Monday, January 5, 2009

Magick River in the Malay Mail again!

The Malay Mail featured me on page 16 today in its "CyberSpot" section! The full article is no longer online, unfortunately - but the section quoting me I reproduce below...

The blogging has actually become a full-time unpaid job - the only reward being the number of new friends it has attracted, most of whom I have yet to meet, though a few have already visited or made plans to visit. Truth be told the blogging friends seem to be edging out the unblogging ones - who for some reason tend to be more rigid and stuck in old thought patterns and behavior loops. Which makes me seriously suspect that prolonged bombardment with stray electrons from the computer screen may cause strange mutations in the bloggers' brains - perhaps evolutionarily useful ones.

For 2009, a radical change of government will hopefully relieve us from dreary and repetitious BN-bashing. Most of us would like to take a break from political commentary - but we can only do that when our mission to liberate this country from moronism and tyranny is accomplished.

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[Thanks, Sheila Rahman, for the friendly plug... & for featuring Anoora in her Teletubby costume.]