Sunday, January 18, 2009


PJ Potluck Party Pooped by Potatohead Gestapomen...

Ooops... wrong party! There's no beach in Petaling Jaya...

Sorry... NOT this party either. Can't seem to find any photos of the 15th Candlelight Vigil in PJ...

The Selangor Police heard the Rakyat were illegally assembling in PJ to celebrate the People's Victory at KT with a Potluck Party, so they immediately sprang into action...

Protected by helmets & shields, they were ready to risk their lives preventing another riot. The cops were out of luck. They found no pot on the Potluck Party's pro tem leaders :-(

The Home Minister had issued clear instructions that the public cannot assemble in public places without a police permit.

There was to be STRICTLY no lighting of candles (better that people curse the dark!)

Above all, people are not supposed to have fun in public!

Then... and only then... will peace prevail in PJ.

Now... turn the other cheek!

[This blogpost inspired by STEEST!]
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