Friday, May 8, 2009

Labies & Genitalmen... the Perak State Disassembly!

Courtesy of, 8 May 2008

1Malaysia, under Bossmah. Malaysia Boliau!


Anonymous said...

the bitch is so close & nice to the 'new fake' speaker BUT...BUT in her mind : " .....i'll still won't KILL the snake 1st !!".

the other babicina bitch, well-fed, sitting in her deputy chair, laughing in satisfaction surrounded by others !!

Anonymous said...

stupid bitch still dare to show her face...I'm suprised nobody whack the shit out of her.

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

Worldwide embarrassment. I'm ashamed to call myself a Malaysian.

Anonymous said...

hi, nicole sweetie, where from ?

Anonymous said...

as usual you have many commentators who are sad , bewildered , feel helpless, cry foul WTFuck , assholes,ets etc , want to cry this and that usual

no one offers anything to help or to do something...

Now you shud be crystal clear why Malaysia is in such dire straits, with a powerful Empire and a useless bunch of citizens , or do we have to wait for a Messiah ( as da story goes)

Singam said...

Antares, with such a provocative title, no wonder the BN Assemblywomen are crying sekuhara! :-)

For the uninitiated, sekuhara is a noveau (but not so new) Japanese term coined from the imported words "sekushualu" and "harasumentu".

In an older Japan, womenfolk were objects to be fondled freely by the menfolk, though I'm sure there were menfolk who groped other menfolk as well. What ladies did to each other was not spoken of.

In more recent times, learning from the yanks, Japanese "Office Ladies" decided that they too have rights and pulled the sekuhara caper.

I think today's Japanese men are somewhat wiser though, perhaps, less fulfilled. :-)

Apologies to anyone offended by my satirical remarks.

Unknown said...

They need to go back to school to learn the meaning of discipline.


Gadfly said...

This is not an ordinary squabbles or physical fight between 2 rivals or lack of discipline of one. But, state terrorism to the core, as the spirit of democracy is cannibalised by the thuggish power grabbers.

If they can mutilate and devour the spirit of the rule of law in broad daylight, what else they won't do in the dark?

They dehumanise and insult themselves when they commit shameful and ugly acts like forcibly dragging the legitimate Speaker Siva out of the chair.

They have defined a new category of state terrorism - the use of brute and crude force of the state in broad daylight in the heart of and outside State Assembly to terrorise the legitimate Assembly and the population at large so as to grab power.

They have become not the feared but the hated by the Perakians and Malaysians. This is what even Machiaevili warned against - Get rid of any moral barriers if it stands on the way to power. But make sure that you don't do things that make you hated by the people.

Anonymous said...

Karma is a bitch, and it has bitten Zambry, Najis, and that Hee-Bitch's ass! Nizar is the legitimate MB of Perak!!!