Thursday, September 13, 2012

Never too late to self-castrate ~ a very short poem by Antares

Never too late to self-castrate 
And change your name to Fidel Castro. 
Sweet is the date that grows on palms 
And fills our calendars. 
Why masturbate? Emancipate 
Your hand from demeaning work. 
We anticipate, as we replicate 
Ourselves by scientific procedure, 
A cleaner, purer world 
Totally devoid of jerks.


masterymistery said...

hehehe... thanks for lightening my day!

fakemalaysianews said...

Completely Brilliant! :) :)

Starmandala said...

Thanks, guys! FYI this bit of doggerel was extracted from "Fornicate For Freedom" - a full-length essay published here in March 2010.

Crankster said...

Laughed my ass off!

Anonymous said...

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This is one of crushing shame and exploitation because may be that cost high for Myanmar, also this is one kind of business system in Buddhist, all of us must think in correctly, Buddha went to became a monk with free of charge and he practiced to attain Enlightenment without any cent of dollar to spend, sometimes needed to referred from the Buddha times.

Buddhist Temple in Malaysia 100% supported by public. The committees of Temple, they worked as voluntary and take care of Temple with organized but in Temple not allowed to played politic because in Temple must be clean and welcome all everyone.

Recently, do bad and good must careful because everything’s huge complaint in Internet, about Buddhist teaching a lot of at Internet, sometimes we can’t tell lie to the others one.

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Ah Lee
Bukit Desa, Kepong…..