Monday, September 11, 2017

16th Anniversary of 9/11 ~ Loose Change (Final Cut, November 2007)

Sixteen years after that fateful morning when the world watched awestruck on millions of TV screens the collapse of New York's landmark World Trade Center Twin Towers - followed seven hours later by the crumbling into a pile of rubble of WTC7, a building that wasn't even hit by any plane - we still don't really know whodunit.

The mass media was immediately fed the "intelligence" that it was 19 Arab hijackers armed with boxcutters, acting on the instructions of Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden. However, at least 7 of the 19 alleged hijackers subsequently lodged complaints that their identities had been stolen, that it wasn't them on the FBI list of suspects.

When I first heard the news, it was via SMS from a friend glued to her TV in KL. I wasn't particularly shocked because I had been expecting something dramatic to erupt on the geopolitical stage - but I was stunned by the sheer audacity of the ones who had planned this outrageous act of human sacrifice, this colossal false flag operation aimed at injecting terror into the collective psyche, paralyzing the masses into docile acceptance of increased security and surveillance, and sheeplike acquiescence to America's retaliating with a bogus "War on Terror."

By blaming the dastardly deed on Osama bin Laden (who was trained by the CIA in guerrilla warfare) and pinpointing his hideout as "somewhere in the mountainous region between Afghanistan and Pakistan," the Pentagon hawks and the Neocon White House were able to strong-arm a few allies (the Coalition of the Willing) into logistically and morally supporting the military occupation of Afghanistan - followed soon after with a debilitating military offensive against Iraq.

The scope of the whole diabolical plan was so vast and complex it's difficult for anyone who hasn't been researching the sordid history of Black Ops to even begin to grasp the strategic significance of the 9/11 event - what more comprehend the barely concealed ritual symbolism of the entire operation.

With all the evidence that has been gathered by thousands of diligent 9/11 Truth researchers and presented all over the world at packed-out conferences and seminars, it's utterly astounding that so many veteran journalists continue to parrot the Official Version of who stage-managed and funded the 9/11 atrocities.

Since 11 September 2001, the loss of human lives as "collateral damage" numbers in the millions and keeps mounting as the deleterious side-effects of warfare kick in. The only ones who have increased their fortunes through this hellish misfortune are Israeli, U.S. and British defense contractors, private security firms like Blackwater (later Xe Services), and oilfield services corporations like Halliburton (with close links to the Bush family as well as Dick Cheney).

And, for sure, there has been a sharp surge in worldwide demand for high-tech surveillance and security products and services, post 9/11, in tandem with a tightening of borders and an ominous increase of police powers.

It would require several volumes to present a detailed summary of all the evidence - and who and what it all points to. Suffice to say for now that I have read almost every independent probe into the 9/11 false flag operation (the "New Pearl Harbor" ordered by the Project for the New American Century) - and I have come to the inevitable conclusion that, for a start, several individuals must be arrested and charged with criminal conspiracy to defraud humanity, and to perpetrate genocidal and ecocidal programs aimed at culling the population and making it more manageable under the New World Order Central Authority.

The better known among these individuals would be George W. Bush (former President of the United States), Dick Cheney (former Vice-President of the United States), George Herbert Walker Bush (former CIA director and President of the United States), Donald Rumsfeld (former Defense Secretary), Condoleezza Rice (former Secretary of State), Philip D. Zelikow (author of Catastrophic Terrorism and executive director of the 9/11 Commission), Larry Silverstein (real estate mogul who signed a lease for the WTC buildings on 24 July 2001 and collected $4.55 billion in insurance claims 6 years later), and Dov S. Zakheim (foreign policy advisor and Undersecretary of Defense under George W. Bush, financial comptroller of the Pentagon, member of the Council for Foreign Relations and the International Institute for Strategic Studies, intermediary between the Pentagon and the Israel Defense Forces, board member System Planning Corporation, supplier of the Flight Termination System used for shooting planes out of the sky and collaborator in the development of Raytheon's Global Hawk unmanned aerial vehicle ground control systems).

For sure, many, many more individuals and networks are complicit in this monumentally wicked conspiracy. Most rational people would find the idea of so many accomplices in high places knowingly play a part in, going along with, or covering up such a horrendous crime utterly incredible. Therein, as always, resides the sheer banality of bureaucratic and corporate evil.

Please dedicate a couple of hours to viewing Loose Change 9/11 - and then do some research, for a start, at these helpful sites:


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Those of you who reside in Malaysia will have witnessed how brazenly a gruesome, premeditated murder involving the abduction, torture, shooting and blowing to pieces of a 28-year-old pregnant Mongolian woman can be covered up and buried under a stinking pile of racist rantings and sodomy accusations.

In both the 9/11 and Altantuya Shaariibuu cases, the sheer force of mainstream media spin appears to have bludgeoned the masses back to business-as-usual apathy.

You fall asleep in a speeding bus driven by a drunken maniac at your own peril.


[First posted 11 September 2013]