Saturday, June 5, 2021


i’m looking for a needle no one ever lost
in a haystack that never was,
a haystack that never will be

influenced only by my own inertia
trying to find the why of because:

i watch the blood fall from the sky
i see angels rise from the mud;
like fish that swim in an ocean of pain
people drown themselves in pleasure

too much of everything
and too little else
is enough for me and more,
is enough for me and more

all should be well,
all should be heavenly,
if I didn’t have to go through hell,
if I didn’t have to go through hell

sniffing roses in the garden at sunset (sniff sniff)
plucking daisies in the morning dew (pluck pluck)
there’s a vast black thing poised like a crow over the moon
there are things that are false and things that are true…

i found you in the nick of time
you left me at the crack of doom
all alone in a lonely world
the oyster dreams of a pearl,
the oyster dreams of a pearl

19 June 1979

Quite a few lines are borrowed from, or inspired by, Charles Fort – eccentric genius, independent researcher, ephemeralist of the highest order. 
He wrote three books: Lo!, Wild Talents, and The Book of the Damned.

[First posted 22 August 2015]