Friday, April 23, 2010

P. Kamalanathan, Samy's phantom voter!


Selangor exco Xavier Jayakumar yesterday accused P Kamalanathan (pictured extreme left) of being a "phantom voter" in the Sungai Siput constituency, during his speech in Hulu Selangor.

The seat was a stronghold of the MIC's long time president Samy Vellu before PSM's Jeyakumar Devaraj seized it from him in the 2008 general election.

PKR Penang Pantai Jerejak state assemblyperson Sim Tze Tzin also levelled the same charge in his twitter while revealing Kamalanathan's IC number.

His twitter message read: "Shocking! Dr Xavier just revealed that Kamalanathan is pengundi Hantu in P62 Sungai Siput. Check for yourself 651018-10-XXXX".

Malaysiakini carried out a check on the Election Commission (EC) website with the IC data provided, and the result shows that it belongs to one P Kamalanathan, who is a voter in the Sungai Siput parliament constituency and Jelong state assembly seat.

The EC data also shows that this Kamalanathan address is Heawood Garden, and votes in Simpang Tiga.

Xavier later told Malaysiakini that Kamalanathan is living in Rawang, and his IC address is Rawang, and now he is a BN candidate for Hulu Selangor by- election, yet he votes in Sungai Siput, so it is clear that he is a phantom voter.

"I think a man who wants to be a member of parliament should be principled and accountable for what he has done before.

"It shows that he not to be trusted and is willing to break the law."

However, there is some doubt over this issue, as the relevant electoral law had been amended prior to the 2004 general election making situations like Kamalanathan's to be legal.

Malaysiakini called P Kamalanathan for clarification who said he will explain the issue when the time is right.

"I am now focusing on the election in Hulu Selangor, I want to meet the voters, I want to make friends with the voters, I will not comment it now.

"I will comment it at the right time. I want to go a meeting, bye bye."

Malaysiakini also SMSed the IC number to Kamalanathan for verification but there was no response.

At an earlier interview, Kamalanathan had admitted that in his younger days, he had stayed in Sungai Siput for a while, although he maintains that he has been a Rawang resident for 44 years.

CHECK IT OUT! Go to the SPR electoral roll checksite and key in 651018106495


semuanya OK kot said...

More tricks by the scum:

toyolbuster said...

Can someone check who lives in that address at HEAWOOD GARDEN. I bet you its some Mr Ong Chin Peng who has been living there for the last 50 years. Pandi pariah, porah cunee kamal

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

By the norms of a civil society, Kamlan is already better dead for accepting being labeled as being descended from beggars. besides he's also doing everything like one too.

The rest, including the matter of academic certification, is rather secondary by comparison.


Anonymous said...

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mohd ali ismail said...

I am surprised that Kamal didn't kiss Mahathir's hands which by right he should have had to show his respect to the old man.

Starmandala said...

Anon @ 9:22PM - Take your intense hate and head for the exit, please. Methinks your brain is permanently damaged from sniffing Rosmak's ketiak.

Anonymous said...

Don't we already know about his Karumadikuttan?


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Anonymous said...

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Gerald Wee Eng Kian said...

And for Anon. Bola kurang satu. Have the bricks and decency to own what you say in your own name.

Otherwise, be ignored as the votes swan away. Or better yet, be exorcised along with the rest of the BN phantom voters and bloggers. The world doesn't need another zombie trooper serving the undead masters of BN.

Anonymous said...

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Gerald Wee Eng Kian said...

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Too much fire. here's some political humour on the value of having smart people in government.

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"Tony, if your parents had a child but it's not your brother or sister, who can it be?"

Mr Blair immediately answers, "Well that would be me your highness".

The President, so inspired by the result, flies back on Air Force 1 to the White house and calls on Colin Powell to test this out.

He said, "Colin, if your parents had a child but it's not your brother or sister, who can it be?"

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With that, have a great Sunday and may the best man win.

