Sunday, April 25, 2010

It's enough to make heaven weep....



That's right, it has been a brutal loss for all justice-loving Malaysians - not just for Pakatan Rakyat. Once again, the wicked BN has triumphed with its blatant money politics and its obvious control of the Election Commission. What's worse, it would appear that a sudden surge in pro-BN votes late in the afternoon may have been the secret trump card up Najib's sleeve. Which might explain why he seemed so cocksure of a BN win this time.

Whatever the case, everybody (especially Zaid) is pretty much exhausted by now - emotionally and physically - and deserves a well-earned rest. We shall get to the bottom of whatever hanky-panky went down during the by-election and if there's suffiient evidence that the EC was in collusion with BN to win this seat for Najib "at all costs" - that alone would be grounds for BERSIH to revive its call for a clean-up of the EC. There may even be cause to take legal action against Najib for the shameless way he induced voters in Ulu Selangor to vote for BN through the offer of huge sums of cash.

We haven't forgotten how BN wriggled out of having to use indelible ink during the last general election. The campaign to reclaim our beloved nation from the clutches of BN proceeds apace.

To Zaid Ibrahim: all decent souls share your sadness and disappointment and we thank you for taking up the battle on our behalf. It was indeed a magnificent fight you put up and we continue to steadfastly back you up in all your political endeavors.

To the beloved leaders of Pakatan Rakyat: we fully appreciate your courage, determination and will to win this country back through peaceful means. We thank you sincerely for continuing to inspire and lead us against all odds.

Another skirmish lost - but the war has only just begun!


su-ann said...

Well said Antares, thank you. It is just so sad, so it comforted me a bit. But I am sure the universe has its reasons. Or at least, I hope.

Anonymous said...

Winning a battle does not win a war for umno and and fully owned subsidiaries, especially when given all the the monetary bulldozing, bias laws and dirty tricks involved in the process.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Antares for this post.

I am sad with the verdict.

APCO APCO UMNO/BN won through dirty means...there is no level-playing field at all.

How can PR win?

I must say that Zaid and all PR workers and supporters worked very hard in this by-election. PR would have won if there is no cheating and dirty tricks and ghost voters from APCO APCO UMNO/BN.

To hell with them!

Let's continue to support PR.


Donplaypuks® said...

Yeah, I'm shattered too, for the moment, though the glass of scotch helped!

But cheer up! We live to fight another day!

But it's rather strange the Star online posted an "BN win by 2,000" at 7.38 pm but NTV news at 8.05 pm said PKR was in front!!?? Wtf? How could the STAR have known in advance of everybody else?

we are all of 1 race, the Human Race

Gerald Wee Eng Kian said...

What's next? Probably to head to KKB later in the week to help in the clean up. Anyone recycling plastic bottles will be in for a windfall. That and manifesting some good and early fruiting Durians while there.

Let it be, and all things that be shall eventually pass. Regardless of who won, there were promises made to the people of Hulu Selangor. The job now is to get the winner to stick to them. Maybe start having regular bus services there every 30 minutes instead of 1 and a half hours.

Man can always hope.

Pat said...

To Zaid Ibrahim: all decent souls share your sadness and disappointment and we thank you for taking up the battle on our behalf. It was indeed a magnificent fight you put up and we continue to steadfastly back you up in all your political endeavors.

I echo this. What else is there to say?

viv said...

they can never defeat a good man.

KoSong Cafe said...

It was amazing coincidence how I thought of 'Najib won, Malaysia lost' for my post, but changed it to suit what I wrote in my blog.

Najib has shown he will try to hold on at all costs, after all he is only using taxpayers' money!

Anonymous said...

We must not lose hope. It's a marathon, not 100metre dash.

But we need to be able to counter the dirty tricks UMNO comes up with. The thugs who support UMNO will do anything to intimidate & bully voters. The Gov machinery is actively promoting & helping ruling party.

IF we think Hulu S'gor is bad, wait till GE13. UMNO's full force of dirty tricks will be employed. The thugs will be given free reign. Gov depts will help in any way to ensure UMNO win (dirty or otherwise).

We need check & balance on them. Indelible ink to prevent fraud (phantom voters). Scrutinizers to check ballot boxes from polls to counting stations & counting of votes itself. Clean up electoral rolls of phantom voters. Look into allegations of police & armed forces retired personnel not taken off the postal vote rolls.

baDboyzs said...

We lost another battle. Move on & let us work harder to win the Putrajaya War, coming soon within the next 24 months. We are sure Zaid will bounch back with a terrific vengence. This time we shall appear in Pertak to see the Magickriver

Anonymous said...

Dear Zaid, raise your head high, for you have done your best and that's all that matters. You are an inspiration to many of us that there is still hope yet for a better malaysia even though we may have lost this battle, we have definitely not lost the war. A mere 3% margin loss is quite heartening considering what you were up against.