Saturday, September 12, 2009

7 LIFETIMES ~ by Antares

Love song inspired by a beauty named Xandi. Written in 1987 and never recorded. This is just a no-frills version taped on my scenic veranda while practising for a gig on September 27th...

You dropped in on me
Right out of the sky
I just wanna thank you girl
For getting me high
Just wanna thank you beautiful angel
For helping me fly
All I wanna do is thank you baby
Thanks for making me cry

Thanks for seven weeks in heaven
Seven weeks in heaven with you
Seven wonderful weeks in paradise

I don't know how this whole thing started
But I know I don't want it to end
Though you and I we're parted now
I hope we'll get together again
Even though you hardly call or write to me
You know I'll always be your friend

After seven weeks in heaven
Seven weeks in your loving arms
Seven weeks in paradise
Let's try for seven lifetimes

Living in this crazy world
Makes me feel I'm in hell
But loving you pretty baby
You know it makes me feel so well
Wo-oh I'm so in love with you
Darling can't you tell

Seven weeks in heaven
Is better than seven years in tears
Seven wonderful weeks in paradise

They say heaven is having fun
With that special someone
You can stay a week you can stay a month or even a year
And if you never leave me we could stay in love forever
What else can we do?

Antares & Xandi in the Dangerous Kitchen of the Rt. Hon. Armpit (1986)