Monday, July 18, 2011


"Your lovely missus arrived ahead of you!"

[Published prematurely on 8 July, but the correct date is today!]


Anonymous said...

you are telling me that THE POPE is in hell too?

shouldn't the devil be doing the welcoming in hell!

masterymistery said...


Stop! You're killing me! (with laughter).

masterymistery at cosmic rapture

masterymistery said...

you may have heard the expression: "does a bear shit in the woods"? And you may have heard the expression "is the Pope a catholic." But I wonder if you've heard the expression: "does the pope shit in the woods" ar "is a bear a catholic"?

masterymistery at cosmic rapture

Anonymous said...

hello, been following ur blog for quite a while now and have only placed comments couple of times previously. i would really like to visit magick river one day, i passed by there a few times on the way to frasers. anyway, it doesnt matter if its najib or whoever in charge. i learn never to trust politicians. obama is a fine example. what makes u think AI wont do the same? its the system the world is practicing, its agenda is to corrupt. i enjoy ur spritual postings but postings on politics....boring. the solution to our problems aint in politics, it is actually one of the cause of the problems. anyway, please do email me ur GPS coordinates, would really like to visit you. my email

Starmandala said...

@Anonymous 11:18PM - Best for you to figure it out yourself, heh heh :-)

#masterymistery - gimme ten, bro! :-D

@Pillai - Used to parrot the cliche that lawyers can't be trusted.... until I met Sivarasa Rasiah, who came to Brickfields police station to get me and my daughter out for lighting candles in the Lake Garden, circa 1988. I was never so happy to see a lawyer. As for Anwar, he wants to be PM badly enough, why not give him a shot at it? Not a job I would wish on myself or anyone else. But if the new government doesn't clean up the PDRM, judiciary, civil service, etc and repeal all oppressive laws within the first 6 months, we the people will kick their butts too - but first, let's kick ourselves in the butt for surrendering our integrity and sovereignty to external authority for so many generations!

Anonymous said...

Pope : " come come come, ALL are welcome, especially the SINNERS !! "

sinfool rojak said...

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