Saturday, December 12, 2009


Clowns and anti-capitalists: Copenhagen’s other meet

COPENHAGEN, Dec 11 — While negotiators with furrowed brows and dark suits work painfully toward a global climate deal at Copenhagen’s Bella Center, a different kind of summit is underway in a sports center downtown.

In the DGI-Byen complex, a panel of economists argue for no-growth economies, fresh-faced students blog furiously and dreadlocked women work in interpreter booths. A clown wanders past.

Demonstrators attend a protest march in central Copenhagen, as the city hosts the United Nations Climate Change Conference 2009, which lasts until December 18. — Reuters pic

Welcome to Klimaforum, the alternative summit organized by 30 Danish non-governmental organizations and student groups to complement and challenge the official talks.

“We want to influence the process at the Bella Center but we are also building a global civil society movement on climate change,” said organizer Kristine Holten-Andersen. “We are succeeding on that.”

The speaker line-up boasts the darlings of the anti-capitalist movement, including Vandana Shiva, George Monbiot and Naomi Klein (left), and will attract about 10,000 people from 92 countries over two weeks, she said.

While tensions rise at the official talks, the atmosphere at Klimaforum is optimistic.

“Go out and fight for Utopia!” cries one speaker, former Danish politician Niels I Meyer, in a talk on why people should work fewer hours to cut consumption and drive down emissions.

Chief Bolivian government negotiator, Angelica Navarro, was treated to a round of applause when she said yesterday that the root cause of climate change was capitalism.

“I am very glad to hear you because this is so hard to say in the Bella Center,” she said.

“I think what’s going on in this room is the most important thing that’s going on in Copenhagen,” Naomi Klein, author of seminal anti-consumerism text No Logo, said on Thursday.

Christiane Oros, a German environmental engineer attending Klimaforum this week, said she was inspired by the alternative summit: “It’s motivating for me and makes me want to look for what I can do afterwards in my life.” — Reuters

On 9 December 2009 a powerful vortex opened above Norway, baffling astronomers who have never witnessed any aerial phenomenon like this...

On 12 December 2009, not only will millions around the planet be holding vigils to show world leaders that we are absolutely serious about demanding "a real deal" on global climate issues and a commitment to put a stop to ecocidal activities, there will also be countless others doing special ceremonies and meditations to anchor a massive infusion of spiritual force from the Galactic Center, which will dramatically accelerate a mass awakening on all levels of consciousness.

I am inviting anyone who so desires, to spend the day at Magick River which is located within the radius of a transformational portal or planetary chakra. Bring a picnic lunch and be prepared to frolic in a magnificent wild river!

9 December 2009 ~ Tromso, Norway.


Anonymous said...

Re 9th Dec spiral vortex, its a failed Russian missile launch.

Quote "Yesterday a Norwegian defence spokesman said the display was most likely from a failed Russian test launch.

Tromsō Geophysical Observatory researcher Truls Lynne Hansen agreed, saying the missile had likely veered out of control and exploded, and the spiral was light reflecting on the leaking fuel."

Scroll down this link:

Starmandala said...

Classic! You'd rather believe "a Norweigian defence spokesman' and a 'geophysical observatory researcher' than trust your own instincts - but perhaps you've always been punished for trusting your instincts, so now you choose to trust "experts."


svllee said...

Hi Antares, I so wanna join you guys in the River, maybe my next trip. Always wanted to say hello to you. As for the Norwegian lightshow, I too think it's rather a strange phenomena but I'm following Linda M Howe's blog for 'less' mundane explanations. I don't know what it is but hoped it was otherworldly!!

She's reporting some weird stuff in her blog.

Anonymous said...

Hi Antares,

I don't express myself as well as I wish to, so I suggest you should join their forum so that you can bring the plights of the Penans and Orang Asli to the worlds attention!

For a start, you can expose to the world how big business is working in cahoot with corrupted politicians and destroy our precious rain forest! We certainly need outside help to protect our fragile eco-system and whatever little left of out forest.

Starmandala said...

I confess that in the past I've daydreamed about all the exciting projects I could initiate if only I had access to a few million ringgit in the piggy. But when I hear about the BILLIONS being STOLEN from right under our noses by our own unruly elites, it makes me feel the rest of us are condemned to eternal poverty - unless money becomes worthless overnight and the billions of US dollars these high-powered crooks have stashed away become as valuable as Indonesian rupiahs.

semuanya OK kot said...

We need money as we no longer own the production of our basic needs. So we start earning and saving etc. which leads to capital, a restless thing. It implies profit which implies growth. This has led to vast destruction besides a little progress. The pseudoscience called economics must first be tackled. People should seek the security of (a) independence in food (cultivation or gathering) (b) living with nature (a stupendous Complex Adaptive System that we are out of our depth in challenging) instead of treating it as an "economic resource" and (c) the control of wants.

