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Drunvalo Melchizedek's extraordinary mission on Planet Earth! (reprise

Immortal Teachings of
The Flower of Life
by Antares

How often have you looked at the stars on a clear night and wondered: "This is so beautiful, so inspiring... but what does it mean to my life on this tiny planet?"

And then have you not wished, for a whimsical moment, that a very ancient and wise person would magically appear and tell you the story of how Life came to be on Earth, and the Purpose of it all, if any?

What if such a Person did appear and told you the true story of Earth and her place among the stars... would you believe any of it? Or would your "scientific" education prevent you from listening with your heart and remembering the stories that already live within your cells, like a wondrous tapestry of evolutionary tales woven with the very strands of your DNA?

Well, a very wise and ancient person appeared before Drunvalo Melchizedek in 1972, not long after Drunvalo "arrived" on this planet. This phantasmal being gazed intensely with babylike eyes at Drunvalo, as if scrutinizing him without judgement... and then disappeared.

Twelve years later on November 1, 1984 (Drunvalo seems very specific about particular dates), the strange apparition appeared again, at first in the form of a golden, egg-shaped light; and then as a compact, brown-skinned, twinkling-eyed man. This time, Drunvalo was ready to receive his distinguished visitor, whose name - or one of them at least - was Thoth.

His mission, it turned out, was to transmit to Drunvalo (and whoever was interested) everything he knew of Earth's tumultuous history since 50,000 B.C., when he was a mighty Atlantean king named Chiquetet Arelich Vomalitos. Actually, Thoth was a bit of a Time Traveler and had juicy information dating back 5.5 million years. Beyond that point, Thoth said, the Akashic Records had been scratched or completely deleted by an inexplicable occurrence.

Now, any mystic worth his sacred mantram will tell you that every thought, word and deed is indelibly imprinted in the akasha (etheric timetrack). What could possibly have happened 5.5. million years ago around this planet to have obliterated the records? Oh well, never mind the hoary past but what of the future?

Thoth wasn't too concerned about that, since he was looking forward to completing his mission and departing this Dimensional Octave altogether. Which he did, according to Drunvalo, with 31 other Ascended Masters on May 4, 1991 (if these precise dates have any significance, I have yet to discover it).

Goodbye, Thoth! Hello, Drunvalo! But this won't be the last you'll be hearing of Thoth. Indeed, much of the historical data presented by Drunvalo Melchizedek in his extraordinary Flower of Life workshop comes directly from Thoth's vast memory banks. No wonder the early Egyptians worshiped Thoth as the God of Scribes, depicting him with an ibis head. Later he incarnated in Greece as Hermes Trismegistus (the Thrice-Bom Master) and initiated Pythagoras into the Great Mysteries. The Romans called him Mercury, Messenger of the Sun (and, by extension, the Stars).

You see, Thoth succeeded in penetrating the Veils of Time and Space, and ascended to Immortality about 52,000 years ago. He could have moved on to other realities but chose instead to stay close to Earthbound humanity till every laggard soul was ripe for graduation to "higher levels" of consciousness.

The fact that Thoth and his wife have finally fused with a soul group of Ascended Masters and zoomed off way beyond the Time-Space Horizon augurs very well indeed for all of us. It means we are nearing the Time of Completion in our evolution.

Between now and January 2013, hints Drunvalo, every human being will have made it through the proverbial Eye of the Needle - even the grossly overweight ones (although some very drastic transformations of lifestyles and perceptions may be necessary).

What about the rest of the planet - the oceans, the forests, the plants and animals, the indigenous peoples? Don't worry about them, Drunvalo advises, they're perfectly fine; it's the technology-addicted human race that's going through a major initiation. We simply have to lay down our weapons and quit judging or trying to control other people's behavior or beliefs.

Not at all an easy order to fill. But we really have to think and act and play WIN-WIN for EVERYONE - and we've got to do it NOW. Or else? Or else we won't know what hit us when the Earth's magnetic field collapses, erasing our synthetic realities and our memories.

