Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My Pilgrimage to Bamboo River (Part 2)

Artwork by Myztico Campo

The brain is a powerful holographic projector. That is to say, whatever beliefs (data files) it happens to be running, it will project onto the screen of outward appearances - and then your human ego-personality will assume it’s all “real.”

Most of us go through life scarcely aware of what we’re projecting around us as “objective” reality. That’s why so many of us have yet to reclaim our freedom and power by accepting total responsibility for the acquired or inherited programs (cultural and religious imprinting accumulated over countless generations) we run through our neural circuitry.

With this little preamble, I shall attempt to describe my intricate journey down a series of rabbit holes while semi-delirious from a severe bout of malarial fever.

About ten days before I was rushed by ambulance to the Intensive Care Unit of Bamboo River Hospital, I began clearing my data banks of embedded memories accumulated over immeasurable aeons of biological existence.

To attempt to catalogue any of it would be foolhardy. It was a primordial Victoria Falls of experiential data thundering through my synapses and flooding my conscious mind with gazillions of sensations.

"Spiral Out" by Alex Grey

It was like being on an extended acid or magic mushroom trip – without the acid or mushrooms.

Yogis dedicate decades of ascetic observances and meditation toward attaining this state of Divine Ecstasy or Kriya Yoga (Fusion with Godhead).

Our cellular, molecular and genetic archives contain a trillion petabytes (or even unimaginable yottabytes) of sensory data accumulated through billions of years of evolutionary experience – some familiar and recognizable to the human personality, others stranger than fiction or truth.

Sucking for sustenance at your mother’s breast, the orgasmic feel and taste of ambrosia, the state of pure innocence and “polymorphous perversity” - before society (or, rather, some control-freak priesthood) defined some sensations as “sinful” and others as “punishable.”

"Cupid & Psyche" by William Etty
Long-lost memory fragments of raw sensuality - unpoliced by dogma, ungoverned by hierarchical power structures – all these became available to me in my prolonged state of conscious REM (Rapid Eye Movement).

Deeply-buried shards of childhood erotic experiments rose to the surface to be reclaimed without guilt or shame. In my school days a few close buddies and I explored masturbatory possibilities amongst ourselves with a lot of giggling and occasionally with a sense of rebellious mischief. These erotic episodes had been long outgrown, dismissed, left to gather dust and no longer dwelt upon. Now, owning up to them with no sense of wrongdoing - as a conscious, mature adult - was the redemption of my own sexual sovereignty and freedom, my inalienable right to pleasure.

In a flash I saw that more than 90% of social problems arose from sexual guilt inflicted on us as vulnerable children by adults who had themselves been traumatized by erroneous and evil doctrines that classified pleasure as sin and pain as virtue.

"Entheogenic Eden" by Bryan Kent Ward
When our own animal nature is denied and suppressed in conformity with artificially imposed social mores, dishonesty and hypocrisy begin to spawn and breed like mosquito larvae in stagnant waters.

To create a diversion or cover up our sexual guilt, we become inquisitorial and accusative. We point fingers at others, forgetting that more fingers are pointing back at ourselves.

"Corporate Slaves" by Ninja1987
As grown-ups we want our children to do as we say – and not do as we ourselves do. We poke our perverse noses into other people’s sexual affairs, pretending innocence – when all the time we have been nothing but innocent, even as we hypocritically install moral policemen to patrol our thoughts at night and arrest our own wayward impulses.

But it is these promptings of our own cellular and molecular beings that constitute our instinctual selves - and we destroy our instinctual selves at our own peril.

That's when we become vulnerable to social robotization. The first step towards being corporatized, colonized, and consensually enslaved.

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