Friday, January 15, 2010

My Pilgrimage to Bamboo River (Part 4)

Lying comatose in Intensive Care, I had no visions – although several friends have reported that I either appeared to them in audio or holographic form, and they thought I wanted to say goodbye.

However, once transferred back to the normal ward, I did have lots of visions. Visions of what? Well, they were rather Gothic visions of giant mosquitos and vampires - reinforced and given a contemporary edge by the fact that several times a day, pretty nurses and efficient doctors armed with syringes would appear before me and take blood samples.

I saw hidden faces in the random folds of curtains that revealed the locations of these bloodsuckers. Shapeshifters were ubiquitous and the hologram became somewhat plastic, constantly transforming from one scenario into another, sometimes comic, other times grotesque.

I began to review the fascinating subject of vampirism and parasitism and their metaphorical and mythical connotations.

Popular legends of aristocratic bloodlines with vampiric tendencies that have come to us via old classics like Dracula and Nosferatu contain secret messages that link with the suppressed story of Earth’s colonization by the Anunnaki.

These off-planetary elite bloodlines have in turn spawned hybrid-human predator families – mostly engaged in banking, real estate, media, pharmaceutical, telecommunications and defense industries - that jealously cling to their privilege and exclusive claims to ownership of everything in sight.

It is in their interest to promote scarcity conditioning - the belief that there isn't enough to go around - which brings out the worst in humans; and their spin-doctors do everything in their power to debunk those who say limitless abundance far more accurately reflects nature’s own tendencies.

This is how they can continue to harness the brute force of a semi-conscious underclass and utilize it as slave labor, ad infinitum.

Scholars like Laurence Gardner have written extensively about the Anunnaki bloodlines and the alchemical secrets they possessed which enabled them to simulate immortality and impose their hereditary rulership over mortal men for countless millennia.

The fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 triggered the abrupt end of the Ceaucescus’ aristocratic vampirism in Romania (although the mafia wasted no time stepping into their place). This was merely one example of a pattern of power usurpation that can be observed in almost every culture and every nation.

Hybrid-human bloodlines are constantly trying to establish their own self-perpetuating dynasties on earth as the new elites. Some label this phenomenon "feeding frenzy" and conclude that it's "natural" for people to scramble to get to the top of the food chain - and then do everything possible to push competitors off.

Examine the roots of feudalism and you will notice the appropriateness of the bloodsucking motif. The ruling elites are a physical manifestation of an astral parasite species.

Karl Marx was aware of this, though he was careful to avoid alluding to the mystical and mythological aspects of elite vampirism in the Communist Manifesto he co-wrote with Friedrich Engels. Marx and Engel’s preferred stance was that of anthropocentric rationalism. [Recent information has surfaced alluding to the possibility that "leftist" movements inspired by Marx and Engels were secretly sponsored and promoted by the Khazarian-Zionist banking elites, mainly to keep humans divided not only by ethnicity, but also by social class.]

A long time ago I had accepted the fact that I am able to recognize the truth behind the power structure and declare myself “classless” - only because I myself had once been part of the elite bloodlines and had full access to the Big Picture.

Being a parasite or vampire is an easily redeemable condition, and self-awareness is the first step towards self-reform.

James Redfield, in his seminal Celestine Prophecy, observes that everything is energy and that all lifeforms are in energy competition… at least until at a certain point in their evolution when they make a 90-degree shift and begin to align vertically to Energy Source (God or All That Is) whereupon they themselves become Energy Source and no longer feel compelled to steal energy from their environment.

The behavior of royal and aristocratic bloodlines generally conforms to that of parasites and vampires. They only take, never give. Under cover of a great deal of pomp and circumstance - and a whole load of crap about being emblems of tribal sovereignty - they have feasted with impunity for generations and left humans a legacy of moral debility, cynicism, nihilism, and futilism (spelt feudalism).

However, this is but the shadow side of true nobility, which does exist but only rarely at this juncture. The truly noble royal houses serve as moral and spiritual beacons, illuminating the course of human evolution. For the most part the bona fide royal lineages have been driven underground and tend to assert their influence along cultural lines, manifesting as icons of literature, music, the visual arts, dance and theater.

When popular culture heroes like Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, Sting, Sade, Frank Zappa, Jim Morrison, U2, Beyonce, or The Beatles appear on the scene it’s only natural that the masses look upon and revere them as princes, kings, queens, goddesses and gods incarnate. At least until they have served their purpose as cultural icons - mainly to distract habitual consumers of entertainment from seeing beyond the flickering images on a silver or touch screen.

Of course, the musings prompted by my vampyrean visions were not as linear as I now present them. They were far more fluid and colorful – and even a little spooky.

For instance, in the pre-dawn hours I would often spot a huge bat sitting at the desk beside a nightwatch nurse, quietly sipping on her blood. Hospitals are ideal environments for vampires because there is so much blood being moved around.

The undead are attracted to hospitals, too, because many souls detach from their physical bodies in hospitals.

In such an environment how is one to attain a sense of equanimity and well-being? It was obvious that I couldn’t possibly stay awake the whole time battling my own anxiety and paranoia about being trapped in a hostile environment infested by predatory entities. 5:30am was the cut-off time when all unwholesome activities had to cease as dawn arose.

All I could do was to keep integrating these creatures of the night into my own greater being, accepting and acknowledging them as ultimately part of my own unified field. I extended help to them, letting them know they could secure immediate release from their own individual hells simply by calling upon my name as the physical embodiment of solar intelligence and accepting me as their redeemer and gateway to freedom.

I must confess that more than a few times I indulged myself and annihilated a few of the more obnoxious ones – simply by zapping them with an imaginary spray. Child’s play for a high-tech shaman.

Well, folks, never a dull moment, not even in hospital recuperating from a near-death experience!

[Part 5]


lanaibeach said...

Malaria fever
The small sucking vampires
In the shadows and in the nights
Flying unnotice penetrating skins of delight
The natural blood transfusion
The mosquitores drinking it hungrily

The unlucky ones
The fever heralds its curse
Malaria fever
TKO many once

Scientists found cure
Culled it all in its shadowy tunnels
Leaving them dead wimpering cries
Amongst its deaths the humans survive

Once a while the story
The Malaria fever comes by
Telling the humans fight isn't over
“We dare to dream
We know will be exterminated
We still make our play
Let the humans worry a while”

Nobody should be complacent
The eradication of diseases
They can mutate learn its lessons
Then they will try

p/s welcome back bro
you are still at your best

Unknown said...

What a powerful and riveting post! You are in your element here, dear Antares. Much food for thought for us to digest. Thanks! Have a lovely weekend.


Adi said...

Wishing you a speedy recovery Antares, my friend. Looks like you were frolicking in the lower astral, a certain hellish region.
Raising your vibration should heal that, hopefully.
In goldenlight,

Anil Netto said...

Glad you are back after the system upgrade.

I dedicated a blog entry to you and asked readers to say a prayer for your speedy recovery here:

warm regards

CAO- Chef Azura othman said...

glad you are back!