Thursday, September 18, 2008


The poor deluded incumbent PM and his pink-lipped deputy just don't get it, do they? We the people cannot take much more of their political hogwash. Their audacious rapacity and their capacity to lie and cheat and steal defy our modest proletarian imaginations.

Umno died in February 1988. The party was pronounced dead (or, at least, illegal) by Justice Harun Hashim after Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah challenged Mahathir Mohamad for the president's post and lost by 43 votes. Razaleigh's camp petitioned for a recount and it was discovered that Umno had broken the law by failing to register dozens of party branches. Twenty years on, the Ketuanan Melayu carcass rotting on our living room floor can no longer be denied nor can it be swept under the rug. Indeed, no rug is big enough to hide it, or thick enough to camouflage the stygian stench of putrefaction.

Their approach to governance is long past its shelf life; their time-serving bureaucratic system is a legacy of 19th century British colonialism which no longer works in the Digital Age where events are measured in nanoseconds; their parochial worldviews are beyond old hat.

You cannot treat the rakyat like delinquent children. We pay your fucking salaries, never forget that!

But these clowns have been cloistered for years in their own little velvet-lined earthly paradise where the Umnoputera elite live and work and plot against one another. So well insulated are they from the realities on the ground that for Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to take a 30-minute ride on the commuter train makes front-page news. How low can anyone go in a futile attempt at damage control, hoping to convince the public that the Umno/BN regime really does care! Prrrrrrrp! Oops, escuse moi (pardon my French).

My dear Badawi & Najib, let me give you the bad news straight (it's kinder this way): the reek of unmitigated evil that permeates the moral fabric of the nation is emanating from you - yes, YOU! That's right. Your style of misgovernance is pure garbage and must be taken out... NOT in a month's time ("after Ramadhan when Parliament reconvenes"), NOT next year (when the global economy goes into a spectacular tailspin), NOT next election (when every honest citizen who dares to speak his or her mind will either have migrated, or will be languishing in an 8 X 8 cell like RPK and all the other heroes detained at the home minister's pleasure in Kamunting)... BUT NEXT WEEK AT THE LATEST!

Malaysiakini (18.09.08): Deputy police chief Ismail Omar today issued a stern warning against those speculating and spreading rumours of a government takeover. He said that these speculations were causing instability in the country, which has been abuzz with talks of a change in government.

Hello, Deputy Chief Ismail! Excuse me, do you have a brain or are you just one of Umno's myriad ventriloquist's dummies in uniform? What's your monthly take-home pay? What??? Is it worth losing your dignity, your integrity, your professional credibility, and your personal reputation for 30 pieces of silver? Come on, brother! Let me spell it out for you in plain language.

The Polis Di Raja Malaysia was inaugurated to serve the rakyat and protect the peace. A change of government is a normal part of the democratic process - otherwise why hold elections every few years? I understand this is the first time we have experienced a radical change of government in Malaysia. That's why we're all so excited, joyful, optimistic, relieved. Regime change is like losing your virginity. It's much easier and not so painful the next time around. So, all you sore losers in Umno/BN have several years to "rebrand" yourself (truth is, you'll have to do a lot more than hire a better PR agency, but this is not the time or place for me to offer you free advice). You can attempt a comeback in GE13 - after Pakatan Rakyat has cleaned up the electoral rolls and refurbished the EC! ;-)

Your job, Ismail, is to arrest those who flout the Malaysian Constitution by refusing to leave office after losing an election, or when they no longer command even a simple majority in Parliament. Anwar has offered them a week or two's grace to pack up and go. So please hold your horses. If they're still hogging their seats by 2 October 2008, then you can tell your boys in blue to politely show these Umno diehards the door. If they refuse to leave (pun wholly intended)... arrest them! But please, no handcuffs, too sordid!

ANWAR'S PC AT 2PM TODAY (18.09.08)
(Found this video at Mindful Mariner)


Anonymous said...

Ha, ha, when I first saw that photo I thought it was due to someone's fart...probably that Botak Al-blur hiding under the table having done it again. In fact, I commented a few days ago about us being able to smell their fart even in our sleepy and dopey state.
At last, you've exposed it. It's the putrid decay - themselves.

Anonymous said...

Badawi says 'Fetch!' and the PDRM says 'ARRrfF!?!'

On a lighter note, here's a satirical video that I suspect you may well enjoy more than you should - if you haven't seen it already. It's Kavi's brilliant parody of Das Untergang ('The Downfall')... Bee En style.

Starmandala said...

Hey Ghostline, guess what...I just uploaded Kavilan's brilliant parody on my blog, probably even as you were typing your comment! Thanks for the visit, buddy :-) Arf arf arf!

Anonymous said...

"You cannot treat the rakyat like delinquent children. We pay your fucking salaries, never forget that!"

