Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Violent death throes of a rotten regime...

I salute Syed Ibrahim Syed Noh (president of Gerakan Mansuh ISA) for his courage, perseverance and impeccable integrity. Thank you, sir, for keeping your faith in the possibility of reform - and for continuing to demand justice on behalf of all those without a voice.

I salute each and every one of you who assembled on 1 August 2010 with candles in Petaling Jaya, Ipoh and Penang to remind the rest of us that all is hardly well in any country that clings ferociously to cruel, unjust laws to subjugate the spirit of freedom. Many of you were roughly mishandled by red-helmeted robots who serve the corrupt and criminal UMNO/BN agenda rather than democracy and the public good.

And then there were many others - in London and in Sydney - who gathered in support of the Abolish-ISA Movement in Malaysia.

Cruelty, tyranny and gross injustice - Dr Mahathir's evil legacy - will inevitably bring down Jibby the Hutt's rotten regime. Patience and fortitude, folks!