Friday, July 31, 2009

Put an end to tyranny on 1 August 2009!

Najib: ISA rallies pointless
Rahmah Ghazali
July 31, 2009 | 7:46pm

The two ISA demonstrations planned for tomorrow are pointless since the government is already in the process of reviewing the security law, said Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak today.

He also said the rallies will not bring about any benefit.

"The most important thing is for them to give their ideas and feedback on how the government should improve the Act.

"Demonstrations will not solve any problems," he told reporters after chairing the Umno supreme council meeting at the party headquarters in Kuala Lumpur.

Tomorrow, two groups - one opposing and the other supporting the ISA - will take to the streets in Kuala Lumpur.

The Abolish ISA Movement (GMI by its Malay abbreviation) and Majlis Permuafakatan Ummah (Pewaris) have separately said they would go ahead with their gatherings despite stern police warnings.

Starting today, the police have also set up roadblocks at major traffic arteries throughout the Klang Valley towards Kuala Lumpur ahead of these two mass rallies. [Source: Malaysiakini]


Photomontage courtesy of Mowadana (modified by Antares)

Such a sick, twisted mind our pathetic pink-lipped crime minister has! He thinks tomorrow's protest is against the ISA! The obnoxious ISA is merely symbolic of a repressive regime, you pompous poltroon. What the rakyat are really protesting is... YOU! We don't accept or acknowledge YOU, Najib Abdul Razak, as the leader of the nation. You were NOT elected by the majority of the voters - only by 190 corrupt Umno division chiefs (and a few retired but still evil Umno warlords) who pushed you into power so they can continue to plunder the wealth of the country and rape the environment and behave as if they are God's gift to Malaysia.

The sooner you get the message, the better for all of us. Don't waste OUR money on your expensive spin-doctors, Jibby. Can you hear the rakyat sniggering and/or cursing every time you appear in the news? Nobody loves you except your mama - and she's long dead. Your fat witch wife doesn't really love you. She only used you to climb the social ladder and taste the worldly power she craves. The moment you're out of office, she will treat you worse than a pack mule. It's written on her face.

And by the way, Jibby, please tell your beloved cousin the homo minister... he'd better keep a tight rein on his Rottweilers in Blue. If any of my buddies get hurt or arrested tomorrow... there will be VERY NASTY KARMA multiplied by 100,000 on your receding hairline. I'm dead serious, bub. You bunch of braindead twits in Putrajaya have no clue what hideous danger you are putting yourselves in. When the voodoo that keeps you in power backfires.... boy, I would HATE to be in your skin!


Crankster said...

LOL. You have a way with words. :)

Anyway, I'm going to be there tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

ah, cakap saja lebih. depan monitor boleh lah belagak kuat.

Starmandala said...

Cranky... you're back! Yeeehah!!! :-)

Anonymous @ 11:11 - Let's see how brave you are when that tin badge is stripped from you. I look forward to dealing with you... when you're ready to transit this 3D Matrix!

dani said...

in ANTARES i believe!!!
the truth will revail!!

Donplaypuks® said...

WE don't want a review. We want the ISA to be repealed.

If they want a Prevention of Terrorism Act, then let's see the draft.

Let UMNO/BN show us how they can rule without arresting Opposition members with legtimate dissenting views against the Govt 'for their own safety'.

If they don't understand the true art of statemanship, time for them to pack it in.


elvie ho said...

I will be there!

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wizsurf malaysia said...

Bravo !

You da Man !

Precise , concise straight as the speeding bullet. Now only waiting for it to hit the Ass

Anonymous said...

Bro, not nice to bring mother into it. Jibby is guilty of many things but lets leave his mum out of it.

I think Toh Puan Raha is still very much alive & well.

Starmandala said...

Dani, DPP, Elvie & Wizsurf - Cheers! If you're going to be out on the streets today, surround yourself with the golden light of joy - BANISH FEAR! The forces of oppression are trained to prey on fear - they cannot read JOY, never having known it.

Anon @ 10:57AM - You mean Jibby's mum is still alive? Then what is she doing, letting her son do such naughty, wicked things? She ought to spank him properly.

najis_bijan said...

... letting her son do such naughty, wicked things?...

...would have dipped jibby's dick in hot candle wax for his extraneous whatever involvement with Altantuya.