Friday, February 24, 2012

30-minute overview of a looming disaster called Lynas

Gilbert Almeida poses some intelligent questions with distractingly theatrical affectation - while Fuziah Salleh is entirely credible and convincing with her clear, concise responses. This feisty level-headed MP for Kuantan is one of the brightest silver linings in the dark and ominous Lynas cloud that hangs over the people Pahang.

This 30-minute interview presents an excellent summary and overview of the atrocious Lynas rare refinery project. Another hideous long-term curse brought upon Malaysians by the morally deformed Umno/BN regime.


Anonymous said...

damn , i don't care what u say , hate me i'm not bothered.... i support lynas . the line is clearly drawn and i support A.B.A.B.I.

masterymistery said...

Anonymous, I would be bothered if anyone hated me: I would want to know why. Also, may I suggest that caring about what people say is a good way to gain information and knowledge and different perspectives.