Friday, April 30, 2010

Musa, you're disgraceful! ~ Lim Kit Siang

"The country cannot wait until September when Musa [Hassan]’s tenure expires. Malaysians need a new IGP who can inspire public confidence in the professionalism of the police force to fight crime and restore to Malaysians their two fundamental rights — to be free from crime and the fear of crime." ~ Lim Kit Siang

Musa, you're disgraceful! Kit Siang returns fire

KUALA LUMPUR: Opposition stalwart Lim Kit Siang fires a verbal salvo against Inspector-General of Police Musa Hassan, accusing him of “gross insubordination.”

This afternoon, Musa had threatened not to enforce the law in response to the criticisms over the fatal shooting of 15-year-old schoolboy Aminul Rasyid Amzah.

“This is a most disgraceful statement from the IGP as it tantamounts to an open and public insubordination against the Malaysian people who pay his salary,” Lim said in a statement.

The DAP veteran noted that it was not the first time Musa has done this.

“Musa was involved in the public challenge of the previous prime minister (Abdullah Ahmad Badawi), threatening a police revolt if the Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission was implemented,” he said.

All over the world, Lim added, developed nations are graduating to the concept of democratic policing, subjecting police forces to principles of public responsibility and accountability.

“But this is clearly very alien to Musa,” he said, adding that the IGP has overstayed his welcome.


Who will police our policemen?


Gerald Wee Eng Kian said...

1 Peluru untuk 1 Malaysia. Rakyat di Bantai, Polis di Rajakan.

The RMCP is the least discriminatory government body. The tragic irony of its members hitting and shooting everyone without exception, investigation or trial.

Anonymous said...

In subordination to the agung. He took an oath in front of him.

So what's the penalty!



baDboyzs said...

The tragedy with Malaysia is that nobody can do anything, or appears to be able to do anything. Maybe write beautifully with supreme prose & style and talk most impressively eloquently. With wild adulation cum standing ovation & stunning applause.

That explains to the Dot why this shit is perpetuating, our spectacular helplessness.

For years we have had awesome award winning Blogs & Online Portals with incredible features/analysis and the answers to Malaysia's woes , but till today nothing has changed , infact they got worse

wither Malaysia?

Starmandala said...

baDboyzs - Articulating the problem creates awareness, without which we wouldn't even know there's something seriously the matter with the state of affairs. However, it's plain that anriquated feudal power structures are antagonistic to the growth of democratic processes in any society - and they are protected by a slew of sedition laws as well as police and armed forces. Only when individuals appear on the scene like Prince Siddhartha or RPK - born in a privileged position but prepared to sacrifice it all in the interest of enlightenment and truth - will the power structure begin to transform itself. Mahathir and Najib, out of self interest, have contributed actively to the inevitable demise of the monarchy in Malaysia - one by removing their political power, the other by compromising them in indefensible ways.

Anonymous said...

Show your compassionate, please !

“Dr M: Perkasa helped BN bag Hulu S’gor”
………..Former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad today credited Malay rights advocates Perkasa for the increase in Malay support for Barisan Nasional during the Hulu Selangor by-election…..blah…….blah………

While we all busy about our basic rights and also sad by what happened to the victim and his family,but the Mamak Kutty and the gangs cheering and huh-hah about the HS “buy-election”.
What a sad thing!
SAD ! SAD ! SAD day in our country.

Actually, the real “hero” behind this “buy-election” of HS is Mr. RINGGIT, not you Manak Kutty , Perkosa-Ali or Apno-BN.

To be very firm, we Rakyat will still fight till we all get back our basic rights and also justice to those who suffered and died from injustice .

” Lawan Tetap Lawan “

lanaibeach said...

The little birdies
Tweeting by one whole morning
Calling wide through the empty space
“Give me food and I will stay quiet”

The 3 others filled stomachs
No more tweeting hopping about
The youngest little birdie keeps tweeting
They only look “Let you be”

Is this the way we behave?
Take the money close one eye
Let the country's going to the greedy pots
We are economically satisfied with our own ways?

This is the dilemma
We have seen the parties take it
Blantantly saying what they want
Of laws and Constitution raped many times

The double railway tracks
These agencies switch as they like
Many reports can be filed
They allegedly drag their feet through all the red lights

Suppression isn't the way
It will build underground dissatisfation
Slowly it will run its course
The government of the day will fall

It is better to accept wrong
Denying it trying to enforce
The will of the force......
They forget about the people's power

When it is unleashed
History has seen and continue to be seen
When people feel the country is at stake
They will rise to protect her sovereignty

Like the 4 little birdies
When night falls they cuddled to keep warm
Knowing the cool weather shivering feathers
They come together to stay warm

baDboyzs said...

We think it is high time for Malaysians to stand up and wait no more. We need real action - words, pictures and breathtaking speeches are but useless against the massive financial resources ( or wastages ) of the Najib/Mahathir Gomen. Can we really afford to wait for the next GE, while whatever little egos we have are being najibbed/perkasad/mahatired/raped beyond recognition ?

LKS and some others are trying to win more votes for the GE and so on as politicians but people like Zorro/Haris/yourself et al shud move beyond blogging and go to part "next" to achieve something tangible. What is part next we have no idea but we believe it is better than your present blogging & waiting for the next fancy by -election we are sure. We are listening intently

Starmandala said...

baDboyzs - Sounds like you're itching to install a guillotine in Dataran Merdeka so we can arrange the public execution of every bureaucrat and Umnoputra who has ever stolen from the public purse or shown disregard for the laws. Remember what happened in France the last time some people decided to take action rather than talk? May I suggest you consider a less violent and more effective line of action? Open yourself to activating more strands of DNA so you can begin to access more of the electromagnetic spectrum and accelerate your own evolution as a multidimensional entity. As more of us consciously evolve beyond the 3rd Dimension, the antiquated fear programs will fall away and what appear to be problems on the 3D level will dissolve into insignificance or resolve themselves. More than 99% of our problems are the result of insufficient consciousness.