Sunday, May 24, 2020

Alan Watts & Terence McKenna on our need for a Sense of Unity (reprise)

Published on 3 March 2013

Alan Watts and Terence McKenna talk about our need for a sense of unity as our global problems are getting worse and we have become enemies of our planet and each other.

Music: Carbon Based Lifeforms - Comsat (Hydroponic Garden - 2003 [Ultimae Records])

First speech: Alan Watts - The Nature Of Consciousness
Second speech: Terence McKenna - MAPS conference - 1990
Third speech: Terence McKenna - Eros And Eschaton - 1994

Some Strange Things Are Happening To Astronauts Returning To Earth (Vimeo video)
BBC - Secret Life Of Chaos (Documentary)
Tree Of Life (Movie)
An artwork by Cameron Gray (~ 1:41)
Baraka (Documentary)
Home (Documentary)
History Of Human Thinking (YouTube video)
The Fountain (Movie)

All of the above are very much recommended to all of you who enjoyed the video.

[First posted 1 August 2019]