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Something from the personal archive, written in January 2003 and published on this blog 2 December 2006; dusting it off now that ten years have elapsed...
Richard Dawkins, author of The God Delusion

Musings at the edge of eternity

The World of Appearances moves visibly towards a series of possible Apocalypses. Now as never before, I am doing all I can to maintain a clear focus on my innervision of heaven on earth – which does NOT include the triumph of Big Brotherism in some dystopic New World Order Fourth Reich!

With Galactic Alignment done and over with (read John Major Jenkins’s 'Maya Cosmo-genesis 2012' for the mind-boggling details), massive shifts in consciousness and spiritual maturity will bring about a rapid meltdown of dysfunctional institutions and societies. All that is mechanical and regimented will abruptly run out of political charge. The “princes and principalities” won’t surrender without a desperate fight, in the vain hope that they can at least drag everyone else down to “hell” with them.

However, Mother Earth herself will no longer support their piratic adventures as she attains to full awakening. Those governed by fear and greed and trapped in egocentric skepticism will be subject to their own Twilight-of-the-Gods scenario – despite all efforts to help them experience a paradigm shift. The rest of us will bear witness as self-governing sovereign entities to the birth of a New Octave of Consciousness wherein beauty and truth will replace money and military might as focal points of endeavor.

(All this won’t happen in 2013 itself, but this is a pivotal year in which each incarnate soul will consciously cross a threshold, towards true individual freedom or deeper enslavement in the Matrix.)

But what happens to all the encrusted egos hellbent on keeping the Duality Scam going? The Fear Merchants, trading in terror and scarcity conditioning, clinging tenaciously to ancestral privilege or ruthless ambition - are they a nightmarish mass delusion that’s absolutely no concern of mine?

I can see bits of myself embedded in these primitive programs going by descriptions like Neo-Darwinism. Survival of the Fittest, indeed. How is “fit” defined? The ones gifted at making money, or the ones with universal empathy? Is it possible to accumulate wealth as measured by consensus – and still feel a tender compassion for all life?

The way I see it: since I already feel oceanic ripples of deep affection for All That Is, I need only gain access to unlimited wealth to be in a position to answer that question truthfully. It’s easy to dismiss money as a spurious concoction of the banking fraternity, but so long as it’s in use, I’d love to have a huge pile fall in my lap. I could get the entire contents of my rusty filing cabinet published, release some sonic dreamscapes I recorded twenty years ago, potter around with a digicam and put together experimental movies, visit friends in Europe, lounge around on a Thai island for weeks.

How about The Vision? Well, it’s all part of it. My definition of heaven: infinite possibilities (where merely knowing that every desire can be fulfilled is enough). Hell, of course, is utter impossibility (where the woman who excites me most begrudges even a smile).

Do I envisage a Vegetarian Future?

It’s not what we do, it’s how we do it that changes the essential equations. Having lived amongst hunter-gatherers who generally prefer to get their protein by fishing and snaring wild game, and who are content to subsist on tapioca leaves and dried anchovies the rest of the time, I’d be glad to see an end to commercial exploitation of the animal and vegetable kingdoms. It’s not meat-eating, per se, that constitutes a problem – it’s industrial farming methods that treat other lifeforms as mere commodities to be processed and sold which greatly saddens my soul.

Times when my atoms were oscillating at close to light speed, I have been able to sustain myself for days on prana and photons – which is why I’m sympathetic to breatharians, though I lack the ascetic impulse to wilfully embark on such a course. I eat to live as a matter of habit, and I bless and enjoy whatever’s on my plate. Food is NOT the issue. Famine is invariably the unhappy result of ecocidal human activities driven by scarcity conditioning. The fact that “developed” countries have problems with anorexia AND obesity reflects a deep spiritual imbalance.

Speaking of food, I received an internet joke some years ago with a timely teaching. It’s called “God’s Test”:

God put the angels and the devils to a test. He set up a huge banquet hall with a wonderful feast. First He invited the devils to the feast. They were delighted until they found out that they couldn't bend their arms at the elbows! How were they to eat all the delicious food when their hands wouldn't go to their mouths? They tried eating off the plate, which was messy and undignified. They tried throwing the food in the air and catching it in their mouths. Nothing worked very well. After 15 minutes of this mayhem, God told them that time was up. They trooped out cursing Him.

Next, He invited the angels into the hall. A fresh feast was laid out, and the same thing happened - they couldn't bend their arms at the elbows. The angels all looked at each other and burst out laughing. "What a great game!" they said as they fed each other.

If you happen to be an atheist - don’t worry, so is God. In 2013 I’ve decided to revert to my original name. From now on, don’t call me Antares – “Allah” will do.

Just kidding, folks. I have enough problems trying to cash cheques as “Antares.”

© Antares, January 2003 (updated October 2005, February 2010 & August 2013)


Anonymous said...

is money problem that a big deal to you? GOD will provide......

Gan said...

funny closing line ...

masterymistery said...

Excellent post--The story about the angels and devils in particular.

I'm interested in the entity you refer to as "All That Is". Without intending to be presumptuous, to me it's similar if not the same as the entity I refer to as Everything That Is (ETI)

More and more I com to realise that the whole of Reality comprises an organism, a 'person', who is aware, alive, growing and learning, and who is interested in everything that happens within itself, including what happens to you and me.

masterymistery at cosmic rapture

Anonymous said...

wei druggie, u tripping on mushrooms isit? wtf is this shit??

Antares said...

Masterymistery - Thanks for your high-energy and nutritious comment. Will check out your post on ETI but I can tell you offhand it sounds like we're looking at the same elephant.

Anonymous @ 1:14AM - Is this the best you can manage in terms of wit? Being rude will keep you exactly where you are right now, fairly low down on the food chain, s few notches below the fungi.

houdini said...

What`s wrong with mushrooms?

They are goood soul food........high protein too.