Friday, May 21, 2010


The Love Bus follows no fixed route. You never know when it will show up. And no matter where you hop aboard the Love Bus, it will take you to only one destination - and that's Loveville!

Jsun Snook drove the prototype Love Bus in Australia...

... and was rewarded with the lovely Luisa (from Magdeburg, Germany)!

Rainer Friedlicht (from Austria), Moses (from Germany), plus 8 others, managed to hitch a ride on a utility vehicle from Kuala Kubu Bharu to Kampong Pertak... and the Magick River hologram!

Moses, Ank & Estella cooling off by the river

A very friendly reception from the natives

Temuan kids charmed by the exotic visitors from faraway lands

First encounter with The River (Sungai Luit)...

Breakfast at the Bamboo Palace: Andy, Rainer & Moses

Charlie Cottrell-Jury aka Charlie Baggins impersonating the young Paul McCartney

Sweet Sophie & her friend Ursi (from Austria) bumped into Charlie in KL and followed him all the way to Magick River

Mitch doing his morning exercise to Charlie's guitar

Henry & Elaine (from KL) hang out with the Love Bus for a couple of days

Josh the Breakdancer & Andy doing a bit of busking in Chinatown

Pierrick's first day at Magick River. He's so much nicer than Prince Charming!

Charlie fiddles with the roof after some zinc capping gets blown off

Apart from being a handyman, Charlie is also an ace audio engineer

Severin aka Goji Warrior (from France) practises on her sarangi

Members of the Love Bus attend a 10-day yoga workshop in Penang

[Photos courtesy of Charlie, Luisa, Josh and various members of the Love Bus. Check out their Live Music Project site!]