Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Children of Pertak in glorious black&white...

Kimas with a photograph of herself
Mugging for the camera
Partners in grime
Future politician
Poster boys
Chairman of the Bored
With Ljuba Schmiedel, a young German living in Amsterdam
Friendly adult attention is a scarce resource in Pertak Village
Paper cut-outs & YouTube
An introduction to digital photography
Photographing the photographer
With Luis Gonzalez Medina, a yoga teacher from Chile
Kimas's feral beauty captured
Eye contact

These expressive black&white portraits were taken on 8 December 2011 by Lennart Naurholm (right), a 27-year-old photographer from Denmark whose dream is to become a kindergarten teacher somewhere in Asia.

In Thailand recently, he found himself a temporary job teaching kindergarten kids and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. He decided to dedicate his life to working with children and support himself with photography. Some of his abstract landscapes are already decorating homes and offices in many European cities.

Take a tour of Lennart Naurholm's photo gallery on FlickR and if any of his powerful images catches your eye, you can buy a mural-sized quality print by emailing him directly.