Sunday, November 17, 2019


I haven't made any videos is quite a while. My Panasonic DVC32 requires repair and I no longer have access to iMovie because my iBookG4 was officially retired in 2009.

So I downloaded Windows Movie Maker (inspired by my blogger buddy Paula Khoo's ventures into homemade videos) and, to explore the possibilities of this very basic program, I decided to make an unhurried music video using my 1985 composition (from the 2nd Coming album) as the soundtrack. But first I converted the overall pitch to 432Hz with GoldWave  - it doesn't sound much different to my ears, actually, but my intuition tells me the whole world will soon abandon the 440Hz tuning imposed on us by the Nazis and their Illuminati brethren, the Rockefellers. Perhaps this will happen in 2021?

In the process I discovered it's not much fun making glorified slideshows, still prefer to work with kinetic images. One of these days I'll test out my phone tripod, see if I can get back into shooting and editing videos. Meanwhile, just sit back with a nice cup of tea and relax to my humble offering with the audio turned up...

[First posted 27 November 2011]


Unknown said...

My dear Antares

This is so awesome!!! I still cannot figure out how you did the first two opening clips! Pray thee tell!

I *heart* this video....


Thanks for the mention and also for all your helpful, honest and most sincere comments wrt to my most amateur efforts :-) in video production.

This clip has inspired me to work even harder!!!

Thank you!!!

Hugs and much love

newd acid said...

heard a bit of Mike Oldfield and ELP's influences in it - great work !

HETCHESS said...

turned on the volume with a nice cuppa like you suggested and listened with my eyes closed...newd acid beat me to it but yes this is reminiscent of Mike Oldfield. keep creating...on 432Hz...

Anonymous said...

Well done Antares Splendid..A Very tribal musical journey

Starmandala said...

@mws - Windows Movie Maker doesn't offer much flexibility, so I just used the title templates available and picked the one I liked best. The auto zoom/pan feature is useful for animating stills but hard to control, so an element of luck is required. However, you can play around with different durations, and that's about it. I'm sure there are more tricks I haven't discovered.... but thanks so much for enjoying my maiden production!

@newd acid & HETCHESS - I like Mike Oldfield so the comparison is flattering. Appreciate your positive feedback greatly!

@Anonymous - Thank you :-)