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MAGICKfestation 2002
December 30, 2001 - January 7, 2002

The 9-Day Magickfest turned into an 11-Day Elohim Portal Activation, Celebration, Releasing Session, Sacred Ceremony, Love-In, Jam Session and for me the Most Fantastic Farty I recall (yes, it was a gas-gas-gas from the word GO!) since Star-Borne Reunion #8 in March 1993. Indeed it was a Monumentally Metatronic Marathon of Music and Mad Joy!

JOY, FREEDOM, and the happy fusion of WORK and PLAY were the keynotes - and something profoundly significant was accomplished that was totally unforeseen and reality shifting beyond our wildest expectations. I don't know if I can find a way of sharing in words what transpired without diminishing its sacredness and significance or appearing to crow about it.

I don't know how I can begin to describe the magickal transformations some of us felt as the Magickfest progressed - or if I even ought to attempt it. So much was going on, on so many levels... at first I felt it may be wiser (and easier on lazy old me) to simply post a very brief and general report on the resounding success of the event. But then I figured that everyone associated with Magick River or who's stayed on the Magick River Network would want to join us in celebrating this epochal event which was witnessed by only a few of us who were directed by Spirit to stay the entire 9 days and not succumb too much to sleep.

I believe that those of us whose physical presence was essential to the process were serendipitously brought together just so that this could happen. (Heiko and Selina, for instance, were drawn to the event through a series of remarkable synchronicities: in 1995 Selina had come to my wedding party and I recall that she had given me a wonderful massage with an egg-shaped stone. Then she vanished from view until a few months ago when she emailed me out of the blue. She later explained that two months earlier while shopping at the Mid-Valley Megamall she had flashed on a vision of that strange man who lived in the hills - but couldn't for the life of her remember my name. Somehow she felt she had to locate me. During a subsequent releasing session, a spirit healer identifying herself as "Lady Elantra" made contact. Curious to know more, Selina ran a Google search on "Lady Elantra" which took her directly to my starsister Soluntra King's website where she found a link to Magick River and me!) Well, I guess a full-length report is in order...

L-R: Ahau, Antares, Anoora, Lia, Lami, Nadia, Emanar, Selina, Heiko, Shane, Sabrina, Freddie, Michelle, Johnny 

DAY 1 (Dec 30): My daughter Belle came up with her family (for the first time in years) and I led a small group of first-timers, including my then son-in-law Marcus, on a pilgrimage to the Mother Fall. Among the party were Heiko, Selina, Robin, Michelle, Ee Ling, Jasmond and Johnny Chewbacca (a shorn wookie and agent of the Ashtar Command who had arrived from Penang the previous night high from Lord of the Rings). The weather was GORGEOUS and stayed gorgeous throughout the Magickfest (the shower that broke on the evening of January 6 was received as a cool and cleansing blessing).

Everyone exulted in the joy of playing in the rejuvenating waters of the River of Life and soaking in the beauty and perfection of Gaia-Terra, the hologram of Heaven on Earth. Sabrina the 5-year-old chatterbox and her mummy Emanar arrived with Freddie (Emanar's Internet friend from Sweden). That night we stayed up till past 4 a.m. joking, jamming, clowning around, and celebrating our soul-family reunion in the glorious glow of the full moon.

DAY 2 (Dec 31): Another day spent relaxing and swimming and eating and horsing around. Ancient and modern friends came up to celebrate and bask in the wonderful magick of the river. Nothing had been planned or scheduled and everything unfolded with spontaneous perfection. In the evening friends (and friends of friends) began arriving for New Year's Eve bringing food and drink and more music. Though we only had Robin's portable CD player (apart from our own musical instruments), those who felt like dancing let their hair down and worked up a sweat (Garry, Mr Banjoman, you'll be happy to hear that Shooglenifty was a smash hit amongst the Magick River ravers).

Just before midnight we assembled down by the river and gazed in silent appreciation at the silvery moonlit scene, listening to the neverending riversong. There was no formal ceremony or ritual but everyone was introspective and receptive to the divinely delicious tingle in the atmosphere. Then someone softly said, "Happy New Year!" and the hugging and kissing began. A few of us jumped joyfully into the river and relished the invigorating sensation of swimming in an ethereal luminosity that evoked elvish memories of Lothlorien and Rivendell. All the dimensions intersected and I felt the subtle shift in the magnetic field as the Elohim Gateway began to activate. We partied till people began dropping off to sleep one by one wherever they could find a spot to curl up in. Some fell asleep on mats watching the stars.

DAYS 3-5 (Jan 1-3): By early afternoon most of the ravers and revelers had departed, leaving a tranquil, dreamy atmosphere in which to recharge our batteries. Heiko, Selina, Robin and Michelle had originally planned on moving out on New Year's Day but after a brief pow-wow announced that they would like to stay the entire week. This was welcome news indeed. I had expected that the Magickfest would be very quiet after the party animals returned to their jobs.

