Monday, September 15, 2008

Do these confiscated PCs belong to RPK?

(Recent pic of Balai Polis Brickfields sent in by an anonymous contributor)

Or were they accumulated from the numerous raids police have made over the years on Malaysiakini, our first and foremost independent news portal?

A friend spotted this incredible stack of computers at the Brickfields Police Station recently and sent me the photo.

Poor RPK! First they took away all his computers... and now they've taken him away under the most evil piece of legislation imaginable, Malaysia's despicable Infernal Security Act (ISA).

Where is our national hero? Nobody knows. How is the man holding up? The whole country is praying for his safety and health. Everybody is concerned that RPK may decide to go on a hunger strike - and that the police will let him starve, because he made them look so bad in some of his blogposts - especially the ones revealing the intimate links between certain factions of the police force and the criminal underworld.

Home minister Syed Hamid Albar (a poor imitation of Jabba the Hut) has denied issuing orders for the ISA arrests of Raja Petra Kamarudin, popular DAP MP Teresa Kok, and a Sin Chew Daily reporter named Tan Hoon Cheng on 12 September 2008.

Under pressure from influential business partners of Umno/BN, the feisty reporter was released after 18 hours in police custody. But the huge question remains: if the home minister did not order the police terror tactics, the responsibility must fall squarely on Malaysia's notorious Cawangan Istimewa (Special Branch) - the Stasi-like police undercover and psy-war unit established during the Emergency (1948-1989), essentially to combat the communist insurgency at the end of World War Two.

Are we looking at a police black op calculated to inject fear into a populace made uneasy by the political uncertainties arising from Umno/BN's massive electoral losses since 8 March 2008?

The Fear Factor, after all, is how Mahathir ruled the country for 22 long years - building an elaborate fa├žade of modernity and progress at the expense of civil liberties and basic decency - in the process deliberately undermining the credibility and integrity of Malaysia's judiciary and law enforcement agencies.

However, rather than inspire fear, the police have brought upon themselves nothing but condemnation and loathing - and a million-fold increase in popular support for Anwar Ibrahim's campaign to wrest control of the federal government through massive political defections on or soon after 16 September 2008.

We wish to acknowledge the great contribution of the Cawangan Istimewa (affectionately known as the SB) in helping to make the dream of a New Dawn for Malaysia come true - more or less on schedule. This is because the only way we can get RPK out of the SB's clutches - pronto! - is to remove Umno/BN from power and allow Pakatan Rakyat to take over the helm of the realm.

And I'd venture that more than 99% of Malaysians who voted in 2008 INSIST that Raja Petra be released promptly, unconditionally - AND IN PERFECT CONDITION - by his rogue police abductors.

We have urgent plans to appoint RPK as the new IGP!

Every decent Malaysian also DEMANDS that Teresa Kok be released swiftly and unconditionally. The Sassy MP has a very popular blog to maintain.



Pat said...

I hear that he is on a hunger strike already. That is dangerous, especially for the people who put him there, surely? They'd have created a new martyr!

In his last post, RPK said that arrest was imminent, and that his only hope of release was 916. Looks like he was prophetic - in that he was arrested. I pray that he will be proved completely right.


Starmandala said...

RPK is a great master soul incarnate in Malaysia to help her redeem and heal herself of the terrible emotional plague that has afflicted her since she was first colonized by descendants of the reptile gods, many, many centuries ago.

In the Hindu epic, Mahabharata, these delinquent spawn of sleeping dragons were referred to as the Raksasa. In Mesopotamian lore they were called Anunnaki (or Nefilim).

Not only Malaysia: the entire planet, in fact, has been afflicted, hence the widespread misery and suffering. But the good news is that we are RAPIDLY HEALING and the disease-carrying elements will soon be unable to exist on an Earth whose magnetic field resonance goes way beyond the limited adaptability of these very basic and primitive, parasitic organisms.