Thursday, December 10, 2009


Cheers! Now, will the Pahang syariah court haul up Mr Pink Lips for consuming alcohol in public whilst on official duty, fine him RM5,000 plus six strokes of the rotan? Or is that just oolong tea? (Pic courtesy of The Malaysian Insider)

MOB RULE: The 'cow-head' protesters demonstrating outside the Shah Alam courts...

Headless cow gang from Umno portraying DAP leaders as The Yellow Peril or Mooists.

Way to go... kick their faces in... show them your utter contempt, boys!

Now step on their faces... harder! Oops, forgot to step on dog doo first...

Hahaha... pee on Lim Guan Eng... fart on his father's face... do it!

Altogether now, hold up your finger and bleat: "1Malaysia!" (Cowhead Dungu pics by Minaq Jinggo)

They joined a group of men outside the Sessions Court here and displayed a banner of the heads of DAP leaders Lim Kit Siang, Lim Guan Eng and Nga Kor Ming on the bodies of cattle in front of press photographers.

They were also seen stepping on the banners before shouting against those who were trying to fool the Malays. (Jangan bodohkan orang Melayu!)

The group told reporters that they would be lodging a police report later today against the DAP for questioning Malay rights.

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Clifford said...

Really, I can't think of a better corporate profile to promote UMNO's vision, ideals and principles than this series of photos, can you Antares? ;)

Crankster said...

I do wonder what sort of trauma these UMNO fools have been inflicted with to act so bizarrely.

None of their arguments have yet to make sense. I'm not holding my breath in expectation for any change in the near future.

pinsysu said...

najis: i drinking grape juice wa ... wat's the big deal? tsk, tsk, tsk! i dun entertain frivolous remarks lah!

Anonymous said...

So what will our learned Minister of Info, Comm & Culture say about these jokers? The same as he said about the 3 frogs whose pics were stepped on by the DAP?

Who were the parents of these cowhead dumbos? Something must be wrong with them to have brought up some dungus!!

ktteokt said...

Kepimpinan melalui Teladan - that was one of BN's National Day slogans for one of the Merdeka celebrations! How come Najis is not following this? If he was, then he should offer himself for "public caning" under Islamic law for CONSUMING ALCOHOL!