Monday, December 31, 2012

My Journey through the 11:11 Doorway (Part Six)

Sacred Lotus dancers kissed by the magenta Sun (Sebastian Amantani)

I was very happy indeed to be part of the 11th Gate Activation Master Cylinder in Peru. 

It was the final gate of eleven 11:11 frequency gates that Solara undertook 21 years ago to activate – with the help of thousands around the world who responded to her call. I have no doubt that Solara has a mind-boggling story to tell of her own amazing journey. When pressed to write her memoirs, she laughs and says she had it all written down years ago – and then accidentally deleted it. Solara has a wonderful sense of humor and a totally infectious laugh.

Solara is a seriously funny entity (Igor Abramanov)

The only other Master Cylinder I had joined was at the 9th Gate in Tanah Lot, Bali, in October 2010. That was mainly because the airfare from Malaysia was cheap. The challenge for many of us who choose to participate in these sacred ceremonies all over the planet is that we have to be committed enough to spend a whole lot of money some of us don’t have.

Aloisio & Mariana, beautiful soul buddies from Brazil

My Brazilian friends Aloisio and Mariana miraculously managed to secure new credit cards at the last minute, just so they could be at the final Gate Activation. In my case, my daughter was most helpful in booking my flight in advance with her credit card. However, there was still the participation fee to consider – and, as it often turns out when one is fully focused, amazing things can happen.

A new hotel in Kuala Lumpur decided to feature Malaysian cartoons as part of their décor and I was invited to submit samples of work done. They took months to decide but finally I got the green light to supply them with artwork for all 482 rooms, for which I was paid an advance. That took care of expenses.

In 1993 when I set my heart on meeting Solara, I was down to RM23 in my bank. Nevertheless, I asked Mr Das who runs a provision shop in Kuala Kubu Bharu (and who also doubles as a travel agent occasionally) if he knew of any cheap flights to Melbourne. He informed me that there was indeed a special deal on MAS, provided I confirmed the ticket within a week and paid for it. “I don’t have the money just yet,” I told Mr Das – and he surprised me by offering to pay for it first out of his own pocket if I was absolutely sure of going. So the ticket was booked and I was committed to being part of Star-Borne Reunion #8.

Indigo Raffel, 11:11 veteran and fellow "First Waver" at Machu Picchu

My favorite aunt, Grace, looked a lot like this
There was an additional AUD1,100 to cover participation, food and accommodation over a week. This was sometime in January and I only had a little over a month to raise enough to pay Mr Das for the ticket and Star-Borne the rest.

Call it luck or serendipity, I paid a courtesy call on my favorite aunt and she showed me a stack of short stories she had written. She was keen to publish them in a collection and asked if I could edit and polish up her text. She paid me RM2,000 for the job – which covered the airfare, but I was still short. 

However, in mid-February I received a letter from a lawyer friend asking me to drop by his office and pick up a cheque for RM2,300. Three years ago, a Volvo had smashed into my car and the insurance claim couldn’t be resolved because of some technical discrepancy. So I had had a chat with this lawyer and left him to thrash it out with the insurance company. He apologized for letting so much time elapse – as it turns out, he recently moved to a new office and while packing found my folder at the bottom of his in-tray. He decided to phone the insurance company and persuaded them to reach an amicable settlement – and all he charged me was RM200 for administrative costs.

These are just a few instances where the money somehow comes just in time to allow me to do what I feel is my calling. It’s hard to convince a purely rational person about impulses arising from one’s gut feelings. The most important decisions of my life have never been based on logic or reason. My heart takes over and leads me into situations I could never imagine possible. However, I’ve never been inclined to do things on a grand scale – and have thus managed to enjoy a debt-free existence. I believe that if I can manage with the minimum, it won’t be too difficult to upgrade to the optimum.

Indigo & Solara at Moray (Igor Abramanov)
Solara is very different. She has empress-sized dreams that cost millions to realize. I appreciate and admire her vision and wholeheartedly believe she deserves to fulfill her dream of establishing the Heart of AN as a learning and teaching community in Ollantaytambo - a beautiful and ancient village in the Sacred Valley surrounded by majestic peaks, amidst splendid Inca ruins. 

Considering the billions that have been ferreted and squirreled away by crooked politicians, rogue bankers, drug lords, robber barons, and arms dealers – who then reinvest their ill-gotten gains in dubious ventures like flashy casinos, luxury hotels, marinas and golf resorts – surely it’s time we got our priorities right and allow only those who contribute in a wholesome way to the planet’s well-being to handle the money? Especially wayshowers like Solara with a proven track record – who have demonstrated, time and again, that their visions are beautiful and true; and whose life’s work is dedicated to the enlightenment and liberation of humanity, rather than its continued exploitation and enslavement.

Starpriestess Elena & Elf Princess Maria
The Heart of AN – when realized – will definitely serve as a powerful center of spiritual attunement and upliftment. Its inspiring location in the rarefied atmosphere of the Andes is perfect for the new evolutionary spiral which will witness a spectacular conscious awakening (spearheaded by Central and South America).

Enlightened parents will send their mutant kids there for master classes in planetary rehabilitation and reconstruction - and I would be delighted to visit once a year, perhaps to conduct workshops or simply to enjoy some quality time with some of the most lovable and extraordinary people I have ever met.

Sebastian Amantani has been a brilliant organizational lynchpin in Star-Borne

Emanáku Ku got zapped by the 11:11
and turned into a pillar of strength, clarity &
emotional support for Solara 
Solara has always attracted amazing people to assist and support her planetary work. The 11:11 facilitator team that handles the complex logistics of each Activation has invariably done a superb job of ensuring that everything flows smoothly – from picking the right roommates to airport transfers and ensuring the highest grade of hotel accommodation and food. 

Even so, the unexpected often occurs. One day before the 11th Gate sessions began, we were joined by a 24-year-old backpacker named Nathan who had never heard of the 11:11; but on the plane to Cusco he was sitting among a few who were headed for the Activation and his curiosity was piqued. At the airport exit he saw a van driver holding up an 11:11 sign and on impulse hopped on with the others. Well, Nathan managed to sweet-talk Solara into accepting him as an unexpected participant. He was really excited by the whole thing and wanted his girlfriend to join him – and she did, but wasn’t quite ready for the experience, so they both graciously bowed out after the 4th day. No refunds!
The Apus reveal themselves in the morning light

After the ceremony some of us bumped into Nathan and his girlfriend in Ollantaytambo and he was really eager to know how everything went… but there was absolutely no way we could compress the experience into an intelligible response.

Even as I attempt to document herein snippets of my journey through the 11:11 Doorway, I’m reminded at every turn that reality cannot be compressed and converted into words – what more the Ultra Greater Reality!

I had fun trying and I do hope you had fun reading about it.


11th Gate Sun (as recorded by Emanáku's broken camera)