Wednesday, January 7, 2009

As I Begin Another Solar Orbit...

It's good to have friends like Din Merican the "Malaysian DJ Blogger"!
Anoora succumbed immediately to Din's effortless charm...

Lucky guy Din was chauffeured by the world's most beautiful dentist,
former Elf Queen Kamsiah Haider ;-)

Portrait of a pensive bunyip named Ahau by Annette Manuela Navis
Punk princess on the rocks (pic by Din Merican)
Punk princess on the rocks with her blogger hubby
4 topless guys by Tricia Yeoh (L-R): Peter Walker, Gerald Wee, Azmi Sharom & Yours Truly


Argus Eye said...


Happy Birthday. Cheers to that.

p/s- sorry i had to do it here. My facebook server has been rather slow today. haha.

Unknown said...


Have a blast today and always, my dear friend! Hope u like the farting thingy LOL!!!

hugs and lots of love
paula and all at home

Anonymous said...

Showers of love light. Live long and prosper dear Antares! xxx

Starmandala said...

Hugs on draft today, dear Argus Eye. Just pull the lever and help yourself :-)

Yes, Paula, I survived your smelly 21-bum salute!

Miriam! Still smacking my lips thinking of you (and the many bacon breakfasts you kindly brought! :-)

Anonymous said...

A birthday is just the first day of another 365-day journey around the sun. Enjoy the trip and Happy Birthday Antares!

backStreetGluttons said...

Apart from all those transcedental meditation it will be good if you also take some time to go to the gym. Afterall it pays to be macho too , no ?

Starmandala said...

Jenn - Come visit soon, it's been more than a year!

BSG - Bro, I was once told: "For such a small guy you're extremely macho!" True, I no longer look like the Incredible Hulk, but I have strong legs (according to an angelfaced massage therapist who knows her anatomy :-) and can outrun a bull!

Anonymous said...

hi bro Antares. been reading your blog for few months now. this is the first time seen photos of your wife and she look lovely. so does your son. am sure your son will inherit your intelligence and good looks when he grows up ya.

some of your essays are really beyond my limited mind, but they're good read nevertheless.

nothing much to say actually. just keep on writing as once the body is gone, it's the thoughts and memories that remains. haha, sounds kitsch. take care.

Starmandala said...

LightsInTheDistance - Hey you sound like a fleet of UFOs! Sweet of you to leave your pawprints on my blog, bro.
My jolly joy boy is much smarter than me, he managed to skip school altogether - I only managed to drop out after Lower Six :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey Antares, good to hear that your boy is much smarter. It's every parent wish for their children to have a better life than them ya.

Actually, the moniker is taken from one of the lines in one of the most-loved song (for me) of u2, "A sort of homecoming" from their "The Unforgettable Fire" album. "And your heart beats so slow/ Through the rain and fallen snow/ Across the fields of mourning/ Lights in the distance"

The song could be interpreted as the horrors of nuclear war, but i always interpret it as finding hope amidst the darkness. A wise man once said "don't try to fight darkness with light, just make the light shine brighter". And i think that's what you and many other bloggers are doing in this country. Keep up the good work bro.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday for MTF! :)
Happy Birthday Antares !

Jack Large said...

Antares, I'm testing the links at

I will be so happy if you will email me jdlarge at

Din Merican said...

Happy Birthday, Bro. You are special friend to Kamsiah and I. Genuine pals are rare. You are one.