Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Bogus gods spawn bogus monarchies

My blogbuddy Walski published a very good essay by everyone's favorite academic, Farish A. Noor, on his myAsylum blog. I was prompted to leave a long comment which I have fleshed out and prettied up as a short essay fit for posting! 

Bogus gods spawn bogus monarchies, and bogus monarchies create bogus aristocracies, which then give rise to bogus ministers and administrations. Bog help us!

Unlike Farish Noor whose academic roots ground him in the empirical approach to truth-speaking, my own perspective on "reality" (and, incidentally, the word "real" itself means very little unless one understands it as pertaining to true royalness or regality; in effect, to be honorable, noble and in total integrity) is not necessarily confined to the flatlands of 3rd dimensional physicality.

Our sensory organs and scientific instruments can only access approximately 0.01% of the entire electromagnetic spectrum. 99.99% of "reality" occurs in what we might call the realm of metaphysics - the domain of thoughts, feelings, ideas and memories unbounded by our familiar spacetime continuum.

Indeed, we began as omnidimensional extensions of the Unified Field of Consciousness (call it GOOD if you will, not GOD!) but voluntarily stepped ourselves down deeper and deeper into static density and specific gravity in order to experience and explore the weird and wonderful worlds of form and structure.

Being trapped for millions of millennia in ever more compressed energy packets made us forget our original limitlessness. Limits became "the norm" for us and we began taking boundaries too seriously.

The first boundary we take too seriously is our personal ego, our definition of individual existence.

The second boundary pertains to our concept of kinship, our blood relations and extended family or clan.

The third boundary is called the tribe, and the fourth is the collectivity of tribes that constitutes our sense of nationhood.

As we evolve to the fifth boundary and see ourselves as inhabitants of various biocultural regions (Asia, Europe, North and South America, and so on), we begin to approach planetary consciousness as global citizens.

One more step and we attain galactic alignment, i.e., the awareness that our nearest star is a member of hundreds of billions of stars that comprise our local galaxy.

I wonder what Jamal Md Yusof would do if offered galactic citizenship - despite his obvious unsuitability for such an adventure, at his present level of consciousness. There's nothing problematic about Jamal as potential GOOD in human form; however, the software he's running became obsolete several generations ago. Well, he obviously missed the 21 December 2012 deadline to upgrade his operating system and integrate it with the impending quantum shift that will propel humanity beyond win-lose zero-sum games into workable win-win scenarios. But then, Jamal is far from being the only one who has missed the boat of onward evolution beyond the fallen angel and modified ape dichotomy.

"Grand Universe" by Antifan Real

Farish Noor: Still dreaming of a Malaysia to call Home 

[First posted 14 August 2011]


Singam said...

There is another perspective on this multidimensional man. We wear sheaths made up of the fabric of each dimension to experience that dimension.

Portions of the Supreme Consciousness desire to feel otherness. So they wear sheaths of experience and know the joy of feeling.

Some parts of these feeling entities, desiring to form isolated thoughts, elect to wear sheaths of intellect.

Some parts of these energies of intelligence, desiring to experience isolated personalities, wear sheaths of mind and become thinking individuals.

Some of these thinking individuals, desiring to experience life, wear sheaths of life and become living spirits.

Some of these living spirits, desiring the stimulations of the material world, wear bodies of flesh.

As the persons in these bodies of flesh live and die, their attachments cause them to continue to seek the sheaths with which to enjoy the attachments and but which also give them their sufferings.

When they weary of the material world and are ready to give up their attachments, they escape the cycle of birth and death.

As they weary of the cares of being embodied, they give up the sheaths of life and become beings of mind.

As they weary of the cares of mental endeavour, they give up the sheaths of the mind and become pure intellect.

As they weary of intellectual endeavour and give up the sheath of intellect, they become beings of experience.

When they are ready to yield up the cares and burdens of experience, they reunite with the Supreme Consciousness.

Starmandala said...

Wow! Sounds good to me :)