Is that an inevitable scenario? "Don’t ask me, I only work here," Drunvalo quips impishly. "Actually, nobody knows anymore, not even the Ascended Masters. Events are accelerating way beyond predictability. But it's no use worrying. Just open up your heart and activate your living Merkaba field. It's no big deal - we've only forgotten how to do it, that's all - because we stopped breathing prana directly when we 'fell' about 13,000 years ago.”

In March 1994, at the Archangel Michael Conclave in Banff, Canada, Drunvalo Melchizedek broke the Good News: The aeons-long war between Good and Evil is OVER! 

At least on the "higher levels" it's over - even if a few stragglers are still roaming the jungles of dense reality, sniping at imaginary enemies and dodging illusory bullets. The Great Archangels Lucifer and Michael have reached a special new understanding. The drama of duality has finally played itself out. Heroes and villains will share the stage with the entire chorus at the curtain call, while the audience jumps to its feet for a standing ovation.

And we can all celebrate with a drink of ambrosia (what else?) afterwards - although questions of "before" and "after" will get trickier and trickier when linear time transforms itself into spiral or even spherical time (which could mean No-Time at all!)

Er.. can you PROVE any of this?

Actually, no, Mr Jones. However, that's not really a problem. Picture it this way: what sort of proof could you show a frog living under a coconut shell that there's a whole reality "out there" which is utterly beyond its conception? Or how do you explain to a tankful of aquarium fish that their "owner" has moved house - and that they're in fact in a completely different city? City? What's a "city"? See what I mean? Now if you’ve been experiencing weird intimations that there’s a whole lot more going on around here than meets the socially conditioned “I” – or you’ve had vivid dreams which make you feel that waking reality may not be all that real – you won’t be demanding any concrete proof, just validation and elaboration.

Drunvalo Melchizedek doesn't know everything. After all, he's only been on this planet twice. But what he says, and the way he says it, resonates with my own feelings about reality. His stories, Thoth's stories, stir the depths of my soul, bringing to light a great many long-forgotten truths. I can recognize the SHAPE and the SOUND of what's “true.” I don't need an official document to prove I am who I am.

So what else did I learn in 6 long days (from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.)? Well, for one thing, I learned how God or Prime Creator or Great Spirit managed to generate a universe in 6 simple movements. That's the great secret concealed in the Flower of Life emblem. It's all holographic. The great contains the small and vice versa. Or, as Hermes succinctly put it to Pythagoras: "As above, so below." Sacred geometry - or synergetic-energetic geometry, in Buckminister Fuller's terms - explains it best.

The original Flower of Life workshop included 44 hours of videos. In six days I watched more videos than I have since the advent of television (I believe someone has compressed and edited the info to less than 33 hours now). The participants took turns nodding off (there were only four of us, owing to last-minute cancellations, so it was easy to keep tabs on who was asleep and who wasn't. 

Korton (aka Lloyd Taylor) our greybearded, grandfatherly, bighearted facilitator from Maleny, Queensland, told us not to worry about "missing" some segments. "Trust that your Higher Self knows when to knock out your conscious mind so your subconscious can record it for later use."

What came across most powerfully, watching Drunvalo's impeccable classroom manner during a couple of FOL workshops conducted in 1992 and 1993, was how he so seamlessly merged the Scientist and the Mystic in his personal being. Here was a man who had started out studying Physics and Mathematics, only to switch abruptly to Fine Arts; and then Alchemy, followed by crash courses in Judaism, Sufism, Hinduism, Tantrism, Tibetan Buddhism, Islam, Shamanism, Sacred Geometry, the Kaballah, Mineralogy, Crystallography... not bad for someone who began his present life as a Roman Catholic.

Thermodynamic Horizon by Adam Scott Miller
As Drunvalo candidly explains, he "walked" into his physical body on April 10, 1972 (he doesn't say what time) by prior arrangement with the previous tenant. As a new-kid-on-the-block by earthly standards, Drunvalo needed a fully customized vehicle to ease his entry into the density and complexity of 3-dimensional living. Prior to accepting this assignment, Drunvalo remembers his free and formless state in the 13th Dimension (but only vaguely, or the nostalgia would have been too painful to endure). He’s a Melchizedek from outside the System, from beyond the 12 Dimensions of our Reality Octave.

