Tuesday, April 28, 2020

The Voice of AnaMata RaMuAn ~ Clearing The Confusion (a timely reprise)

Good After Noon,
I am here,
to clear up your confusion.

I am AnaMata RaMuAn
First Cause
Original Feminine Principle
Prime Creator Source
The House of Ram.


we have told you that Creators create Creators, that create Creators,
that Create more Creators.

As these lines continue, Creators create creators, that create creators,
that create creators.

There are five houses of Creators,
with a big

The House of Ram
Number ONE.
First Cause.

We created the other big C Creator Houses.
They, in turn, have created many little c creator houses.
Those little c creator houses have created other little c creator houses,
and they, in turn, have also created little creations, that do not create
in the same way.
Those little creations create, but they do not create other creators,
they create other creations, which are creative.

In that all of you contain within you foundationally,
Prime Creator Source
Golden Thread Genetic,
you have the latent, asleep capacity to be little c creators.

Which means that you can create other little c creators,
and creations that are creative,
when you have re-membered that capacity.

You can already see that, as your current status as creations who have yet
to become creators,
you already have the capacity to
Bring Forth Life More Abundantly
in that you can, indeed, bring forth children,
who are based upon your own genetic,
and they, in turn, bring forth children based upon their genetic as well,
and so on.

You do not have the capacity to create big C Creator Houses.
That capacity belongs only to
Creator Source.

And you may take my word for it, that there is more than enough to
manage with all of the Creators and creators
that have been brought forth already.
At your current stage of development, it would be unwise for you to be
allowed to create creators,
until you have mastered creating creations.

Needless to say,
there have been many creators who have been "experimenting"
with all of you,
and your genetics, for eons of time.
Many of those creators have been called gods and goddesses
in the mythologizing of your historical records.

Generally speaking,
they have been considered to be gods and goddesses
because they have simply had a much more advanced technical capacity,
as little c creators, than did humanity at that time, as creations.
In other words, they were very impressive.

To many of them, you were considered to be likened unto "pets"
that they were fond of, and that they were fond of playing with,
in a similar way to how it is that you provide many things for your pets
right now,
and play with them, and mess with their genetics, to produce, for example,
cocker spaniels and saint bernards
or alley cats and siamese, based upon older, original genetic lines.

Why do you do that?
Because you can.

Do you love them?
Yes, sometimes.

Do you treat them humanely?
Yes, sometimes.

And sometimes not.

And so, in those ancient days, there were many creators in residence here,
that were very interactive with their creations
and who enjoyed romping around with them,
and teaching them tricks, and giving them rules,
and treats for good behavior,
and "punishments" for bad behavior, based upon those rules,

Please consider this in all good humor, if you can, and perhaps you will
not take all of those stories quite so seriously,
but realize that there have been many creators, some much more mature
than others,
who have been involved in the human drama.

Isis is an adorable girl, however, she is a little c creator goddess.
Just like Osiris is a little c creator god.
And, you know, size isn't everything.

And remember, Antares, Isis did not implement The Magdalene's genetic,
I did, AnaMata RaMuAn,
for she is the original extension of
Prime Creator Source
The House of Ram
in the Original Garden,
and I did not give her to any of you,
she belongs to me, and to herself of course,
and to Onaxis who, by the way, is also the original Ram in
The Garden.

The whole enchilada here, as pertains to all of you,
was incepted from THEIR
Original Genetic,
that they got from Atmanu Ram Anu and Me.
Onaxis and Suzanne
Ram and Sita,
are your parents.
The parents of humanity itself,
although they did not create you,
the creator gods with the little c, who stole their Original Genetic,
created you out of that Original Genetic,
and attached pieces of their own genetic
in so doing.

The Boy and The Woman are
Direct Extensions
Prime Creator Source.

You came along a little later.

So, you may want to go back and review some of the stories that are told
in all of your mythologies
and realize that they are true, and that the sons of gods did come down
and mate with the daughters of men, many times, and that all of that. shall
we say "intercourse," has added to your combined genetic.

And remember, those ancient days were of a very different context than
these days
that you are in now, and those stories are not adequate to speak to you
about what the actual,
tactile, physical experiences of the people and beings who were engaged in
all of that really were like.

For, those ancient civilizations no longer exist here in your current location.

In fact, the little c creator gods who stole our Original Genetic had no
idea of the existence
of Prime Creator Source and The House of Ram at all,
for we do not cohabit in the same neighborhood.

Not by a long measure.

Neither were they aware of their great and ancient big C Creator
great, great, great, great, great, great.... Grandparents
far, far, far down their own lines as well.

And so, many, really most, of those ancient gods and goddesses
simply went away, and are doing other things elsewhere,
as it is that they simply no longer pertain to, or care to relate to or
what is happening here now.

You could say, that as the parameters began to change,
and they were no longer
worshiped by their creations, and their temples and shrines were
destroyed and overlaid,
they left, out of neglect.

And when you hear stories about them being jealous, they were.
And when you hear stories about them being outrageous, they were.
And when you hear stories about them waging great battles, they did.
And when you hear stories about them falling in love with "mortals,"
they did.

For they are little children, for the most part, and are not wise in many ways,
but adolescent.

It takes immortals quite a long time to grow up, my dears.

That's why we created eternity.

And perhaps, when all is said and done, some of you will have the
opportunity to visit with them,
and teach them a thing or two, about absolute personal responsibility.

Then, the shoe will be on quite another foot indeed.

none of you will be allowed to do that as a violent representative of a
violent species,
you understand.

So, you may consider that what it is that humanity has undergone in
relationship to all of those little c creators, and how it is that all of
you are developing the qualities of character, out of necessity,
that so many of them lack, perhaps it is that you will one day be able to
have a quality of dialog with some of them, that will allow them to
recognize the depth of their great folly.

So Be It.

Love I you greatly indeed,

AnaMata RaMuAn
First Cause
Prime Creator Source

[8 February 2005. First posted 12 July 2012]