Friday, December 23, 2011

RAP NEWS UPDATE: State of Planet Earth as we lurch drunkenly or sleepwalk towards 2012...

The Juice Media RAP News series is the brilliant brainchild of Hugo Farrant and Giordano Nanni. In the last year or so subscribers to their YouTube channel have skyrocketed.

I'm happy to have met Hugo Farrant (who plays Robert Foster and almost every character in RAP News) in September 2010 when he was stuck in Malaysia waiting for his agent to sort out his Australian visa. While sojourning at Magick River, Hugo received an email from Julian Assange (of WikiLeaks), inviting him to record a special episode of RAP News in London. Soon after that the hit counter on The Juice Media channel went berserk...

These guys are absolutely, mindbogglingly amazing... standing ovation, folks!

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masterymistery said...

Highly entertaining, thank you: almost as entertaining as the Zappa quote about government!

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