Thursday, September 18, 2008


The poor deluded incumbent PM and his pink-lipped deputy just don't get it, do they? We the people cannot take much more of their political hogwash. Their audacious rapacity and their capacity to lie and cheat and steal defy our modest proletarian imaginations.

Umno died in February 1988. The party was pronounced dead (or, at least, illegal) by Justice Harun Hashim after Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah challenged Mahathir Mohamad for the president's post and lost by 43 votes. Razaleigh's camp petitioned for a recount and it was discovered that Umno had broken the law by failing to register dozens of party branches. Twenty years on, the Ketuanan Melayu carcass rotting on our living room floor can no longer be denied nor can it be swept under the rug. Indeed, no rug is big enough to hide it, or thick enough to camouflage the stygian stench of putrefaction.

Their approach to governance is long past its shelf life; their time-serving bureaucratic system is a legacy of 19th century British colonialism which no longer works in the Digital Age where events are measured in nanoseconds; their parochial worldviews are beyond old hat.

You cannot treat the rakyat like delinquent children. We pay your fucking salaries, never forget that!

But these clowns have been cloistered for years in their own little velvet-lined earthly paradise where the Umnoputera elite live and work and plot against one another. So well insulated are they from the realities on the ground that for Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to take a 30-minute ride on the commuter train makes front-page news. How low can anyone go in a futile attempt at damage control, hoping to convince the public that the Umno/BN regime really does care! Prrrrrrrp! Oops, escuse moi (pardon my French).

My dear Badawi & Najib, let me give you the bad news straight (it's kinder this way): the reek of unmitigated evil that permeates the moral fabric of the nation is emanating from you - yes, YOU! That's right. Your style of misgovernance is pure garbage and must be taken out... NOT in a month's time ("after Ramadhan when Parliament reconvenes"), NOT next year (when the global economy goes into a spectacular tailspin), NOT next election (when every honest citizen who dares to speak his or her mind will either have migrated, or will be languishing in an 8 X 8 cell like RPK and all the other heroes detained at the home minister's pleasure in Kamunting)... BUT NEXT WEEK AT THE LATEST!

Malaysiakini (18.09.08): Deputy police chief Ismail Omar today issued a stern warning against those speculating and spreading rumours of a government takeover. He said that these speculations were causing instability in the country, which has been abuzz with talks of a change in government.

Hello, Deputy Chief Ismail! Excuse me, do you have a brain or are you just one of Umno's myriad ventriloquist's dummies in uniform? What's your monthly take-home pay? What??? Is it worth losing your dignity, your integrity, your professional credibility, and your personal reputation for 30 pieces of silver? Come on, brother! Let me spell it out for you in plain language.

The Polis Di Raja Malaysia was inaugurated to serve the rakyat and protect the peace. A change of government is a normal part of the democratic process - otherwise why hold elections every few years? I understand this is the first time we have experienced a radical change of government in Malaysia. That's why we're all so excited, joyful, optimistic, relieved. Regime change is like losing your virginity. It's much easier and not so painful the next time around. So, all you sore losers in Umno/BN have several years to "rebrand" yourself (truth is, you'll have to do a lot more than hire a better PR agency, but this is not the time or place for me to offer you free advice). You can attempt a comeback in GE13 - after Pakatan Rakyat has cleaned up the electoral rolls and refurbished the EC! ;-)

Your job, Ismail, is to arrest those who flout the Malaysian Constitution by refusing to leave office after losing an election, or when they no longer command even a simple majority in Parliament. Anwar has offered them a week or two's grace to pack up and go. So please hold your horses. If they're still hogging their seats by 2 October 2008, then you can tell your boys in blue to politely show these Umno diehards the door. If they refuse to leave (pun wholly intended)... arrest them! But please, no handcuffs, too sordid!

ANWAR'S PC AT 2PM TODAY (18.09.08)
(Found this video at Mindful Mariner)