Thursday, November 2, 2023

A gorgeous and splendid Ninth Gate Activation! Thank you ever so much, beloved Solara! (Flashback)

On the morning of 25 October 2010 we felt as starry as freshly bloomed flowers.

Soon we would begin the 9th Gate Activation at Waka Gangga
a truly splendid spot facing the Indian Ocean, amidst rice fields and lotus ponds.

Everyone was dressed in ceremonial white with a bold splash of color. 
We looked like living waterlilies!

At the hotel after a great breakfast I noticed that even the trees were aligned with the 11:11...

Preparing to board the coaches for the Activation site

Starry Love: Elena Konopleva (whose day job is programming satellites) 
and Akyuna Akish (glorious Sun of Omashar and KeRa)

Elspeth with the innermost core of our One Being, her radiant 10-month-old Starbaby 
Eilidh (pronounced "Eh-li")

Kiwi Starpriestess Maria making emu eyes at the photographer

Ceremonial offering to the Sea Goddess

The Activation site at Air Gangga is absolutely spectacular!

A few of us delineated a large magickal circle with pink flower petals

Great shot of the One Being in action from Sebastian Purelove's album

No one recorded our heart-opening Sacred Dances either, which makes them even more sacred. Here, the newly-born White Dragons lead Solara and the 11:11 Master Cylinder 
in graceful procession to the Lotus Land

Everyone looked forward to the short breaks we had in between Sacred Dances...

Part of the huge and hearty Russian contingent

Ramala cleverly disguised as a White Hat

Members of the Faerie World were amongst us too!

Alessander from Brazil gave us the famous Xua mudra...

Now there's even a fancy boutique in Ubud for Xua-offs!

Even during breaks Guardians stood at their posts to maintain the clarity 
and purity of the space

The reward of being a Guardian is that one gets to witness the incredibly uplifting 
beauty of Sacred Dances performed with pure heart love as One Being!

Sibtain Rahim (of Pakistani heritage) joined us from the USA where he now resides 

23-year-old Surya joined the Master Cylinder for a few Sacred Dances, 
anchoring the shift within the soul of Bali. Later I discovered Surya actually works for 
our hotel as a waiter. Behind him is Omashar, sacred musician of the 11:11.

Alanah integrating the powerful energies that flowed through us between heaven and earth

Victor from Mexico enjoying a well-deserved rest. 
What a hero, joining our Sacred Dances on his prosthetic leg!

Basking in the subtle energies of the Sacred Circle at twilight

A lotus pond adjacent to the Activation site ~ how perfect!

A tourist in Lotus Land...

Many Lotuses of Pure Heart Love opened at the 9th Gate Activation

An encounter with the luminous Taisia, one half of the pair of beautiful 
White Dragons now on Earth

Closing ceremony: each of us accepting loving responsibility for the planet

Alessander & Helder joyfully escort Solara to the center of our Sacred Spiral

How lucky to meet and photograph the White Dragons (Tonatiuh & Taisia) 
at breakfast just before I left Bali

[First posted 27 October 2010]