Saturday, April 24, 2010

Guess who dropped by for a chat last night?

That's right... Nurul Izzah, Anwar's feisty princess, surprised everyone by showing up unannounced at an outdoor ceramah in Kg Pertak. The event was sponsored by a Pakatan Rakyat supporter to neutralize the vile and pernicious influence of the Jabatan Hal Ehwal Orang Asli - which has been used as a weapon to bludgeon the Temuan of Ulu Selangor into submission to more misrule under BN.

Izzah's enchanting presence at the Orang Asli ceramah was a poignant reminder to everyone present that the campaign was ultimately all about putting an end to gross injustice and abuse of power.

The Batin of Pertak, Bidar Chik, was visibly thrilled to be introduced to Izzah. "I greatly admire your father," he told Izzah. He had earlier had a long conversation with Selangor exco for environment and tourism, Elizabeth Wong, who spoke last in the program.

The event at Kg Pertak was notable for the spirit of fun and freedom that permeated the ceramah. A band from Pos Iskandar, Pahang, was on hand to provide lively joget numbers between political speeches. Jenita Engi, a young Temuan girl from Parit Gong, Negri Sembilan, was the emcee for the evening and she put everyone at ease with her easyflowing banter. An observer noted that many of the Asli tend to hang back in the shadows at ceramah hosted by the JHEOA. I guess they instinctively know better than to get too close to the density and darkness symbolized by the Dacing.

Many Orang Asli from other tribes were present to lend support to the Pakatan Rakyat campaign. They voiced their frustrations against the deeply entrenched arrogance, insensitivity and greed of the Umno/BN government and exhorted their fellow Orang Asli to awaken from slumber and vote them out.

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semuanya OK kot said...

For the benefit of those who claim not to understand all this fuss over "backward" people:

The purpose of endorsing natives or aborigines living in and off forest is for them to act as guardians of this vital planetary resource. Their needs are minimal, and humanity in general benefits. This idea has been validated by the UN. Instead, we have "people's governments" palming off plots of marginal land or shanties to them, doing their best to entrap them in the monetised economy, and looking the other way as well-connected timber businesses visit ecological destruction and genocide on them.

Displacement of natives would only be a cultural crime if the authorities had any intention of preserving this critical resource. International do-gooders including the UN have been swayed by political considerations in sounding the alarm. One body actually chooses to paint a glowing picture, claiming that the overall reduction has slowed down while the area in Asia has grown mainly due to replanting. They do not need expensive "in-depth studies" or tours. They only need to use cheap satellite data to accurately gauge the broken promises like logging and agriculture in "protected forests", plunder and imminent doom.