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Gerald Wee Eng Kian said...

Wow, a fan club now. Considering you're ashamed to use the name your own beloved parent's gave you I'm honored you would call a Chinese male by his given name. Thanks so much. So let me see if i can remove some of this veil of secrecy on this anon. Doesn't matter if it's is all wrong, anon will find it offensive anyway.

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As such, this ne'er do well spent his time in cyber cafes playing DOTA and surfing porn with his buddies [who would also include some Malays and Chinese pals], and generally wanking the time away. I say this because the anon this time is a youth of Indian descent because of who is currently contesting [Mr Kamalanathan of MIC] and the fact that the UMNO BN goons are known to keep blowing the Ketuanan Melayu horn.

This young male has gone a different track by continuing to uplift the image of the MIC man [which is laudable because none of the other BN mercenaries have done so] in addition to his poorly worded and structured diatribes. There is a chance he is either a relative of the man or under close supervision under the MIC youth wing [Communications] due to the personal nature of some of the postings. In this case, it would be relatively easy to keep narrowing down the subject.

Even if it's all wrong I find making this as ridiculous as possible more fun than a barrel of monkeys [no offense to Planet of the Monyet].

And as for meeting me in person, well and good since I'm rather easy to find. I can connect this misguided anon to a number of counselors and youth support services. Also, kindly note that anyone intending bodily harm must bear in mind some points of the law. That a public declaration of such intention is enough for an investigation. God help you if the police find you in Malaysia. Especially an Indian male with nothing to do.

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Gerald Wee Eng Kian said...

And with that, even this will pass. Just note that in light of the win by BN, something terrible has occured. UMNO has basically picked their successor for MIC. The coming months will either see a resurgence of the MIC or their continued degeneration. This will rankle with the higher ups of the party considering how vengeful that bunch has shown to be.

The fallout when that happens will be incredible. When that occurs, I wonder what side this anon will be on? Likely the bigger pussy says the wise cunt. Because brave men cannot hope to rely on him.

Gerald Wee Eng Kian said...

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Gerald Wee Eng Kian said...

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See, even if you feel I'm a Cunt you have come away from this entire episode learning proper Queens English from one. SO who's the Bitch now.

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Gerald Wee Eng Kian said...

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Gerald Wee

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Anonymous said...

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Gerald Wee Eng Kian said...

Who? Are you finally on the verge of acknowledging your parents when they named you?

Well good for you then. Even the current PM adheres to filial piety whenever he refers to his dad [the late Tun Razak]. I wait with bated breath the moment you announce yourself to the world. Go for it.

Anonymous said...

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Gerald Wee Eng Kian said...

See the longer this guys replies, the better his English. I'm betting there's a dictionary close by to use for such rarely seen words like pretentious and egoistic.

See, that's what is required for effective English language education. Challenge, proper stimulus and adequate resources for reference. Keep replying here. I'm sure you'll be able to get better grades with constant practice.

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Gerald Wee Eng Kian said...

And thus the coward quit the field,
As the name Anon did reveal,
His visage sour, his words were blunt,
For being a Bitch to a bigger Cunt.

With parents weeping and tail behind him,
Only profanity did define him,
To his sires to feel such shame,
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A final thanks for anon. Despite raising the facade of a total ass, he was able to inspire poetry. I'm sure he will be back the next time there's an election. He can be my muse and bitch again.

Anonymous said...

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Gerald Wee Eng Kian said...

There are 6 more newer post to spread your love. Come share your poetic inspiration there as well.

I must be pointing out the story of your life again. A Chinese man telling you how to do your job. I feel for you boy, no wonder there is such anger and shame over your own name.

See, I am encouraging you to come out of the closet and not be ashamed of what you are. Where else in your life are you getting such fine emotional support.

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Starmandala said...

So this is where Malaysian politics is at, below the gutter, that's for sure - going by the fetid comments left by some brainless BN supporter!

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