It was good to have a core group holding the frequencies throughout the entire 9-day celebration. As I said, Heiko and Selina are Awakened Starry Ones I reconnected with only a couple of months ago. Robin and Michelle I met through them; over the next few days we released a lot of old programs, remembered our mythical lineages, and emerged as a unified soul-family of love, light and endless laughter. Others holding the frequency were Emanar (a rapidly awakening starpriestess and keeper of the Aquarian codes), Shane (our resident nature mystic and future franchise owner of McDhall Rice), Kaiel Ashtar aka Johnny Chewbacca (who first visited Magick River briefly in 1997), Anoora and Ahau (my hillbilly fambly), and Anubis and Wong (the canine corps). Before retiring to our beds, all of us went down to the river to savor the crisp early morning air and we suddenly noticed that there was a powerful vortex manifesting on the hill overlooking the bungalow.

As our attention focused on a particular point between two peaks we noticed an etheric tetrahedral pyramid forming in the night sky, subtly demarcated by tiny stars. We agreed it was the apex of an immense etheric crystal wand receiving, storing, and transmitting light codes to the Mother Ship, which manifested as a huge circular tube of glowing mist. Heiko had an inner vision of an enormous floating world containing an amazing diversity of galactic human cultures and star nations. I received the message that the "actual" Mother Ship was an etheric pod many times larger than our planet containing the seeds of myriad worlds.

The Ceremonial Guardian of Magick River keeping in the flow

DAY 6 (Jan 4): It became apparent that there would be no visitors today. Heiko and Selina offered to conduct a Releasing Session for everyone present and I arranged for Anoora and Ahau to spend the afternoon at the village (only 3 minutes' drive away) so we wouldn't be disturbed. We began around 5.00 p.m. and finished around 9.00. Everyone felt much lighter, having released key issues embedded in our encoding over the aeons. I was so charged up I didn't sleep for the next 48 hours! Then the Elohim Gateway Activation kicked in and miracles began to unfold...

DAY 7 (Jan 5): Around 1.44 a.m., the generator was turned off, abruptly terminating the Celestial Awakenings cassette Selina was playing just as the "Kodoish, Kodoish, Adonai 'Tsebayoth" chorus ended. I suggested we walk down the steps to the river to check on the vortex. It was still visible, indeed, it had grown since the previous night!

I was prompted by Spirit to show Heiko and Selina the tetrahedral cleft in a nearby rock which had fascinated me since I first spotted it in 1992. I had suspected it was the seal of the Elohim and I had telepathically received the formula, "Elohim Alayu" which I used as a Magick River credo without fully knowing what it meant. Heiko, Selina and I had been discussing J.J. Hurtak's Keys of Enoch and we had discovered archetypal resonances linking us through the Melchizedek-Metatron-Michael trinity as well as through our mythogenetic resonances with the Enki-Enlil-Ninhursag saga.

As we examined the seal by flashlight, everything suddenly clicked: Enoch was the Keeper of the Keys! Perhaps the Enochian frequency was required to open the Elohim Timelock. There was no need to articulate my thought: Heiko was down on his knees moving his hand within the cleft while intoning a formula in the archangelic tongue of the Elohim. I was prompted to chant the few Elohim phrases that came to mind: Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh and Elohim Alayu... all four of us (Heiko, Selina, Johnny and I) stood back as what appeared to be a beam of white light shot up from the cleft. I actually felt a forcefield as the beam went up. I looked around at the group and remarked that this was just like a scene out of a Tintin adventure (and true enough, we even had "Captain Haddock" aka Denis Hewitt join us a few hours later!

The rest of the day was spent welcoming new arrivals to the Magickfest, among these a group of 5 young internet witches and wizards led by Simon Soon aka Zenith. Shane led another group to the Mother Fall. It was only around 1.44 a.m. that my energy began to flag and I excused myself to catch up on some sleep. Had to get myself charged up for the birthday/epiphany celebrations the next evening.

Party Time at Magickfest 2002!

DAY 8 (Jan 6): Denis "Captain Haddock" Hewitt celebrated his 61st birthday at the Magickfest by conducting a marathon singalong of rock'n'roll favorites and rugby songs. Later in the evening I picked up a vanload of Temuan friends from the nearby village and brought them up to the Magickfest. Lami the Indonesian caretaker had cooked up a storm and everyone was duly stuffed. Then the tribe commenced their sawai (healing ceremony) and were joined by Heiko, Shane, Robin and me on didjeridoo, bongos, guitar, and assorted flutes and reeds. Low-tech trance music enhanced by shots of Tequila donated by Franny the warmhearted French witch!

