Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Starpriestess Soluntra King's message for 2015

Soluntra King with the late Guruji Krishnananda in Taponagara, India

The energy for 2015 has been building up for many years now. I was told on the inner years ago that 2015 is the big shift year, bigger than 2012 as most of humanity was not ready then.
The Great Shift did happen but on the sixth dimension, so for those not resonating at that level of their being it might have seemed as if nothing had happened, but it did. It was huge, it brought about a space of more fully being in integrity and not needing to be or connect to those who are not. It helped us be clear like the Diamond that we are, sharp and focused. The Suns aligned through us and our cells all one, and we moved through the centre of our heart, the centre of the Galaxy all one.
Now two years later we are more ready to move into the higher dimensions and there are other parallel Earths that accommodate where people are at. We can co-exist with those on lower and higher planes in the same country or space, it depends on the level of our consciousness as to how invisible we are to the duality dramas going on.  
There is no race to be enlightened or ascend, these words are illusion in themselves as we are already Light, Divine, One with all that is; we are simply integrating it into the lower dimensions. That’s why we came into third dimensional bodies. The only way to help yourself get lighter and transcend the limitations of the third dimension is to go beyond fear and have an open heart. To go beyond the fear and duality dramas is not difficult; it requires persistence and not giving up, but knowing there is light at the end of the tunnel and that things always do get better.
There are lots of changes going on with the Earth herself, with the tectonic plates, volcanoes, super volcanoes but much disaster has been averted. The tectonic plates are settling, but great disturbances were about to be created by those who would destroy humanity and are crazed by power and greed, but we have beautiful liquid light plasma flowing through the plates now. There is much work happening behind the scenes and it is not the time for us to shift in fear now but love, Divine Love of the Source supports us always.

Artist's impression of Yellowstone supervolcano
There will still be isolated incidents of imbalance that need to be righted, and depending on the consciousness of those who reside along the plates and grids, as to what occurs. Sometimes a big wake-up call ends up being through physical disasters, but more of humanity is waking up to the fact that it’s all energy and they are one with the Earth. As they heal and open to love so too does the Earth respond and we make a calm and graceful shift together.
There are more powerful storms, super storms, super snow downloads, super droughts and Earth herself is simply getting ready to move big time. Some say the Earth is warming, my experience is that it’s cooling; whenever there are big shifts it gets colder. That happens regardless of where one is, but now the Earth herself is responding in a bigger way. The northern hemisphere especially is getting affected as it has been the dominant player in this last cycle of patriarchal rule, war and imperialism. The energies have been transferred to the southern hemisphere that is more feminine and not inclined to dominate, invade or create war. A balance needs to take place and it is.

Elemental Dragons by Cat-Party
The Dragons are also leaving and off seeding new Earths; the Goddesses and Gods have moved on into new stories and higher dimensions. We have moved on as well, for some of us are already in our Diamond Light Body, or even full sixth dimensional formless body. Some are fully anchoring Shambala and owning their divinity and are the new Goddesses and Gods. Coming from love and realizing we are the guardians of the Earth our mother.
Be prepared to be transformed like never before, for time to disappear even faster to zero point and to BE the stillness within, as the beam holder you are; to be in the sacred space of your creation. Injoy the ride, it’s the best time of your life.

Soluntra King

30 December 2014