Friday, June 5, 2009

11:11 Doorway 8th Gate Activation (Part 2)

Solara is the visionary starpriestess who heralded the opening of the 11:11 Doorway on 11 January 1992. For 38 hours at the foot of the Great Pyramid of Giza, Solara and a group of 500 Awakened Star-Borne performed sacred ceremonies and held the frequency for the turning of the great key that would unlock this 20-year wide interdimensional doorway, facilitating ascension-descension between the Earth plane and the stellar realms.

Another group synchronized with the Master Cylinder in Egypt anchored the incoming cosmic codes in the middle of a sacred lake in New Zealand.

Since then there have been a series of Gate Activations, and Solara states that this second part of the 8th Gate Activation is of particular importance because it completes an octave of frequency shifts beginning with the 1st Gate. When divine humans consciously gather to embody the Universal Oneness of our Greater Being in the manifestation of Pure Heart Love within our core selves, it accelerates the evolution of the Earth Human family and prepares it for conscious navigation of multidimensional realities.

The 11:11 Doorway will close on 28 October 2011, a date which coincides with the ending of a great cycle in the Mayan sacred calendar.

Solara is already in Peru with a large group ready to begin the sacred ceremonies at 9:30AM on 5 June 2009 (Malaysian time 10:30PM). The Activation concludes at 3:00PM Peruvian time.

The Lotus in full blossom represents the spiritually mature soul incarnate in physical form, expressing Pure Heart Love for the healing of aeons of duality and conflict between the Forces of Light and Dark.

Those who feel a nonverbal intuitive resonance with the 11:11 genetic code may wish to take time out later tonight to meditate and open your heart to the incoming stellar frequencies of Pure Heart Love. Allow transformations into your life that will take you to the next spiral of conscious evolution as a Divine Earth Human!


Eagleman said...

Hi Antares, I will take time out for this. I am sorry about Rupert and Lulu. I hope to drop by soon to visit you. =)

Starmandala said...

The following report is from Mei Watson who kindly organized the 8th Gate Activation (Pt 2) at a delightful spot called the Eagle's Nest:

Our starting time was 10.30pm so the crowd started to flow in around 7pm. I had already felt the heightened energies around that time. I felt it at the heart level - very deep love vibrations.

We decorated the moon circle with flowers and candles - creating an outer circle with a unbroken line of flowers dotted with tea lites. The inner circle of the roundabout consisted of a pebble/concrete ring - this had pretty little jasmine flowers and chrysanthemums scattered all around infusing the air with a very pleasant and sacred scent throughout the ceremony. When daylight finally disappeared, the circle was lit in the most beautiful way with candles in 3 layers of concentric circles.

Just after dinner, the group was briefed on the purpose of this gathering and the mudras were practiced with great enthusiasm.

18 of us gathered inside the flower circle by 10pm and started the preparations for the ceremony. A beautiful mantra song Om Marabhasa Nadi was played and repeated for 3-4 rounds. This was played at Chiang Rai a couple of years ago to start off the ceremony and build up the energy. I felt it was appropriate again this time.

The group started out standing but eventually sat down to meditate and soak in the energies. Joseph who sat at the North point of the circle was holding a lot of energy for us and he was shaking visibly for it. It was by coincidence that he sat there - but obviously he was the perfect person for that spot.

Antares and Jeyapalan were our guardians throughout. The only thing that happened outside of the circle were that a couple of cheeky resident stray dogs found my red cushion and decided to have a ripping party with it further down the hill!

The energy in the circle was very subtle yet subduing. Also in the beginning of the meditation, I was driven to walk in a slow ceremonial way around the circle to place my hand on the top of everyone's head and during the second round, on their front and back heart chakras. Eventually, the gang started lying down on their mats to chill and relax. Some left for a cake break. Some eventually left by midnight.

At around 12 am Antares felt that the energies needed lifting and so we played a great rhythmic piece of the Turiya Nadi (Cave of the Siddhars) cd and three of us started dancing around the circle several times (Antares playing his flute too). That did the job!

Those who stayed till the end (around 10 of us) gathered in a circle at 1.45 to give thanks and gratitude for the ceremony and to thank Kay who gave us permission to perform this sacred celebration on her property. And to Olivia and Joseph who organised the venue and cleaned the place pre/post ceremony.

A full moon shone over us throughout the ceremony, and just before the group dispersed we noticed the clouds around the moon had taken on a beautiful coral-pink hue which could only be seen from the Eagle's Nest.

Antares would like to add:

Mei Watson (whose star lineage must include multiple incarnations as a priestess) did a superb job of organizing the sacred ceremony and I wish to record my profound appreciation for her spontaneous offer of help. As a result many more have been exposed to Solara's magnificent work with the 11:11 Gate Activations and the wonderful mudras she has developed to assist us in the work.

The earlier part of the ceremony was solemn and introspective, but as it progressed and people began dancing and reveling in the moment, the atmosphere lightened up considerably. Some participants reported beautiful feelings the next day.

I have suggested to Mei that she formally take over the role of 11:11 Anchor in Malaysia as it's clear that she thrives in such a role. After 15 years, it would be great to have some new blood! I shall, of course, continue to form an energetic link with Solara and the Starry Family via our ancient bonds of pure heart love.

Infinite Blessings,

maya-gaia said...

Just to be helpful for your retaining the true symbolism of the lotus (genus Nelembo) whose leaves and blooms rise out of the mire of the water (representing our Being transcending phenomenal muck and stuff) Your photo is of a (genus Nymphaea)
(water lily) that usually rests on the water although some species of water lily like the Egyptian blue lily Nymphaea caerulea often get out of the water like a lotus. Now you've more than you ever needed to know...if you need any more

maya-gaia said...

Correction: that lotus genus is Nelumbo

Starmandala said...

Thank you for being so helpful, Maya-Gaia!