Anonymous said...

"there will also be countless others doing special ceremonies and meditations to anchor a massive infusion of spiritual force from the Galactic Center.."

what the fuck are u talking about u freak?

so tell me freako, why the hell would the norwegians want to lie about the actual cause?
Oh yea, the evil machinery that had set its eyes on world domination had ordered them to do so, lest be subjected to a satellite provoked tsunami?


Starmandala said...

Mr Fear & Loathing who left the vicious anonymous comment above - Man, you desperately require emotional therapy. So full of fear and hostility, precipitated by events beyond your present understanding. By calling me names and blowing off hot air, you're only sealing your mind and heart to any possibility of receiving fresh inputs from unexpected quarters and experiencing a eureka moment. I was going to suggest you read this excellent essay by Don Harkins... but I doubt you'll gain anything from it.

Anonymous said...

LOL have a listen to this fella ,guys!

So a phenomenon that has baffled astronomers, and explained clearly by people who actually study the skies were shot down by this long haired haggard hippie..

now check this out guys, his source of info -
1) Sun Tabloid
2) A theory he learnt from the MATRIX.

Hey antares, it seems like it is YOU who wants to believe what you feel is right. For you, the truth is only what YOU see fit as the truth.
I can understand your view though. The world aches, no doubt about that, and people do wish for some kind of intergalactic intervention to help us right our wrongs sometimes huh?
But you see, my dear freakish hippie, that is like letting go of all our responsibility to make amends ourselves
No galactic center will help you fix this world. Humans and our wisdom will..
Dont bet on ET coming here and taking you to your magic river where u will bathe with naked nymphs and suck on cherry all day..

Starmandala said...

Your energy truly sucks, Anonymous @ 9:47AM - why do you waste your time visiting this blog? I suggest you take a good look in the mirror and ask yourself what your problem is; why are you so full of hostility and passive aggression? I don't often delete comments, no matter how benighted and brainless, but I won't put up with psychic toxins on my blog. You come across as an energy vampire. Begone!

Talamh Raven said...

I normally wouldn't bother to defend Antares, seeing he's such a power in his own might :)

However, Anon's cowardly post (as reflected by the choice of Anon instead of any name), begets some free "education" lest he - i really doubt it's a she going by how the world has been mainly screwed up by men who were put into power to manage it and have done a bad job - and before you assume I'm a woman condemning men - I'm not :)

Anyway, Anon is a classic example of people who want to believe what they want to believe so they do not change the status quo and thus don't have to question things and if anything goes wrong - just blame it on the people who initiated it and say he's just following the norm. Easy, lazy, and lacks responsibility of self.

So Anon's comment to Antares is nothing short of being a Hypocrite!

How then does Anon justifies his comments when he has no integrity?

At least Antares sticks by his guns!

And for wanting Aliens to help sort out the mess we've made here and saying we should solve it ourselves, well, we don't seem to be doing a very good job in it, are we now Anon? Can YOU do it? If you can, what are you doing here condemning people when you should be solving the problems? Or are you hoping someone will solve it for you? It's always someone will do it, isn't it? How's that any different from Aliens solving it?

As for believing the norm over conspiracies - we all know everyone likes to been seen as normal so they don't have to stand up for what they believe it and be ridiculed for it - like Antares is.

We only accept the conspiracy once it's been proven so we can be once again seen as with the status quo.

After all, haven't past conspiracies been proven yet back then it was seen as a wild claim?

So sure you may laugh now that it's a missile as claimed but what happens IF in 2050 it was revealed it was otherwise because back in 2009, it was REQUIRED to be covered up for a special reason?

Is your memory THAT short? No wonder history repeats itself - how many times have we seen the Hitler scenario? It happened in Cambodia with Pol Pot once again.

All you have to do is cover it with something and anyone who goes against it is declared as crazy.

I've been in the presence of enough corporate board directors to see what decisions they make which have NO regard for humanity other than their selves and will cover it with something decent.

Now that's the REAL world, nothing Alien here :) Still care to argue?

You are free to blast me with your flames Anon - I have dealt with much worse types than yours more than a decade ago - you are frankly a pathetic attempt at wanting to be seen as cool :)

I'm only 'entertaining' you here because I feel someone should stand up for Antares which the world can use compared to the failure we are seeing today, no? :)

Starmandala said...

My deep gratitude for your soul support, Talamh.

Talamh Raven said...

Anytime Antares, any tyme :)

As thanks to you for YOUR soul support, a very long time ago...

You have friends in 'high' places.