Saturday, June 5, 2021

Archontically Induced Erotophobia, Mass Deception & Behavior Modification

The species of Fuckery we're dealing with has got nothing to do with sex (you might incorrectly assume) - it's about mass deception and behavior modification on an unprecedented scale. 

Don't forget this: the reason Wilhelm Reich was hounded out of every nation for his heterodoxy (and believed to have been murdered while in custody by the FBI) was simply because he had put his finger on the root cause of our susceptibility to being programmed via religious, academic and journalistic indoctrination. 

In his seminal book, The Function of the Orgasm (in which he postulated that once we are free of sexual fear, guilt and shame, we will never accept or tolerate institutional tyranny), Reich describes the intimate nexus between neurosis, psychosis and erotophobia (association of sensual pleasure with sin causing us to equate pain with virtue). 

The notion of penance, punishment, self-inflicted torture as somehow purifying ultimately spawns a collective BDSM culture (just look at the symbol the Reptilian Church picked for its glorification of human suffering)!

5 June 2021