Saturday, April 28, 2012

An astrological overview of Bersih 3.0

The Chart of Bersih for 28th of April 2012

The Sun is in stable, foundation building Taurus. Here there is a strengthening and a laying of ways of group values, building a comforting and solid sense of community. The Sun here that talks about grounding these new values and making them tangible gets lovely support in a wide sextile to the Moon in Cancer.

The emotional vibe here again on this day is one of nurturing and protecting a new sense of wider ‘family’ or ‘community’ values. There is empathy and feeling for history but also a moving into the direction of newness.

Societal structures that are outworn and exclusive get a challenge from the fiery, pioneering spirit of Mecury conjunct planet of rebellion Uranus.

This looks like a potent aspect for rebellion – there is a lot of mental energy here but also energy to really flip the polarities of existing structures. Individuals get a boost of empowerment to stand up for their rights.

Mars planet of war is coming to touch upon Malaysia’s natal Uranus in Virgo and with this transit there can be flare ups of impulsiveness and accidents. Perhaps the police being angered by peaceful protestors (Sun in Taurus in the 11th) and acting rashly, using law to punish.

Venus the planet of harmony and love in communicative Gemini is right on the ascendant of this chart, suggesting that there will be lots of communication and media interest, (perhaps more than usual) sparked by this event. Lots of debates and talks are indicated.

With Venus on the ascendant and Sun in Taurus, it feels like it mostly will be quite a peaceful event, and this feeling will permeate and people looking on will most likely sense the good intentions of this protest.

Reading by Melissa Lin