Friday, November 27, 2020

Does the mysterious 432 hold the key to universal attunement and harmony? (reprise)

There's a whole lot I still haven't understood after viewing the above videos - but I'm definitely convinced that the 432Hz frequency used by Hermetic philosophers like Pythagoras and Tibetan musicians carries a vital resonance that links up with cosmic cycles, small and great.

For a start the number 432 features prominently in Hindu cosmogony as well as in Nordic legends. A yuga (age) supposedly lasts 432,000 years; while a kalpa (aeon) is 4.32 billion years, approximately the age of planet Earth as calculated by radio-astronomers. The Icelandic Edda declares that in the Halls of Odin there are 540 doors through each of which 800 warriors will pass on the day of the Final Battle: 540 X 800 = 432,000, of course.

Consider the way time is measured: 60 seconds in an hour and 12 hours in a day. Guess how many seconds constitute a 12-hour day? 60 X 60 X 12 = 43,200.

Obviously, the 432Hz frequency is a key fractal of cosmic cycles - and when you consider that the "sacred number" 108, multiplied by four, equals 432... the mind begins to boggle at what else a dedicated mathematical sleuth will discover.

Serious researchers into cymatics (the science of soundwave phenomena) like Leonard G. Horowitz believe that the standard concert tuning of A=440Hz was introduced by the Rockefeller Foundation, following years of secret experiments on the psycho-emotional use of music for mind-control. Apparently, at 440Hz music can produce a subsurface tension affecting the human nervous system, making us susceptible to hysteria, hostility and herd mentality. Although Horowitz advocated A=444Hz as standard tuning instead of 432Hz, it's fascinating to delve a little into what obsessed him. (Click on the link above to read his excellent thesis titled "Musical Cult Control.")

As music plays a very important part in my life, I'm inclined to take these findings to heart. This blog is a follow-up on something I posted in mid-September, also relating to the importance of recent rediscoveries in the arcane field of cymatics.

[First posted 22 November 2011]


Anonymous said...

So is YOUR music set to this 432 rhythm? Or does it just come naturally?? :)

xxx sherry xxx

flyer168 said...


Just to share this...

432hz vs 440hz pt 2 - Nazi Fluoride & How illuminati 440hz Music Poison Pineal Gland – YouTube -

Only Musical instruments older than 63 years are tuned in the right frequency 432Hz…

You can view all the videos on this.

Talking about 432,000, just to share this...



"...fare, when to war with the wolf they go.5 with a lightness of touch that is almost subliminal, this verse has encouraged us to count valhalla s fighters, thus momentarily obliging us to focus our attention on their total number (540 x 800= 432,000. this total, as we shall see in chapter thirty-one is mathematically linked to the phenomenon of "precession". it is, unlikely to have found its way into norse mythology by accident, especially in a context that has previously specified a derangement of the heavens severe enough to have caused the stars to come adrift from their stations in the sky. to understand what is going on here it is essential to grasp the basic imagery of the ancient message that santillana and von dechend claim to have stumbled upon. this imagery transforms the luminous do..."

You be the judge.


Starmandala said...

@Sherry - Truth is, I didn't suspect a thing about this sneaky Nazi 440Hz issue until alerted to it by various people, since I'm musically illiterate and don't think of music in technical terms. But I have often wondered why there's always an undercurrent of edginess, irritability and aggression in my fundamental being - even when there appears to be absolutely no reason to find fault with the world. So if it's because of that damn 440Hz tuning and if changing that will solve the problem... I'm all for it! I spent the whole evening converting some of my instrumental music to 432Hz - but, apart from being pleased that I learnt how to do it fairly fast - I haven't been able to detect any difference. Intuitively, I like the idea of harmonic numbers that resonate with the sacred geometry underlying the architecture of the form universe. It's more than obvious humans have been doing most things without aligning to the cosmic context - look at the way our economists think, no reference whatsoever to the environmental costs!

@flyer168 - You amaze me! So totally on-the-ball with what's happening. Thanks for the additional data, bro :-)

flyer168 said...


It is my pleasure...

I have been doing alot of reading in the last 25 years...on Evolution from all angles.

Cheers & keep up your great intellectual work.

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