dog Rescue Mission. Well done, guys!I myself keep a dog i rescued on 2007. She had been shot and crippled. I went to SPCA after her recovery from the shot wound, but they said they will only keep her for 3 months, after that she will be put to sleep. So i'm taking the trouble to care her (living in an apartment, and i'm a Muslim).

A man is worse than a dog if he has no sense of humanity towards dog. Without humanity, u're not a human anymore. But u're just a farking-goddamn-thing and worse than animal! Anyone who don't want to help, please just shut your farking-mouth up! Don't 'bark' here and there. Let the good-hearted people do what ever they need to do.

Go Sabrina go! My support and pray will be always with u *hugs*

Please keep spreading the words and hope the donation will not stop here..

Joanne Lee said...

Ho Chi MINT is an angry person, don't let him bug you.

I am an animal activist and, at the same time a person who feeds the hungry. I will shout about the plight of animals, but I will go quietly on my own, without advertisement, to feed hungry beggers.

It is my experience that many of these people who are homeless and hungry, are in such a position by their own doing. Stubborn as they are, they will spend on their addiction(s), whatever it may be, than heed others' advice to lead a responsible life. They would rather beg, than get a job... Believe me, they have been offered (i.e. mow someone's lawn or paint a room for some cash, tools provided) but they turn it down. Maybe it's too difficult for them, and begging provides quick & easy money. I don't know, it's just a guess.

In my personal opinion, humans can help themselves, and they should. I'm also human, and I have to get myself to where I am, and If I don't put any effort to it, I pay the prices. Why should any other human have an easier path than me?

Animals however, are not able to study, go for interviews, work and demand high salaries. But if you call them to you and put them to work, they will gladly take the job and do their best. Only for some food & shelter. Think horses, on farms; hunting, retriving, pulling, seeing-eye, herding, rescue, guard & social aid dogs.

I am also in strong opinion that "how we treat those around us (people, animals, plants, earth, atmosphere, space) is a reflection of ourselves." I am very interested in this Pulau Ketam Mission as is near home. Selangor, I was concieved & born in this state and have been here ever since. It's too close for me to just send 1 email and let things be. I have to do more. I am compelled. This is my home, this is my community, this is where my friends and family are. If I can't contribute to my own family, my own friends, my own community, then what is my worth, how am I valued?

Jo said...

Dogs & most other animals, humans included, DO NOT have natural instincts to fend for themselves in the wild.

THEY WERE TAUGHT. By their parents, by their pack, and in the case of humans, by their communities. It is NOT NATURAL at all.

Dogs who hunt or retrive with humans were also TAUGHT/TRAINED/CONDITIONED (choose your favoured 'politically' correct word)

If a dog (or animal, or human) were trained (or whatever word you chose) to find food and water (or survive) a certain way, than that is the ONLY way it knows and no other. I believe that some dogs my have died also because they tried drinking sea water... they didnt know any better.

Chetz Yusof said...

The reason why some people rather help dogs than humans is because ppl like Ho Chi Min... Ho Chi Min gives humans a bad name...

You think dog will act or speak like him/her/it? Absolutely not.

I wonder why Ho Chi Min is so angry... There's must be something lack in his/her/its life...


Angry ppl need psychological therapy said...

Dr Gorman, Antares, Zalina and the rest who are on the topic of Islam and dogs, this might interest you...

There's a topic on Yasmin Ahmad's blog about Islam and dogs. I found it very informative, myself being non-Muslim, have been searching for answers for many years. Read the replies to the topic (that's where the knowledge is being exchanged and debated).

Blog Link:

Topic Name:
The Killing of a Puppy

P/S: I like Chetz's post

D&J said...

I've done my part and wish others will too....

sukelim said...

If the earth does grow inhospitable toward human presence, it is primarily because we have lost our sense of courtesy toward the earth and its inhabitants.

The Roots of Violence:
Wealth without work,
Pleasure without conscience,
Knowledge without character,
Commerce without morality,
Science without humanity,
Worship without sacrifice,
Politics without principles.
~Mohandas K. Gandhi~

Anonymous said...

Comments coming from Ho Chi Minh and those who believe that the strays deserve of such fate may indicate there is proof that these people have an extreme fear of these creatures for them to blatantly express their hatred. I pity them.

I sure hope these people dont have any pets... they would fare better than to serve masters like Ho Chi Minh.

Porcinus May said...

Yea, why don't Furry Friends go and help the homeless humans on the streets?


We already have COUNTLESS NGOs and government groups set up to help these human'vagabonds' who some, frankly, don't even want to help themselves.

Can't we spare ONE for the helpless animals??

And plus, I don't suppose any homeless people are currently shivering naked in the cold, perched on a mangrove tree branch condemned to an inhabitable swamp island somewhere that needs rescuing like our Pulau Ketam friends?

Saviour-V said...

Saviour-V teleports in...As a Muslim, I know full well that keeping dogs is not allowed. But that doesn't mean I can't have sympathy for the dogs on Pulau Ketam.

Regretfully, though, it is not my religion that keeps me from supplying physical aid (i.e. actually touching dogs), only the fact that I have a phobia of being bitten.

Truth is, I used to fear cats for exactly the same reason. I don't let them scratch me now, but they're OK in my book for the most part.

Whenever I can muster some funds to help out, I will. I may not like the sound of dogs barking at close quarters, but I can't stand the sight of them looking so sad like that.

Makes us look bad for not doing enough for them, it does.

Saviour-V bows, and teleports out...

Saviour-V said...

Saviour-V teleports back in for a moment...Addition to my previous comment. If you're keeping a dog for hunting purposes, that's OK, if I recall right.

Although I'd be a bit more concerned about getting rabies, IMHO.

Saviour-V teleports out again...

jo said...

Saviour-v just watched Star Trek ... i think... It's a very good show... but anyway, you dont have to love dogs in particular to feel for them... you just have to be human

Eveline said...

To Ho Chi Minh, you sound like you are a very bitter and angry person. Maybe you should get some help yourself. Or maybe you should try to give a little kindness and love to those around you...humans and animals. Then you might find yourself a happier and better person.

Anonymous said...

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Dog lover said...

It's a pity that these dogs are dumped in that Island.

Worst, we have people here who hate dogs. Some of them said dogs are a nuisance.

What about humans? Aren't they nuisance as well. Dogs don't rape, kidnap, and murder innocent people. Only humans do that.

Some say dogs make a lot of noise. What about humans? Aren't they noisy as well? Drinking beer and shouting like crazy.

Some say dogs carry diseases. What about humans? Humans spread HIV and TB. Dogs don't carry HIV and TB.

To Ho Chi Minh, I pray for you so that you could be a more compassionate person, but if you still choose to hate dogs, well, I hope there is karma and you shall reborn as a stray dog in Pulau Ketam or in Afghanistan.

Joan Anne said...

Oh poor dogs :(

How can some people do this kind of things to the animals? Dogs are man's best friend. Don't ever think that they are only just "dogs" because like us, God created them, and they also have "Rights".

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Stop Dogs Digging said...

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