Thursday, October 6, 2011

One last dig at Steve Jobs....

Steve Jobs & Bill Gates in Conversation

[Forwarded by Shanghai Fish]

Steve Jobs
(24 Feb 1955 - 5 Oct 2011)
Walt Mossberg: The Steve Jobs I Knew

That Steve Jobs was a genius, a giant influence on multiple industries and billions of lives, has been written many times since he retired as Apple's chief executive in August. He was a historical figure on the scale of a Thomas Edison or Henry Ford, and set the mold for many other corporate leaders in many other industries.

He did what a CEO should. He hired and inspired great people; managed for the long term, not the quarter or the short-term stock price; made big bets and took big risks. He insisted on the highest product quality and on building things to delight and empower actual users, not intermediaries like corporate IT directors. As he liked to say, he lived at the intersection of technology and liberal arts.

And he could sell. Man, he could sell.

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courtesy of Jonathan Mak Long