Another bout of dancing broke out when we turned on the canned music, and we celebrated the fusion of celestial and terrestrial tribes. Then the Temuan ladies decided they would close the evening with another round of sawai. Anoora's mama Indah offered me a birthday song in Temuan and I was about to jam with the group when a ripple of excitement reached me from the garden where a few had gathered watching the sky, slightly misty after the shower.

I went out and saw geometric lines linking certain stars (they were pulsing like lightships) to form a huge diamond from which emerged a perfect Star of David hologram - it was a gigantic celestial Merkaba created by our combined Merkabas! Emanar pointed excitedly at the etheric Star of David imprinted on my face. "You're the Magickman!" she laughed, stating the obvious.

I drove our Temuan guests back to the village and when I returned was handed a birthday surprise: a diptych in oil crayons and glitter on clay tiles (pinched from a stack in the garage) depicting the starry events that had transpired only moments ago. Heiko, Selina, Emanar, Michelle, Johnny, and Robin (who apparently had sat in meditation all the while) had created the beautiful artwork during the afternoon - only to witness the celestial events manifest magickally several hours later in the night sky. Talk about Magickfestation!!!

Of course, my UFOria was quickly mitigated when Anoora began throwing a fatigue tantrum (she was otherwise enormously loving and kept hugging everyone throughout the 9 days) and we caught a whiff of stinky poo in Ahau's pants. I couldn't help drawing a corollary from this minor bringdown: even as we celebrate the advent of Heaven on Earth, there's still some infantile shit to be attended to.

DAY 9 (Jan 7): Shane drove the young pagans home and the place became serene. No one wanted to leave. We admired the animal forms hidden amidst the rocks and I showed everyone the Galactic Womb on Elephant Rock - a uterus-like opening large enough for someone to enter in fetal position. Then Heiko, Robin and Johnny were initiated into the indescribable pleasure of jumping the Baby Fall (Michelle did her second jump too) and Emanar recorded this transformative event on Robin's videocam. Johnny took ages to jump - but, in the end, jump he did, brave soul!

Johnny decides to catch a ride to KL with Robin and Michelle but Heiko and Selina have been prompted by Spirit to linger on a while. Emanar and Sabrina decide to stay too. The Magickfest is officially over. A few lightworker friends from Singapore have booked the bungalow from Jan 7-10 and they're long overdue. Around 7.30 p.m. they finally show up, having taken the longer route off the highway (they had also been stopping at certain spots to clear clogged energies). Interesting phenomena spontaneously occurred when one of the new arrivals began channelling the Pleiadian Alliance and the Great Goddess Isis - but this isn't the place to discuss what transpired.

The Mother Fall (Lata Chehek) by Aloisio Ferrera
Two days later I led four of our Singaporean friends to the Mother Fall where I became aware of another enormous etheric crystal looming straight up from the Diamond Pool. On the way back we stopped to look at an interesting rockface which I had long ago dubbed "the Lemurian Fort." The spot was completely overgrown with ferns and we had to push back the foliage to see the stack of boulders that looked like the remains of an ancient wall. It was then that I noticed, for the first time, the large tetrahedral cleft smack in the middle of the rock formation. But it was hard getting close to the wall without hacking back the ferns. I mentioned this to Heiko later and he immediately felt prompted to check it out. I handed him a machete and off he went. Half an hour later he returned beaming. "It's done!" he said triumphantly. And so it is!

I thank all the gods and goddesses, ancient kings and queens, high elves and low, nymphs, sprites and satyrs, witches and wizards, star commanders, retired dark lords, princes and princesses, fairies and maenads, sylphs and undines, hobbits, gnomes and trolls, mineral, vegetable and animal allies, devas, angels, archangels and ascended masters, and all the plain decent folk (meaning those who feel they don't belong in any of the above categories) who helped boost the frequencies at Magickfest 2002 - simply by being there as your most lovable true selves!

Conscious Remembrance of Source!
I Am That I Am!

Infinite Rainbow Blessings,
Antares Star-Zan
12 January 2002


EPILOGUE: Having to recalibrate my frequencies to navigate 3D density after such an epiphanous experience is the hardest task now. Re-entry into the Matrix is such a drag I'm tempted to give it up for good! All that sinister and violent shit flying around the airwaves is happening in the artificial reality set up by delinquent souls who worship power as military might and money - instead of beauty, love and truth. It is our sacred duty as Awakened Ones to tune ourselves out of their frequency traps and persevere in our mission of retrieving, redeeming, transmuting and releasing the root traumas that have turned all our dreams into nightmares for too long. Let's help one another Stay Wide Awake! Doubt not that victory is already ours! The "enemy" is ultimately US manifesting our own deepest fears. There is no THEM.

[First posted 21 August 2015]