Sunday, June 7, 2009

Obama addresses the Muslim world in Cairo

4 June 2009
Length: 54:57

Now this is what I call a speech! Obama is a natural-born orator, no doubt about that. The lucidity of his mind and maturity of his soul lend a luminosity to his words and a deeply therapeutic dimension to his presidency.

Only in two instances did I feel prompted to interrupt the man and interject my dissenting view - and that's when he refers to 9/11 as an atrocity committed by Al-Qaeda (in accordance with the Official Conspiracy Theory), thereby glossing over the glaring discrepancies (too many to list here, but those interested may read this powerful essay by Steve Bhaerman); and also when he attempts to justify the military occupation of Afghanistan without admitting that the entire adventure was originally prompted by the Americam oil lobby's determination to control the oil reserves in the region via the Unocal oil pipeline now being built across Afghanistan.

This suggests to me that Barack Obama is acutely aware of the destructive power of the Zionist-Illuminati Cabal and is carefully choosing his words so as not to arouse its animosity and antagonism. Presidents before Obama - like Lincoln and Kennedy - were unceremoniously removed from office for taking a firm stance against the secret government and its evil plan to hijack human evolution. I feel that Obama's mission is to build a bridge that will take humanity beyond the deathgrip of the Illuminati Cabal which has secretly ruled for thousands of generations.

At least Anwar Ibrahim doesn't make me cringe whenever he opens his mouth.