Tuesday, July 28, 2009

IGP, AG, Homo Minister... RESIGN or be BOOED & BOOTED OUT!

Detainee dead, family suspects foul play
Andrew Ong | Malaysiakini
July 28, 2009

A woman has disputed the official account of her brother's death, who died in police custody at the Sentul police station on July 16.

According to the police, R Gunasegaran, 31, had died from a drug abuse.

His sister, R Ganga Gowri, 32 (right), disagreed with this version in her police report today in which she alleged that he may have died after being assaulted.

This was claimed by three witnesses who were said to be detained in the same lockup with Gunasegaran, she stated in her police report.

In view of this, Ganga Gowri is urging the authorities to perform a thorough and transparent investigation into the allegations.

She is also demanding that hospital authorities release the autopsy report if there is one, and for the police to initiate an inquest.

She was speaking at a press conference, organised by lawyer Haris Ibrahim and attended by six other lawyers.

"These (witnesses) are very afraid. They do not wish the authorities breathing down on them and shall remain anonymous.

"Should there be a transparent inquest, I have been given assurances that these people will surface," said Ganga Gowri's counsel M Visvanathan.

Visvanathan, said the witnesses alleged that Gunasegaran died within two to three hours of his arrest at about 7.30pm.

He added that the witnesses said that Gunasegaran was kicked in the chest, hit with a hose and a piece of wood.

However, Ganga Gowri had not examined the body for wounds, which is still at the Kuala Lumpur General Hospital mortuary.

Body still not claimed

She will not claim the body until a post-mortem and toxicology report is released.

Visvanathan said that although the standard practice by the authorities is to release the reports after two months, this had to be changed.

"It is insane to have the family claim the body and perform funeral rites and then wait for the post-mortem report, say for instance if the body had evidence of an assault whilst in detention," added Haris.

Haris said the police should be fair and kind to the family of the deceased and allow them access to the reports in order for them to request for a second independent autopsy if necessary.

Bar Council Human Rights Committee chairperson Edmund Bon said there appears to be inconsistencies in the way the government deals with custodial deaths.

He said it was only with sufficient public pressure, where full blown investigations will be carried out, such as in the case of DAP political aide Teoh Beng Hock, who incidentally was found dead on the same day as Gunasegaran.

He urged the government to heed repeated request by NGOs and civil societies for the establishment of a Coroners Court as magistrates conducting inquest, were not sufficiently trained in this area.

Police chief promises action

Meanwhile, KL police chief Muhammad Sabtu Osman said that the police will investigate the matter thoroughly to find the truth.

"We cannot let this matter just like that. We will investigate thoroughly," he told reporters.

He added the police will have a look at the report lodged by the family.

"We will take action against any person found to have been involved in the detainee's death, even if it involves my personnel," he added.


Since 19 October 2006 - the day Altantuya was abducted by Najib and Rosmah's UTK bodyguards, cruelly tortured, murdered in cold blood and blown to bits with C4 - Umno/BN has been on a downward spiral to HELL.

Are we going to go down with this bunch of emotionally retarded jackbooted hooligans?



Unknown said...

The rot continues, the stench stinks and how many deaths must we witness until salvation is at hand????

vesewe said...

Umno/BN component parties and their cronies/EC/MACC/PDRM - No. 1 liar and public enemy, bunch of corrupted, despicable, racist morons rotten to the core!

Hon said...

The initial postmortem report revealed that Teoh Beng Hock was murdered by MACC.

(1) He was pronouced dead at around 8 to 9 am. But MACC claimed they only heard a big sound at 1.30 pm and then found his body.

(2) His handphone is not with his body. Teoh was either still under the custody of MACC or someone removed the phone from his dead body.

(3) The latch of window in leval 14 where MACC office is located found at the floor of level 5.

(4) The body is not facing down unlike normal suicide from tall building. This pointed to he was already dead when he was falling down.

(5) The blood stain is abnormal little. This is another sign to show that he already dead before falling down.

(6) His pants were torn. His pants incidentally hooked to window latch before his body was forced out.

(7) The timber door at MACC main entrance was shut down from 1.15 to 1.50 pm. This 45 minutes duration is mostly the body was pushed out.

From these initial findings, my conclusion is he was murdered inside the office at 8 - 9 am before his dead body was threw out from level 14 at 1.30 pm.

reek said...

MCA remains lapdog of Umno, coward, hypocrite, super cronyism whoever its president is, and totally hopeless as far as most fair-minded Malaysians are concerned!

wizsurf malaysia said...

I just read today from LKS Blog that evil will shine when good men do nothting.

Tks to people like you and yes we wanna do something, not only pass clever comments.

We are in

Anonymous said...

"Police chief promises action..."We cannot let this matter just like that. We will investigate thoroughly," he told reporters.."
Who will trust the police? Witness to the event will also be DEAD. Too many deaths in police custody already and no one is charged.

Anonymous said...

What has my country become. It onced showed so much promise but now all that glitter isnt gold.

Why has this rot set in? Why is there no value for human life? Why is religion & race so important?

Before we end up being a fail state, we must exercise our right to vote for change.

To those who have yet register to vote, register at any post office. Exercise your right but on the bigger picture, do it for all our future.

tryus said...

PAS is the lap pig of DAP now their leader abandoning islam and holding candles like hindus.
The corrupt DAP assemblymen cannot hide behind the chinese triads. The police will get them!

hongki said...

ronnie liu the triad lapdog ordered the murder of Teoh Beng Hock when he spilled the beans to MACC.

A fucking chinese commie who deserved to be jailed or hang for murder!

surv said...

Blogger wizsurf malaysia said...

I just read today from LKS Blog that evil will shine when good men do nothting.

Haha but LKS stand for what.. Lick and Kiss Shit?

Yes2ISA said...

Dont play with fire

Starmandala said...

Tryus, Hongki, Surv - I'm not going to delete your comments, even though they reek of BTN (which stands for Biro Tata Negara, the national brainwashing bureau set up by Dr M to dumb-down all civil servants). Why don't you use your spare time to improve your minds instead of leaving such obvious tracks in the blogosphere? :-)

Yes2ISA - You are completely lacking in originality. Even so, yours is merely a software problem.
Contact me if you ever decide you urgently require an upgrade.

Yes2ISA said...

Wonder how you all will react come 1st August, when you are outnumbered and surrounded from all sides.

I Cant wait because it really is time to take out the trash.

When you keep playing with fire , you will eventually get burnt. The spark has been lit for 1st Aug.

everglade said...

i don't like the title: 'homo minister'.

i am a homosexual. that was a little offensive. could you change it? thank you.

Starmandala said...

Yes2ISA - So utterly creepy! Now, get ye back down that stygian crack from whence you crawled when my back was turned!

Everglade - Don't take it so personal, bub. If I were to call him the "home minister" all those who love their homes will surely feel offended. I like offending people... particularly those easily offended ;-)