Friday, February 24, 2012

Bruno Manser, the Ghost That Walks in Sarawak...

Bruno Manser, a real-life Toruk Makto
to the endangered Penan tribe
Well-connected friends in Sarawak whisper that a massive bounty was placed on Bruno Manser's head more than 12 years ago. The money was put up by several logging companies linked to Chief Minister Taib Mahmud who hated Manser's guts. Some say the reward for Manser's head was at least RM1 million.

Bruno has been missing since May 2000, the last time anyone heard from the larger-than-life Swiss artist who transformed himself into a Rambo against the destruction of Borneo's precious rainforests and inspired the Penan to resist the systematic ethnocide perpetrated against them by Taib's corrupt regime.

The valiant spirit of Bruno Manser lives on as the foundation he inaugurated in Switzerland to continue his important mission. I salute this wholly admirable hero who dedicated his life to battling a voracious and vampiric political and corporate dynasty hellbent on destroying an entire ancient ecosystem.

Thanks to the Bruno Manser Foundation, the world can see what is actually happening behind the tight security surrounding the accursed Bakun Dam - demented brainchild of Daim Zainuddin and Mahathir Mohamad...

Members of the Ukit tribe forced to live in floating houses as the waters rise
They were offered a barren resetttlement site and because they refused to budge,
received no compensation
Hanging on to a bleak existence, battling against despair

Thousands of drowned trees along the periphery of the man-made lake
Apart from the trees, how many other magnificent lifeforms have been killed by Bakun Dam?
Yet another ill-conceived, wasteful and unnecessary mega-project from BN