Monday, March 1, 2010


Extracted from an essay, The Future of Najibonomics, by John Lee; posted at The Malaysian Insider on 1 March 2010...

The Barisan Nasional government is simply a ship of fools, content to lead us to disaster. They have no vision for the country, no idea of the massive challenges we face or any intention to face such challenges to begin with.

In terms of capital, it is no secret that net investments in Malaysia are dropping off a cliff. Until about halfway through the Abdullah Badawi administration, net investment on an annual basis was hovering somewhere near zero—that is to say, foreign investments coming in roughly equaled Malaysian investments going out.

To put this in more concrete terms, what this means is that foreigners are refusing to invest in Malaysia, and Malaysians insist on investing their money overseas.

A back of the envelope calculation suggests that last year, Malaysians invested almost as much money in the entire Australian property market alone as foreigners invested in the whole of Malaysia.

Investors, both Malaysian and foreign, have completely lost confidence in our country — nobody wants to put money in Malaysia, and so our savings are flowing out of the country, instead of being invested in local enterprise.

It’s no wonder people are losing faith in Malaysia. We have no plan to fix our fundamentals. Our school system discourages innovation in favour of accepting orders from above; our economic system stifles entrepreneurship in favour of corrupt rent-seeking.

Our prosperity is pump-primed by petroleum and forestry — when we run out of these resources, without any human capital or meaningful industrial enterprises, our economy will collapse.

John Lee is a third-year student of economics at Dartmouth College in the United States. He has been thinking aloud since 2005 at Read the entire essay here.


Monyet King said...

This John Lee is a bright young fellow. His father is a good friend of mine. What he says always makes a lot of sense.

thebaDderMan said...

John's piece is straight and sharp, as we would expect from an intelligent foreign perspective. And being securely protected by the statue of liberty I hope.Without the fear of losing his job , unlike all those pragmatic ? MSM parasites ? Najib is finished politically. Now for his coming trial

The Man On The Moon said...

Which is why the government is selling off key national assets to keep the ship floating (read here).

Anonymous said...

Man on the Moon: Now there is even more reasons for UMNO to blame the Chinese for the woes of the Malays.

Never mind the fact that they themselves sold it off in the 1st place. UMNO is blameless in all issues.

Its always the Chinese that is the bogey man when it comes to UMNO.

The only time the Chinese in UMNO's eyes is good are when they pay UMNO lots of money (& when UMNO members f%#* Chinese girls. Some even had a fetish for fair & lovely Northern Chinese girls).

If UMNO hates us so much, why dont they just tell us bluntly they dont want us. Idi Amin & Robert Mugabe at least had the balls to say it to the whites & Indians.