Friday, April 27, 2012


Thank you so much, dear Ambiga and every brave soul behind the Bersih Movement. Never before in the history of our nation have so many been touched and inspired by what a small handful of determined individuals can achieve when they join minds, hearts, bodies and souls together to demand the elections be fair and clean - and we now know beyond any doubt that Barisan Nasional has been rigging the polls for many, many years just to stay in power and continue robbing us of our past, present and future - and all our rights as free citizens, especially the right to peacefully assemble in public spaces and voice our grievances or jubilation.

It's utterly incomprehensible that anybody in their right mind can be against Bersih 3.0's simple demand that the top echelon of the Election Commission step down immediately in view of their abysmal failure to perform their duties honorably and honestly. But, in a rogue regime where the incorrigibly corrupt, deceitful and hypocritical are allowed to rise to the highest ranks of government - where even an individual under suspicion of cold-blooded murder can be muscled into the top job - it would be naive to believe that the incumbent party is in any manner capable of reforming itself, no matter how much it spends on useless and extravagant public relations exercises.

On 9 July 2011, the Specter of May 13 was slain by the collective will of at least 50,000 who defied the police lockdown of Kuala Lumpur and took to the streets. Never again will anyone fear the possibility of racial riots. If anyone stirs up the shit, it will be none other than the uniformed or plainclothes hooligan auxiliaries of Umno, MIC or MCA.

28 April 2012 is the final showdown between the disintegrating Barisan Najis and the People of Malaysia. Whether or not you are able to be physically present at any of the 72 rallies worldwide, please help by visualizing Malaysia as a free nation where social justice, truth, compassion and wisdom have triumphed over atavistic tribalism, ego insecurity, moral depravity and insufferable hypocrisy.