Friday, November 7, 2008


(Courtesy of Bodohland)

(From The Star Online, 7 Nov 2008)


(From Malaysiakini. Click on image to enlarge!)

"Dengan serta merta..." I like the sound of that! (A decent human being in judge's robes :-)

Yaaaaaay! Daddy's back!


Fair said...

Is a blessing that Mahatiu no more the PM, otherwise I bet the dictator will order the rearrest of RPK.

SFGEMS said...

So happy together with the rest of the other bloggers. The planets are, as you say, in the right position.

I'm so excited I can't sleep yet!

Starmandala said...

WTF - One thing can be said about Badawi: he may not be as clean as you think, but he's essentially a gentleman. Same cannot be said about the Mahamamak, who overcompensated for his lack of social status by going OTT with prestige projects and hammerheaded notions of authority.