Unity Consciousness is the Alpha and Omega state of being, and Drunvalo originally knew no Polarity (he has since learned a hell of a lot about it, he says with a wry grin). That's precisely why he was chosen for this special mission by the Great White Brotherhood (on the recommendation of his great-great-great-grandfather Machiavinda Melchizedek, the very same Mysterious Melchizedek mentioned casually in the Bible as a powerful Priest-King of Salem).

As you may have guessed, the Great White Brotherhood (not to be confused with the Ku Klux Klan, a degenerate modern mutation of an ancient Druidic clan of Melchizedek Initiates) has nothing to do with racist notions of Black or White. Branches of the GWB have also been called the Brotherhood of Light or the White Lodge - and its ordained task has ever been to assist in the evolution of Consciousness throughout the Cosmos.

Now this traditionally placed the GWB at odds with the Great Dark Brotherhood or the Dark Lodge, whose avowed objective has been to thwart the evolutionary process by preying on less conscious lifeforms and arresting their spiritual growth. You can think of it as the intricate interplay of footwork between accelerator and brake pedals. Or some suspenseful species of intergalactic James Bond movie - complete with Spectre and SMERSH Agents, MI6, the CIA, KGB, Mossad, Dr No, and Secret Cabals. As above, so below.


In order to even begin to sense the relevance and truth of everything Drunvalo discusses in the FOL teachings, one needs to quickly scan the general outline of the curriculum and get a rough idea of the wild assortment of heavy topics we're grappling with... sorry, I mean LIGHT topics! Ready for this?

Although starseeds began germinating on this planet about 500 million years ago, most of these early civilizations have evolved beyond the Waveform Universe. Their stories are inaccessible to us at this juncture, but perhaps at some point in our distant future we shall reconnect with our remote past and gain direct experience of life processes at this level.

However, it is possible to get a glimpse of the numerous Great Cycles our Earth has passed through in the last 5.5 million years once our consciousness has broken through the dense shell of 3D Time-Space. It's the most recent 200,000 years that directly affects us - especially the last 13,000 years since the Great Deluge that came in the wake of the Atlantean Disaster.

A specific landmark year was 1972, the year our Sun underwent an unscheduled Pole Shift. The resulting solar wind would have obliterated all lifeforms on the physical plane - had it not been for timely extraterrestrial intervention sanctioned by the highest Spiritual Authority. Those deemed responsible for our genesis undertook a radical experiment, hoping to save at least two or three Earthian humans from annihilation. As events turned out, the results exceeded all expectations. Not only was the human race saved in biological terms, we are now potential saviors in the theological sense.

Thanks to this deus ex machina Holographic Virtual Reality Insert, humanity is now a species on the very brink of attaining Christ-consciousness en masse (I know the evidence from consensus reality makes it virtually impossible to believe this, but this is veritably the darkest hour before the New Dawn). In fact, millions have already experienced this mysterious effect without understanding what it's all about.

In the Hebrew scriptures, the beings behind our creation were called the Elohim and the Nephilim. But we may call them by their more "upbeat" names - how about Sirians (from the Dog Star Sirius) and Nibiruans (from the 4th-dimensional planet Nibiru, known in Greek mythology as Typhon?... and even as I write this, swiftly approaching the Earth in its 3,600-year orbit around our Sun).

These were indeed the Sky Gods described in the Sumerian cuneiform clay tablets as Anunnaki (Those Who From Heaven To Earth Descended) - the saga was subsequently paraphrased as the Book of Genesis in the Old Testament (read Zecharia Sitchin's extensive studies on the subject of the 12th Planet available from Bear & Co).

While Drunvalo makes no mention of the role of the Pleiadians in our planet's life history, I feel that a very significant aspect of our "higher selves" originates from what the Maya/Inca and other indigenous peoples regard as our original home constellation. Stay tuned for further revelations...

[First published 1997 in JOURNAL ONE. Posted 11 June 2012 & 1 August 2014]