Thursday, October 6, 2011

iProtest: with Steve Jobs gone, will the worm in the Apple begin to turn?

Even as the world mourns the passing of Steve Jobs - a visionary inventor and also the true-blue American entrepreneur who gave us the Apple computer, the MacBook, the iPod, iPhone, and iPad - there are others, like Debby Chan, who are less concerned with saving to buy the latest iPad, and more concerned about the sorry plight of thousands of Chinese factory workers who manufacture these iconic brand products under less than ideal conditions.

[Source: Al Jazeera's Activate series]


Anonymous said...

There is a time for everything. Apple too will move on. It may or may not do a Lehman Brother. It is ok, we move on to. Without an Apple, we will still live.

woody said...

what?... you mean Adam and Eve did what they did because there was NO APPLE around BUT only an apple?

whaoooo...can't imagine the number of Adam-Eve movements later on..