Apt and to the point.
You can repeat that a thousand times to these idiots.

zewt said...

dignity is not in the dictionary of a lot of ppl...

chapchai said...

Confirmed: Minister of Home Affairs had "sambal bua petai" and farted. That's why these 2 were politely pinching their noses!

telur dua said...

The Dep IGP sure got plenty of bottle caps pinned on his shoulders and chest. LOL.

We must forgive this deluded soul. He thinks he is part of UMNO/BN. LOL.

Anonymous said...

BN have ISA,PDRM,ACA,AG,Income Tax, shit.
It's like we're force to play poker with some1 who constantly have 5 Aces. How to win?
If DSAI don win, im gonna migrate.
I cant let my child suffer the way i do.
2nd or 3rd class citizen in a foreign land are stl treated better than here.
If DSAI don win, i hope BN will rule forever so that all those who voted for them will die with them as well.Whole lot of these jaguh kampung can scream NEP all they want.Ptuiiii

Starmandala said...

This is for the last anonymous commenter who said: "If DSAI don win, im gonna migrate."

Did you see the recent remake of 'Peter Pan' with a human cast? There's a powerful scene when Tinker Bell dies in a bomb blast trying to save her boss's life. Peter attempts to resurrect his gorgeous fairy sidekick by getting everybody to say aloud: "I believe in fairies!" It works... Tinker Bell revives and survives the bomb!
Peter explains that every time a cynic dismisses the existence of fairies, another one bites the dust...


Don't be just another passive consumer of reality, just another migration statistic - co-create your destiny and share it with us!

chapchai said...

I hope the PM is listening to the deputy IGP. He maintains that speculations of a govt. takeover are causing instability in the country. Well, in that case the PM should stop the speculations and reconvene Parliament next week to end, once and for all, Anwar's claim to having the numbers to topple the govt. After all, Mr Deputy IGP, the people are merely discussing what is being reported in the media, discussed by politicians and the world and his wife.

Anonymous said...

Dear Antares,Sir,
Im the guy who said 'if DSAI don win im gonna migrate'
Truth is, my wife has been haggling me to migrate but i stl insist to stay cos i love my country and i believe 'if a man who doesnt make his own land better,what kind of a man is he'.I copied this line from the movie 'The Kingdom of Heaven' starring Orlando Bloom.
What i said was just out from frustration of having to work like mad yet struggling to mk ends meet.
Knowing full well that my little contribution (income tax) has been use to fund these BN to buy more benzi(mercedes) n keep more mistresses.
I know these for a fact cos my best fren works in a company (bumi comp)that hv business dealing with da govt.Its all abt corruption from little napoleon officer to da real deal big guns in m'sia embassy in foreign countries.
I hv no problem with any races, i only hv problem with da ppl im UMNO,MCA,MIC n da rest in BN.
If my posting will cause u trouble (ISA etc), pls dont post this. I enjoy reading ur posting n i sure as hell cant enjoy it if u r in ISA.

Anonymous said...

I refer to "KL have a race relations act". The idea is good if the gov't is sincere otherwise it may just be another farce. But at this point in time the people may not have any confidence in whatever act the government comes up with. Looking at their mindset and trend of decision making it may not work. Personally I have been working overseas and I have recommended a few foreign partners to the Malaysia 2nd Home program to send their children here to study. Now they mentioned that it may not be such a good idea. They were going to buy some properties in KL, now they are not. I am sure this is just a tip of the iceberg.

Anonymous said...

Hi ano, if the Minister Zaid have no confidence with his own, I doubt that the relations act if any can achieve anything. But actually Malays, Chinese, Indians and all, we don't have any racial problems, so why the act? My best friend is a Chinese and my biggest customer is an Indian. My chinese friend, he can speak and write fluent BM and when the three of us do meet we sometimes converse in Hokkien. Oh for the record I did not benefit from NEP and I achieved my success purely on my own. The whole racial issue is just drummed up by BN in an unfair desperate bid to stay in power. ZA

Starmandala said...

Soon... soon... Mr Maan Maan Lai will fulfil his destiny, and that will make it possible for EVERY Malaysian to do the same, inspired by his shining example of resilience, perseverance, flexibility, agility, and focus. My faceless, nameless friend KTemoc who has been running a one-man anti-Anwar campaign on his blog will have no choice but to put his cards on the table and take off his trousers.... revealing his true name as Mr Boh Cheng Khor :-)

Starmandala said...

Just re-read this post almost 4 months later... Musa Hassan & Gani Patail are STILL the PIG & the AG in this holographic 3D wayang kulit production - but who's the Dalang? I think the show has been put on a loop & nobody's running it. They've got a few clones making the same old speeches & saying absolutely nothing worth hearing... meanwhile the real crooks have scooted with your grandchildren's inheritance!

Serves you right for continuing to subscribe to the Status Quo :-)