Wednesday, September 17, 2008


BADAWI & NAJIB have sandbagged themselves behind the BN brand name, simply because they happen to share the same initials. “Can’t you see?” - they seem to be saying - “BN belongs to both of us because I am B and my deputy is N!”

We are witnessing the final days of these old guard Umno warlords, dangerous and pathetic as they slide into incurable dementia, babbling denials all the way to oblivion. However, they will attempt a last, desperate act of après moi le déluge by threatening to use the ISA on Anwar - just to put fear into our hearts and get rid of a chronic pain in BN's backside.

This is undoubtedly the most serious political crisis ever in our nation’s entire history. It’s even worse than 1969, because in those days the vast majority of Malaysians were politically naive and grossly underinformed. Few of us could imagine the degree of evil, malice and ruthless abuse of power some politicians will resort to just to seize or retain power.

One day after 916 Badawi and Najib have traded portfolios: the incumbent PM has passed the money bags to his deputy, and taken over the defence ministry. He thinks the DPM's liver is too "lily" and his lips too pink to take firm command if martial law is declared. Najib has already squirreled away more than his fair share of the booty, a few more pudgy handfuls won't make much difference. You can be sure unimaginable amounts of cash are already being transferred to offshore accounts.

General Badawi will make his last stand at the head of the army if the rakyat revolt, and go down fighting like General Custer. But wait a minute... the Agong's approval is necessary to declare a state of emergency, right? Or has Mahathir already taken care of that sticky problem with his 1983 constitutional amendments?

People, do not weaken your resolve now. Rather, let us wholeheartedly focus on REGIME CHANGE NOW!

Not in 2012 or 2013….for that would spell doom for all truth-loving freedom-fighters in the land!

Badawi has maliciously spurned Anwar’s offer of a gentlemanly powwow to negotiate a peaceful transition. Instead, the Umno warlords are rushing for their ultimate weapons, the ISA and the racial tension card.

Mahathir's Gollum-like obsession with the Ring of Power will prompt him to strike while Badawi is under maximum duress. The Evil Mamak will seize this opportunity to insert his not-really-happening son Mukhriz into a position of power in the youth wing of the party, riding on Tengku Razaleigh's sunset dream of one last grab at the ring, and Muhyiddin Yassin's dark-horse political ambitions (shall we dub him the "Hyiddin Hand"?).

There will be total chaos in Umno, endangering the stability of the entire country. These Umnoputeras cannot imagine a future without them in the starring roles.

Surely, the Yang di Pertuan Agong and all the other monarchs are keenly aware of what’s going on. They must stop their pretence of neutrality, grit their royal teeth, declare Umno/BN no longer fit to rule - and dissolve the Badawi administration immediately. The secret police have two of the nation's most popular heroes in custody - and they appear to be toying with their psychological equilibrium. One of them happens to be the cousin of the Selangor Sultan and a childhood chum of the Agong.

If the Royals are too paralyzed to take a stand now, the way the Thai King occasionally intervenes in political affairs during a national crisis, then when the Bloody Battle at the end of Time is over and BN's gargantuan carcass lies rotting in the noonday heat, post-feudal Malaysians may be ready to gently retire the monarchs and declare this nation a republic.

I believe that by early next week Anwar may have as many as 44 defectors, more than enough to form a strong government. Unfortunately, several are literally being held captive in Macau, en route home from Taiwan - and a few others are terrified of the ISA if they show their hands prematurely.

The next few days will determine the fate of Malaysia.