Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A Special Message from Metatron via Sandy Stevenson...

Metatron by Jose Soledad

I am Archangel Metatron. I wish to bring further clarity to the present situation on Earth.

Metatron Rising by Lakandiwa
On the 21st December 2012, upon the completion of a 26,000 year cycle, Gaia (the Being who has had Earth as her physical body) planned to ascend to the 5th dimension with her light bodies. Providing humanity was ready for the transition to that dimension, she intended to include her physical Earth body in the ascension process. With the heavenly impetus of light energy entering the Earth over a long period of time, it was feasible the human race could reach the vibrational level required for her planned ascension on the 21st December. If the ascension included her physical form, Gaia would then remain in the 5th dimension along with that physical form, providing continued higher learning for the newly ascended humanity.

As this pre-planned time drew closer, a considerable number of humanity were not yet prepared for such a movement, so the plan was adjusted. She decided it would be in divine order for her to depart without her physical body, thereby leaving a physical platform for humanity to complete its ascension process. With the entry of the Golden Age and vastly higher frequencies of the next universal cycle now entering the Earth sphere, she anticipated it would be a brief period before both humanity and her physical body reached the required vibration of light and also ascended.

Metatron (from Earth Keeper)
Using existing vortices on properties owned by Starseeds on several continents (one for each continent), that had been under their skilled care and guardianship for many years, these vortices were then greatly expanded to incorporate the changes. These huge pillars of light arising from the vortices allowed an organised departure of billions of beings from the Devic kingdoms on Earth. With the departure of these vast numbers, other new and much fewer in number, Devas and elementals entered, to continue the management of the physical structure of the New Earth.

The vortices also allowed entry of the new Guardianship team arriving to assist on the planet while the Light Force fully anchored the Golden Age. Parts of the planet are fully established in the new higher frequency, some sections are well on the way and others are catching up. And all the while, more and more light continually floods in as the Golden Age becomes a reality of peace and harmony.

We have a New Earth. If you are reading this, you are standing on it.

Metatron (from AboveTopSecret)
It is a planet vastly different than the one you are used to. Your mind, in the main, has not yet adjusted to the new residence you are in. It is of a greatly higher frequency of light with an entirely new grid system fully activated in crystalline light and contains most of the elements, with more occurring all the time, to bring about a rapid and complete change in human consciousness. The planet is infinitely different. Billions of facets of its existence have completely changed. Many are experiencing that. If you are not, put aside any mindset you may have that says because you see something solid in front of you, then it is still the same as before. Go beyond, go to your Self. Feel the new frequency; understand the molecular structure has completely altered and everything on Earth is registering a new harmonic. It is singing a new song and that song is being raised in crescendo every moment from now on until all it singing to the total vibration of the 5th dimension. What awaits as the planet fully aligns to the 5th dimension, is a beautiful and harmonious experience with all life knowingly creating in the moment. A peaceful existence of higher learning with no pain or suffering of any form.

Metatron by Alexa Szlávics
I have spoken so far, mainly of humanity and its continuing role of evolution. I now speak to those of the Light Force who are still on the New Earth. Little has changed regarding your departure and return home. Those whose work had fully completed and had prepared sufficiently, have left. Those who had planned to leave prior to the Earth’s ascension point did so. Some left on the 21st December, returning home. There is no significance to departure timing; such as people were more prepared than you. It was simply their plan. You have yours. Those of you who have chosen ascension and been preparing yourselves for your return to the higher realms, are still ascending in the moment you have chosen for yourself. Nothing has changed. If you had personally aligned your thoughts to the idea that your own ascension would take place on the 21st and you are still here, you will need to transmute the alignment/attachment you made to that idea and re-align to your Higher Self and seek the truth of your own Divine plan. There is no need, other than one of personal curiosity, to know the time you have chosen to make your ascension. It may be in this next minute or perhaps one year or two or more. In highest truth of course, everything is in this moment. What is important is it is of your choosing. You know what you are doing and the why of it from your own profound and exquisite higher perspective. While you remain here, focus your attention on what draws you in each moment. In this way, the anchoring of the new Golden Age will move more and more rapidly, sweeping all of humanity into its loving embrace. What is upon us now, is a most wondrous time as all that is not of highest quality falls rapidly by the wayside - a time we have all long anticipated and dreamed of.

Metatron by Elena Radford
Gaia is currently residing in the 7th dimension, having no need at this time to be in the 5th. She knows her previous physical body of Earth, now altered to the increased light frequency of the entering Golden Age cycle, has been left in the trusted hands of the new Guardianship team and the Light Force on Earth. She is immensely grateful to the Light Force on Earth. The role you have all played in bringing this about is beyond words or measure. For so long the dedication of this evolved team who came to Earth so willingly from the higher realms, has been paramount to the actualization of this Ascension and the bringing in of new Golden Age of Peace. The recent events all over the world on 12.12.12 and 21.12.12 were the culmination of the pure joy and love you have continually embraced and were vital to the smooth transition that occurred.

It is you who now moves into your own full mastery of creatorship to bring in the finality of this resounding victory. Bring forth your trust and joy and your love for this exquisite planet and her beautiful life forms and all of humanity. Raise yourself above all judgment and confusion now in this moment, for it is you who lay the tapestry of brilliant colour along the path that humanity walks. That tapestry must be of pure light, shining like a billion brilliant stars lighting the way for all humanity to dance their final steps as they and the New Earth Go Home.

Adonai to you, Rainbow Warriors of Light,
Archangel Metatron

Received 29th December 2012 via Sandy Stevenson

[Courtesy of Judy Mezen]

[Metatron and I go back a long way. I call him the Master of the Tronic Universe - neutrons, protons, electrons, and so on. Others say Metatron is the Blueprint of Structured Reality. He has a strange sense of humor. Just one of his quarks, let's say.]